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Banish a Bad Mood in 15 Minutes(e-c)practice [Copy link] 中文

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Banish a Bad Mood in 15 Minutes

Three surprisingly simple steps for lifting yourself out of a funk

Sophie Blackall


Step 1: Decode Your Mood

Sometimes you know exactly what’s upsetting you. Or do you? Ask yourself these key questions to figure out what’s wrong.
有时候你清楚地知道是什么让你心烦---还是,你真的知道吗? 问一问自己这些关键问题来找出是什么出了错。

What’s Really Bugging Me?

You’re irritable and sad, but you’re not sure why. When you’re feeling that way, “think about what happened earlier in the day or in the week,” says Larina Kase, author of Anxious 9 to 5: How to Beat Worry, Stop Second Guessing Yourself, and Work With Confidence (New Harbinger,,$15). “Keep going back until you hit on the most upsetting thing, something that resonates with you.” This will help you address the underlying problem rather than just focusing on the latest snafu in your life.

  你容易生气、悲伤,但是,却不知道什么原因。 当你有这个感觉时,《朝九晚五的焦虑:如何消除担忧、停止猜忌,带着自信地工作》一书作者Larina Kase说:“想象今天或本周的早些时候发生了什么,不断回忆直到发现那件最令人心烦的事情,那件和让产生’共鸣‘的事情“ 这会帮助你去针对潜在的问题而不是关注与最近的生活混乱。

Am I Avoiding Something?

It’s easier to pin your bad mood on stalled traffic than on, say, your stalled romantic life. If you still don’t feel that you’ve arrived at the root problem, ask yourself if there’s something big going on that you’re unwilling to address. Is there someone — your new love, for instance, or your best friend —whom you’re reluctant to show anger toward? Is there a nagging problem that has been building for months that you’ve been hoping would simply go away? Merely acknowledging the bigger issue will take some pressure off.

  把你的坏心情指定为由于交通不畅导致要比譬如你的爱情生活不畅更容易。如果你觉得还是没有找到问题的根源,问问自己是否有些重要的事情在发生而你不愿意解决。是否有某个人--例如,新爱情、或最好的朋友--你不愿意表达愤怒? 是否有一个让烦心的问题存在了数月之久而你希望它能不了了之? 你只要承认这些更大的问题就能为你减轻一些压力。

Could It Be More Than One Thing?

Say you had a bad fight with your sister. It might be a simple case of cause and effect: You argued, and now you’re angry. But the fight might have been aggravated by a problem you’re dealing with at work or compounded by the fact that your father is sick. In those instances, you might be angry but also feel sad or hopeless. It’s common to have multiple emotions cropping up at the same time. When you have two or more pressing problems bringing you down, try to address them one by one.

  例如,你和妹妹发生口角。也许是一个简单的因果情况:你进行了争辩;现在感到生气。但是这样的口角可能由于一个你在工作中处理正处理的问题而被加剧;或者由于你父亲生病而程度上被增加。在这些时候,我们也许会不但生气而且悲伤或感到无希望。 同一时间有多个情绪出现是正常的现象。当有两个以上急迫问题压迫着你,可以努力去一个一个地解决。

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Step 2: Calm Down

Start by taking a few deep breaths to get your emotions under control. Then choose one or more of the following techniques to help clear your mind.

  开始几次深呼吸来让你的情绪得到控制。 然后,选择以下一种或多种技巧来清理思维:

Focus on Breathing

Take 10 deep breaths. Breathing may help restore the balance between the parasympathetic (or restorative) and sympathetic (fight-or-flight) nervous systems, buffering your body’s natural reaction to stressful situations, says Brian Knutson, an assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience at Stanford University.

  做十个深呼吸。 来自斯坦福大学心理学和神经科学助理教授Brian Knutson说:呼吸能帮助你回复副交感神经(回复神经)或和同情心(逃跑或战斗)的神经系统之间的平衡,缓冲身体对压力处境做出的自然反应。

Make a Pie Chart

Draw a circle and create slices of a pie chart to represent all the things that are upsetting you, suggests Kase. Include everything you can think of, even if it’s as mundane as the nonstop rain outside. The act of presenting your concerns visually clarifies things, she says, making the problems easier to identify and therefore to manage.

