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5 Ways to Keep Your Job During a Recession(e-c)practice [Copy link] 中文

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5 Ways to Keep Your Job During a Recession

While a recession may not be inevitable, the economy is showing slowed growth, and this could mean that some companies consider downsizing. Worries about a U.S. recession have many also worrying about their jobs.

  虽然也许经济消退不可避免,但是经济却显示的是增长放缓,这意味着那些公司在考虑裁员。 对于消退的担心也然给许多人对工作感到担心。

You want to make sure that you can keep your job if times get tougher. Below are five things you can do to improve your chances of being kept on.


1. Come up with ways to cut costs.

See areas of waste at your company? Point out practical ways to improve efficiency and cut costs in the workplace. Obviously, now is not the time to ask for a raise. Bonus: If you can see a potential new revenue stream that requires a low (or better yet, no) cost investment, get that going. Someone who is innovative at stretching resources is more valuable than someone who does nothing more than consume them.

  看见公司存在浪费?指出实际可行的方法来提高效率并节减开支。显然地,现在并不是要求加薪的时间。 好处:如果你能发现一条投资少却是新的收入渠道, 那么就让这个想法实现。 那些在最大化利用资源上更具有创新的人们要比那些无非只是消耗它们的人们更有价值。

2. Boost your visibility.
2. 提高可见性

You want to be noticed in a positive way. Make sure you are on time to work, and that you limit your vacation time. Also, if you are making solid contributions, make sure that they are noticed. You don't have to be obnoxious about it, but you should make sure that your boss is aware of what you add to the company. You want to be known. The first people fired are those with a negative impression. The next to go are those that are unnoticed and therefore expendable.

  你希望人们注意到积极的一面。确保你上班准时;你还必须限制休假日期。如果你做出了坚实的贡献;确保你被别人注意。你不必对此不高兴;而是应该让老板意识到你给公司添加的东西。 你希望被人们知道。 被解雇的人是那些消极印象的人。而第二批被解雇的人将会是那些不被注意从而可以“被牺牲”的人。

3. Go beyond.
3. 多做事

Look for ways to go beyond what you've been told to do. Volunteer for additional tasks. But be careful! Don't volunteer for more than you can handle. You want to be known as a go-getter who gets the job done well.

  寻找超出自己工作范围之外的事情。 自愿去做额外工作。 但是注意!别自愿超过力所能及的范围。 你希望人们把你认为是一个能把事情做好的“富有进取心的人”

4. Improve your skill set.
4. 提高你的技能

Are your skills obsolete? Take extra classes to brush up the latest skills. If career improvement seminars are offered at work, attend them. You want to show your employer that you are still viable in the workplace, and that you have the necessary training to continue doing a good job.

  你的技能过时了吗? 参加额外班级来更新你的技能。如果工作中提供职业提升班,那么就可以参加。 你希望的是在雇主面前表现出在职场上你依然"有用", 你接受了继续做好工作的必要培训。

5. Watch your attitude.

Now is not the time to complain constantly. If you have constructive ways to make the workplace better, present them in a professional manner. Do not whine or complain excessively. A reputation as a morale-killer can lose you your job.


And, because there's no guarantee that you will retain your job in a recession, no matter how hard you try, it doesn't hurt to be prepared. On your own time, update your resume. Also, make sure that you are still networking with old bosses, coworkers, and business contacts. Don't wait until you are laid off to keep your contacts and resume fresh. You will get better results if you are prepared ahead of time.

  而且,因为在不景气时没有保不准你会一定不失业,所以,不论多么努力,做好准备不会是坏事。 在自己的时间内,更新建立。同样,确保和过去老板、同事、企业联系人有联系。 不要等到事业后再更新联系人和简历信息。 如果提前准备那么结果会更好。

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