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What Should You Do With Your Life?(e-c)practice [Copy link] 中文

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What Should You Do With Your Life?

Kate Lorenz,

Since we were kids, Labor Day has always been sort of a sad time. It's that official marker that it's no longer summer... and a wake up call that it's time to focus on work rather than play. So now that you've come to terms with the grim reality of work, are you wondering what you're doing? Are you truly content in your career and your life, or have you just settled because you've hit a few stumbling blocks and have convinced yourself that you don't have the time or money to pursue what you really want to do? Are you approaching work with pessimism or dread rather than excitement and enthusiasm? If so, perhaps it's time to really ask yourself, "What should I do with my life?" Po Bronson, author of The New York Times best seller What Should I Do with My Life? explored this ultimate question with a diverse group of people, young and old, each sharing how they successfully found their true calling. How did they do it? They courageously pushed their fears aside and dared to be honest with themselves in pursuit of their passion. Most of the 900 people he interviewed were searching for "a place where they can be content, grow roots a little, and make an impact." Here are five points to ponder from Bronson's book to help you figure out your path in life:

从儿时起,劳动日就是一种悲伤的时刻。 它在表明夏天不再的正式时间分割线... 敲响警钟要把心思放在工作而不是玩乐的警钟。随意,既然你要开始面对工作这一严肃现实,你会考虑自己正在做什么吗?你真地对生活事业满意吗,或者因为在碰了一些钉子后刚安定,对自己表明你没有时间或金钱去追求你真正希望的东西? 对待工作你是悲观、恐惧还不是兴奋、激情?如果如此,也许是时候真正地问自己”对待这一辈子我应该如何地度过?“这个问题了。  纽约时报最畅销书籍《应该如何度过一辈子》一书作者Po Bronson和形形色色老老少少的人们探讨了这一终极问题。 他们每个人都讲述了自己是如何成功地发现自己的“天职”。 他们如何进行?带着勇气他们将恐惧撇在一旁,在追寻激情时,勇于诚实地对待自我。在被他采访过的900名人中大部分过去都在寻找”一个他们能感到满足、扎下一点根、并产生影响的地方“。 下面就是Bronson这本书中帮助人们如何发现人生道路时去考虑的五点:

1. From your fears come misconceptions.
1. 恐惧滋生误解

The uncertainty of exploring your passion can lead to irrational fears and unlikely conclusions. Many are afraid that pursuing their passion will put them in the poorhouse. Others fear that the path to their true calling may lead them in some irreversible direction or limit their future options. Bronson observes, "Often we burn 70 percent of our emotional energy on what we fear might happen (90 percent of which won't happen)." These psychological stumbling blocks are most often overblown, worst-case scenarios that keep people from finding themselves. He adds, "What I found is that, if you take care of these obstacles, you create an environment where the truth is invited into your life." Get rid of the fear factor and pursue your dreams.

  探究自己激情时的不确定性会导致非理智的恐惧和不可能发生的结论。 许多人都担心追求激情会让他们穷困潦倒;又有人担心通向自己真正天职的道路会带领他们朝一个无法逆转的昂向;或者限制了他们未来的选择。Bronson认为:”往往我们70%的感情能量都消耗在了我们害怕会发生的事情上面(而它们中个90%都不会发生)“ 这些心中的”绊脚石“绝多数时候是夸大的、可能发生极端负面情况。它们阻挡人们去找到自我。他补充道:”我所发现的是,如果你处理好这些障碍,你就能创建出一个吸引真相进入你的生活的环境“  把这种恐惧症消除去追寻你的梦想吧。

2. Don't wait for clarity.

Many people wait and hope that their calling will come to them in the form of an epiphany. Don't wait for a "big moment" or a sign. Sometimes the obstacle isn't that you don't know what makes you happy, rather it's hard to imagine that what you love could be a profession. It's possible to bridge these two worlds together with a little hustle, training and determination. Having an epiphany is great, but so often they tell you something you already know in your heart.