  画一个圆圈然后按饼状图分割成块。所有的块代表让你烦心的事情。 把每件事情都考虑进去--即便它如同外面不停下着的雨这样无趣的事情。对你的焦虑进行呈现会从视觉上让事情明了,使得更容易发现从而管理问题。

Find a Quiet Place

“Ideally, go someplace where you can have privacy to shut down the stimulation to your brain,” says Pierce Howard, a cognitive psychologist in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the author of The Owners Manual for the Brain, 3rd edition (Bard, ww, $30). If you’re at a busy place, like your office or a restaurant, he suggests, head to the bathroom and take a few minutes for yourself. If you’re at home, go to your bedroom or a place that feels comforting.

  来自北卡罗莱纳州夏洛特市的感知心理学家《大脑用户手册》一书作者Pierce Howard说:”理想状态下,去一个你能拥有隐私来关闭对大脑刺激的地方“如果你在一个繁忙的地方,例如办公室或餐馆,他建议人们去洗手间自己呆几分钟;如果在家,去卧室或一个让你带来舒适感的地方。

Distract Yourself

Read a favorite funny website, play with your dog, fold laundry, or wash dishes for a few minutes. “Diversions allow your emotions to calm down,” says Peter Ubel, a professor of medicine and psychology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. “And because your brain keeps processing the problem even when you’re not consciously thinking about it, you’ll be better able to deal with the issue once you return to it.”

  用几分钟浏览一个自己喜好的搞笑网站,和狗玩耍,叠衣物,或者洗盘子。 来自Ann Arbor密歇根州立大学医学和心理学教授 Peter Ubel说:”分心能让人们的情绪得到平静。而且由于你的大脑在不是有意识思考问题的时候还在处理问题,那么一旦你回过头来再考虑它就会有所准备”

Get Some Exercise

If possible, go out for a brisk walk, or do some stretches or yoga poses. “Just 10 minutes of an active and distracting activity breaks the flow of rumination and lifts people’s moods,” says Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, a professor of psychology at Yale University and the author of Eating, Drinking, Overthinking (Henry Holt,, $24). “This leads them to think more clearly.”

  如果有可能,做轻松散步,或者伸伸腰、做瑜伽动作。 来自耶鲁大学心理学教授、《吃、喝、多虑》一书作者Susan Nolen-Hoeksema说:“只要十分钟进行一次积极的、令人分心的活动就能打破沉思流,提高心情。这会让人们更清晰地去思考”

Blow Off Steam

Call a patient friend. Be sure to tell her you’re not trying to fix anything — you just want a listener. “Talking through your concerns makes them seem more manageable,” says Kase. “But once you’ve vented, it’s important to let it go.”

  打电话给一位有耐心的朋友。 一定要告诉她你不是想要解决任何问题--只是需要有一个人做你的听众。 Kase说:"将你的焦虑一吐为快会让它们看起来更可管理,不过一旦你发泄后,重要的是不再惦记它们“

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Step 3: Create a Strategy

The tips below will help you fix the situation that caused your bad mood. Do all three in sequence. If you’re still in a funk, consider making an appointment with a therapist.

  以下的提示将会帮助你克服引起坏心情的局势。 请按照顺序完成。如果之后是还心情不快,考虑一下去看看心理治疗师。

Talk to a Problem-Solver

“People often think they should be able to handle problems on their own, and they don’t want to burden others,” says Kase. “But it’s easier to strategize with support.” Discuss things you can do to feel better as well as fix the problem.


Make a List

It should include things that will make you feel better, like sending flowers to your husband, calling Dad’s doctor to discuss his progress, or going to the gym at lunchtime. “Lists force you to structure your concerns and help you move into problem-solving mode,” says Nolen-Hoeksema. Number the items in the order that you want to accomplish them.

Nolen-Hoeksema说:”这类清单会强制你组织化你的担忧;帮助你进入问题解决模式“。 给每件希望完成的事情赋予一个完成序号。

Visualize Your Ideal

Take a few minutes to close your eyes and picture what you want in the moment, as if it’s actually happening. This visualization technique is “basically a form of rehearsal,” says Howard. For instance, after you and your sister argue, imagine the two of you having a great time over dinner at your favorite restaurant. The memories of the fight will be replaced by a positive picture of harmony and fun.

  花几分钟闭上眼睛,浮想出你此刻希望的画面,就好像实际发生那样。 这样的视觉化技巧是”一种演练“例如,在你和妹妹吵架后,想象一下你们在最喜爱餐馆吃饭共度美好时光。 那么对争吵的记忆就会被一个积极充满和睦乐趣的画面所代替。

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