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Was the CIA Behind the Recent Troubles in Tibet? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by zhiran at 2008-4-10 18:21

in answer to your two suppostions and two questions:
No, it didn't
No, it doesn't.

Clear enough? Evidence is evidence.  Not supposition, hypothesis and rumor-mongering.

Clear? In order to make anything clear, you need to explain why CIA suddenly should have lost interest in the issue today since nobody (including CIA itself) is denying a direct involvement in the issue in the past.

Try again:
No, it didn't BECAUSE ....
No, it doesn't BECAUSE ...

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The West Has A Lot Of Reasons

Of course the CIA is involved.  America has never given up on subverting the progress of China, as part of the overall scheme to subvert and keep non-G7 economies weak and subservient.

Even a usually China bashing commentator from SE Asia is preaching that Asia should  rally behind China on this one:

Here's what he advocates for the short run:

1. Firstly, every one of Asia's top leaders must pledge to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, and must do so in public immediately. This will serve adequately as snubs to various European leaders (such as French President Nicolas Sarkozy) who have threatened to boycott the ceremony.

2. Secondly, the region's central banks should collaborate to dump billions of US Treasuries, federal agency securities, European government bonds and mortgage-related securities over the next few weeks. This will push yields up sharply across G7 and serve notice of a buyer's strike.

3. Thirdly, Asian countries must demand that G7 countries honor their own empty rhetoric with respect to free markets by allowing untrammeled access to Asian companies intending to buy G7 banks and corporates. No more talk of evil sovereign wealth funds, thank you - you owe us money, so we will take whatever steps required getting it back.

4. Lastly, the region's currencies should adopt a soft peg to the Chinese yuan, allowing the pace of appreciation against the US dollar for the whole region to be dictated by the country with the largest potential losses in such a situation, namely China.

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Originally posted by gotohell at 2008-3-31 15:00

You mean the "world "according to the white US/EU.

The real world composing Africans, Asians, South Americans and other non-white nations such as those in the Middle East see it di ...

Isn't that just a tad racist??? One on one most people get along, it's Politics and Government that get in the way most of the time??

Have a wonderful life

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Of course everyone knows who is behind all this!

Someone is paying these thugs to cause trouble, and guess whose spy organization is behind them? On the one hand these “freedom loving” countries are “fighting terrorism” for the sake of their country’s safety and security, yet on the other hands they are relying on thugs like to engage in terrorism and violence in order to cause trouble for China.

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Reply #10 kodama's post

I agree here, bad for business and strategically, the U.S has no need for Tibet as it really produces very little and even is geographic location would be untenable militarily should the U.S "somehow" acquire bases there, and we all know this'd never happen, so, it's actually a moot point, so let it go!

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Originally posted by exportedkiwi at 2008-4-13 15:31
I agree here, bad for business and strategically, the U.S has no need for Tibet as it really produces very little and even is geographic location would be untenable militarily should the U.S " ...


Please don't underestimate the importance of T b. Five of the world's biggest rivers originate on the T b.plateau, the Yellow River, the Changjiang (Yangtse), the Mekong, the Irrawaddy and the Brahamaputra. T b water supply  is important for all of China and SE Asia.In addition T b has rich uranium ore deposits plus rare metals such as palladium, rhodium and irdium. Some of them are top important for certain industries.

Whoever controls T b, controls China's future. This has to be understood.

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Just like whoever controls anything controls Japan's future?

I'm sorry, but really, how is it that states like Japan, Britain, New Zealand, etc. even have futures when they are isolated from many of their strategically necessary resources and technologies?

Could it be that *gasp* globalization actually works and your thinking hasn't really worked since France discovered that Germany can do without the Rhineland?
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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