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Sarkoszy and Merkel Boycott Olympics [Copy link] 中文

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Just recently the protests and riots in North Western provinces of China have become world news.  Several hundred protesters have become a new celebrity cause for the ultra-right thinkers and so called world philanthropists.  A who's who of people are clamouring to be associated with this popularized so called travesty of justice.  Anyone from a film star to a politician will have a view on this issue and seek independance for a minority of activists.  But hold on, are these dissentionist sympathisers people from democracies?  I thought the idea of a democracy was that the majority held sway.  I thought the idea of a democracy was that the indigenous population made the choice.  Not a few hundred protesters who have been trained to pose and scream for the press.  I thought that democracy was a process which was internalized rather than manipulated from outside.  Maybe I am not sure what democracy is anymore.

One thing I am sure of is that 1.3 billion people are looking forward to the Olympic games with huge pride.  These people are going to be tried by media over the next few months and will be open to all forms of abuse by people who just want the spotlight for themselves.  Of course there is an issue of sorts in Tibet as there is in many parts of the world including Kosovo, Kurdistan and Basque to name just a few.  But the difference here is the use of a peaceful event, the Olympics, to force and pursue a political agenda.  The fact that educated peoples of the world would be part of this including Nancy Pelosi is truly shameful.  The fact that this is the wrong venue to try this issue is truly unacceptable.  Can this be stopped?

No, because there is too much political ground to be made.  The new vertically challenged President of France has stated that he may not attend the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games because it is against his conscience.  This is the the conscience of a man who can get elected President, divorce and get married all within a year.  Amazing!  Likewise the President of Germany Angela Merkel is making the same noises about boycotting the opening of the Olympic Games.  They are politicising the Games for their own benefits.

That is fine.  China cannot force these ingrates to behave in a dignified and non-political manner.  These leaders do not care if they offend 20% of the world's population for their own selfish ends.  But I would ask the 1.3 billion people of China if you really do need to buy French or German goods.  Do you really want to support and promote the very Presidents of the very countries that would snub you in favour of a few activists. Why not show all these high minded countries who believe that there are so morally superior that in using China as a political instrument for their own ends will result in a boycott of their countries products. See if they get elected the next time round.  What if the companies which rely on China show these poseurs that business and politics are also linked.  What will German and French companies think of their Presidents when the people of China consciously ignore the products of main brands such as L'Oreal and Siemens etc.  Let France and Germany know that snubbing the Olympic Games for political ends will lead to 1.3 billion truly offended people not buying their products.  

People like Nancy Pelosi will also have investments or interests in companies.  If it can be found out which ones these can also be boycotted by the population of China.  These political hypocrites will squeal like stuck pigs once their own interests are damaged and maybe they might even shut up and concentrate on the things which concern themselves the most.  Mainly them!

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Who cares?
They overcount themselves.
Who gives a

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Befuddled?  You are unsure of the duties of world leaders?  

(Why should a statesman fly into China to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympics?)

I think the question should be why wouldn't?  This being based upon the actions of world leaders for the last 100 years.  And also the perceived duties of a world leader.  To represent their country.

I would have thought my position was quite clear.

If you are the leader of a country then you have a duty to represent it.  Including its people, its reputation and its business.

It is an obvious fact that an event such as the Olympic Games will be attended at its opening by world leaders.  As per the evidence of the last 100 years.  Not as a political event but more as a duty of representation.

By snubbing the event as a world leader or intimating snubbing it then the event is being used for political purposes.

So as per your statement for the last 100 years all the leaders of the world have attended the opening ceremony of the Olympics for Political purposes ONLY and not just to represent their country.  Strange.  I never read anything about this in the newspapers!

According to your view no politician should attend an Olympics or is it just the China Olympics?

I agree with you about the tragedy which recently happened and in honour of those Chinese people who were illegaly killed world leaders should depoliticise the Olympics and represent the interests of their country and not take the sensationalistic headlining stance.

