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Three Signs of a Miserable Job

by Tom Musbach, Yahoo! HotJobs

"Awful," "dreary," and "miserable" are adjectives that many people use to describe their jobs at one time or another. Dissatisfaction on the job is common and often temporary. But not many people take time to analyze what makes a job miserable, and how to fix it.

Fortunately Patrick Lencioni has done much of that work in his book "The Three Signs of a Miserable Job."

  "糟糕“、”沉闷“、“令人不快” 这些形容词许多人时不时会用它们来形容自己的工作。 工作不满意是普遍往往是暂时的。但是并没有太多人会花时间去分析是什么让工作不快乐以及要如何调整。

  幸运地是Patrick Lencioni在《不快乐工作的三个征兆》一书中对此进行了大量工作。

Job Misery Is Universal

The author notes that a "miserable" job differs from a "bad" job, as one person's dream job may not appeal to another worker. A miserable job, however, has some universal traits.

"A miserable job makes a person cynical and frustrated and demoralized when they go home at night," Lencioni says. "It drains them of their energy, their enthusiasm, and self-esteem. Miserable jobs can be found in every industry and at every level."

  作者指出:一份”不快乐“的工作又别于”坏“工作。 因为一个人的理想工作也许对另一个人会毫无吸引力。 可是,在”不快乐”的工作中有一些普遍特质。



Lencioni blames much of the problem on managers, who are a key factor in the job satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) of their employees. A recent Yahoo! HotJobs survey points to a similar conclusion: 43% of workers said discontent with their boss was the main reason they planned to look for a new job in 2008.

  Lencioni把这个问题大部分归咎于经理。他们是自己员工工作满意度的关键因素。 最近,Yahoo! HotJobs的调查得出了一个相似的结论:有43%的工作者称对老板不满是在2008年计划寻找新工作的主要原因。

The Three Signs

Lencioni identifies the three signs of job misery as anonymity, irrelevance, and "immeasurement."


Anonymity: Employees feel anonymous when their manager has little interest in them as people with unique lives, aspirations, and interests.

  无名: 员工感到“无名”;自己的经理在把他们当作具有抱负、兴趣的独一无二个体时没有兴趣。

Irrelevance: This condition occurs when workers cannot see how their job makes a difference. "Every employee needs to know that the work they do impacts someone's life -- a customer, a coworker, even a supervisor -- in one way or another."

  不相关: 这发生在当员工无法看到自己的工作能产生影响的时候 ”每位员工需要知道自己做的工作的确会以某种方式给某人--顾客、同时、甚至是上司--的生活带来影响“

Immeasurement: This term describes the inability of employees to assess for themselves their contributions or success. As a result they often rely on the opinions of others -- usually the manager -- to measure their success.

  不可测: 这是指员工无法自我评估自己的贡献或成功。 结果,往往他们需要依赖于别人的意见--往往是经理--来衡量成功。

Three Remedies for Job Misery

For workers who may be experiencing the signs of job misery, Lencioni recommends three steps to improve the boss-employee dynamic and enhance job satisfaction.


1. Assess your manager. Is the boss interested in and capable of addressing the three factors mentioned above? "Most managers really do want to improve, in spite of the fact that they may seem disinterested or too busy," Lencioni says.

1.评估经理。 这位老板对以上三个要素感兴趣并有能力应对吗? Lencioni说:"尽管他们似乎不关心或者因为太忙,但大部分经理都的确希望改善”

2. Help your manager understand what you need.


This could mean reviewing with your manager what the key measurements for success are for your job. Lencioni also suggests asking your boss, "Can you help me understand why this work I'm doing makes a difference to someone?"


3. Act more like the manager you want.

3. 对待经理向你希望中的经理那样

"Employees who take a greater interest in the lives of their managers are bound to infect them with the same kind of human interest they seek," the author says. Or find ways to let your manager know how his or her performance makes a positive difference for you.

  作者说:"那些对经理的生活抱更感兴趣的员工肯定会能使经理对这名员工也开始产生出兴趣” 。 或者,找方法让经理知道他/她的表现如何对你产生了积极的影响。

Be Realistic

Richard Phillips, founder of Career Advantage Solutions, agrees that "managing up" is a good way to improve job satisfaction, but he cautions employees to be realistic in their expectations.

  Career Advantage Solutions创始人Richard Phillips也同意“向上管理”是提高工作满意度的好方法,但是他警告员工在期望值上讲现实。

"Managers are not mind readers," he says. "Take the responsibility to communicate upon yourself, and remember there has to be an ongoing dialogue, or change is unlikely to happen."


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