  许多人在等待希望着自己的天职能以”现身“的方式降临给他们。 不要等待一个”大的时刻“或者一个迹象。有时候,障碍并不是你不知道什么能让你快乐,而是,很难想象你所热爱的可能是一份职业。 用点点推进、培训加上决心,那么,将两者衔接起来是可能的。虽然一个”现身”形式出现很好,但是,往往它们告诉你的都是你内心已经知道的。

3. If you aren't happy, don't stay.
3. 如果不快乐,不要逗留

Bronson's book is filled with stories of real life examples of people who left jobs that compromised their values, consumed far too much of their lives, were no longer interesting, or created feelings of constant fatigue or insomnia. They were doctors, lawyers and investment bankers who left the jobs that were dragging them down and have found happiness as a massage therapist, bakery owner or catfish farmer. It's not selfish to deny what will make you happy. Life will evolve naturally if you listen to your inner self and pursue what you truly enjoy.

  Bronson的书中包括了许多真实的例子。这些人们离开了损害自己价值观的;消耗太多个人生活的;不再有趣或产生持续疲劳和失眠工作的工 作。 他们中有医生、律师还有银行家。这些人离开了拖累他们的工作,在按摩师、面包店或鲶鱼场中找到了快乐。 去否认那些能让你快乐的事物并不是自私。 如果你倾听内心自我,追求真正享受的事物,那么生活会自然地演变。

4. Experience speaks for itself.
4. 经历会不言而喻

Real wisdom is found in experience, yet people too often ignore the strong message of their experience. They fail to embrace their experience because they believed their calling was to be figured out intellectually. If you have no idea where to start, there's some insight waiting for you in the experiences you've already had. For some that may mean changing sides like the oil company geologist who was morally troubled by his environmental clean-up work. He took a county government job to fight the very same company he used to work for. For others it means finding a career in doing what they love more than anything. Bronson shares a story of a college grad who had held 16 jobs in eight years. His true passion was golf and he really wanted to use his love of the sport to help others play better. He had even designed a golf swing trainer and putter grip. With a little nudge and using his sales experience, he took a job selling golf equipment and has already pitched his ideas to the United States Golf Association (USGA) and demonstrated his grip prototype at a couple of golf expos.

  真正的智慧来自经历,可是人们往往会忽略经历中强烈的讯息。 人们不会拥抱经历因为他们认为天职需要靠智慧来获得。如果你不知无从开始,那么,对于你有过的经历中就有某种洞察等待你去发现。多于某些人来受,那意味着改变立场。例如原石油公司地质学家对自己从环境中剥削的工作感到道德上不安。后来,他在县政府部门找了一份工作来,和就是自己曾工作过的公司做斗争。 对于另一些人来说,那可能意味着最重要的是做自己喜爱的事情。 Bronson 讲述了一个大学毕业生的故事。 这名大学毕业生在八年内做了18份工作。他的真正激情在于高尔夫球,他很希望用这一体育爱好来帮助别人提高尔夫球水平。 甚至还设计了高尔夫球鞋及一种球杆手柄。在一些推动和利用自己销售的经验下,他找到了一份销售高尔夫球运动器材的工作,并且将自己的想法提供给美国高尔夫球协会(USGA)考虑比在几次高尔夫球展上展出了自己的球杆手柄的原型。

5. Never give up.
5. 绝不放弃

It's okay and even normal to take many years before pursuing or discovering your calling. It's possible to have more than one purpose in life, and you can do them together or sequentially. It really doesn't matter as long as you are focused and pursuing them versus chasing other unimportant things like a job title that will impress people you don't really care about, a top-paying job that is uninspiring or a dream that is someone else's (your parents', your spouse's) and not your own.

  在追寻和发现自己的天职的过程中需要许多年是没关系的、甚至是正常情况。 在一生中人的使命可能的不仅一个,你能一起或者按顺序地进行。只要你集中经历去追求它们;而追寻的不是那些如同一个给别人留印象而对你来说不是真正在乎的头衔,或一份缺乏创见的高薪工作,或别人(父母、配偶)而不是你自己的梦想,那么就没关系。

Po Bronson is the author of The New York Times Bestseller "What Should I Do with My Life?" -- a book that chronicles inspirational true stories of people who have found the most meaningful answers to that great question. He is the author of two other books and has written articles for The New York Times Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. Kate Lorenz is the article and advice editor for She researches and writes about job search strategy, career management, hiring trends and workplace issues. Other writers contributed to this article.

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