(They should never have come to China in the first place.)  Is there a list of countries that would be permitted to host the Olympic Games where world leaders would be morally allowed to attend or should world leaders be officially banned from attending these 'bread and games'?   In addition is there a list of world causes which are also taboo fo each nation and politician?

Or, in agreement with your sentiments, could we just get on and have some Olympic Games as you rightly point out, 'bread and games',  without all the postioning and posturing?


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Truth & Transparency .

Dear expatter,

Well thought out essay , thanks .  I need to correct you and say that it is 6 billion people all over the world ( less a handful ) who are eager to see and enjoy this coming Olympics.  The small number of ill-wishers towards China must be remembered and their interests dealt with correctly in the future .  That is the great thing about having the money in the wallet . That hip pocket nerve hurts the most in the long run .

China should stick to a narrow angle , insisting that she is the victim , not the perpetrator of violence . Stick to this and the world will support us on this score .

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How many french goods are purchased in China anyway?  I would suspect that the numbers are pretty titchy.  A much more potent weapon for China would be to refuse to export cheap goods to France.  IMO.  If china's serious about this.

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French Business Interests in China

Hi Renegadedog9.  Some stats for you.

On Saturday, French heavy engineering company Alstom said it had won contracts to supply 60 trains and 180 freight engines, as well as to equip three hydroelectric plants. The deals are worth a combined 1 billion Euros (US$1.2 billion).

Meanwhile, French oil major Total and China's Sinochem Corp. set up a 900 million yuan (US$109 million) joint venture to sell oil products at north China gasoline stations. Sinochem, one of China's Big Four oil conglomerates and a Fortune Global 500 company, will hold a 51 percent stake in the new JV.

Also on Saturday, French telecommunication equipment maker Alcatel finalized a deal worth 100 million Euros (US$120 million) with Chinese electronics company TCL Group to produce cell phones.

French utility company Suez announced that it had won a contract to build a water treatment plant in Qingdao, Shandong Province, and distribute water in the area for 25 years. Suez expects to increase the 2 million people it now serves in Qingdao to 12 million during that period.

And before the day was out, two Chinese airlines ordered 26 Airbus aircraft.

Flag carrier Air China ordered six A319s, which are scheduled for delivery in 2005. The carrier plans to deploy the aircraft mainly on routes linking high-altitude airports in southwest China's Sichuan Province and Tibet Autonomous Region.

(Notice that they do not mind supplying airplanes which will fly to Tibet)

Meanwhile, China Eastern Airlines will purchase 20 of Airbus' A330-300 aircraft.

Other French companies, including France Telecom and the Dassault Group, also inked contracts with Chinese business partners over the weekend.

What about normal everyday goods I hear you ask???  

Paris-based Carrefour has some 240 stores in China, and plans to open as many as 150 more this year. Its 2003 sales of $1.8 billion make it China's fifth-biggest retailer. China "is very important for our future," says Jean-Luc Chéreau, executive manager of Carrefour China.

This is just a few of the French businesses in China.  Which makes it all the more odd that their President should become an Olympics Politician.  And if China is the wrong place for the Olympics where would it be politic to hold them?

Quote: ... aning-3295598.shtml     Megan Wilson

The boycott (of the Olympics) may seem like a sound idea, but it focuses on only one of many human injustices going on in the world, unintentionally downplaying the rest. If the Olympics were solely for countries with immaculate human rights records, according to Amnesty International, a human rights watch group, only five countries would be able to compete: Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Costa Rica.

These are the only places in the world that aren't committing what Amnesty International considers "significant" threats to human rights. Whether you agree with that dismal number, the amount of social injustice around the world is staggering, and China is no exception.

Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Costa Rica and the rest of the world is in violation of human rights.  Well that leaves a lot of choice!

PS. Thanks Mengzhi.  6 billion, forgot the other people who love sport for the sake of sport.

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Wouldn't do any good, they'd just reimport them from Germany, Italy or Spain using EU rules to eliminate any difficulties. In fact, all imports into France might already be through a third party in the EU for portage reasons.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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