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By his side, but why? Political spouses in the spotlight(e-c)practice [Copy link] 中文

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By his side, but why? Political spouses in the spotlight

    * Story Highlights
    * 故事梗概
    * Many women wonder why Silda Wall Spitzer stood by her husband
    * 许多女人想知道为什么Silda Wall Spitzer站在丈夫旁边
    * Some speculate she did it for the sake of her three daughters
    * 有些人揣测是看在自己三名女儿的份上
    * Therapist: Most women want to at least try to work things out
    * 心理学家:多数女人都希望至少采取解决问题的方法
    * Therapist: Just because someone has hurt you doesn't mean you stop loving them
    * 心理学家:仅仅因为有人伤害你不意味着你停止爱他们

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NEW YORK (AP) -- When Silda Wall Spitzer stood beside her husband in ashen-faced misery the other day as the governor made his brief apology in the prostitution scandal, she uttered not a word. Yet she launched a thousand conversations.

  纽约(法新社)--几前天,当Silda Wall Spitzer站在自己一脸苍白悲惨的丈夫身边;丈夫在对招妓丑闻做出简短道歉时,她不发一言。不过,她本人引发的却是满城风雨的言论。

Silda Wall Spitzer watches as her husband, New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, issues a public apology Monday.

  Silda Wall Spitzer看着丈夫-纽约州州长 Eliot Spitzer周一公开道歉。

"Why is she standing there?" many women wondered. "Should she be? Would I be?"


And for many, who've seen a long line of wronged political spouses do the same, from Hillary Rodham Clinton to Dina Matos McGreevey to Suzanne Craig, the immediate answer was a resounding, "Hell, no."

  对于许多人见过一长串”不忠“受害者的配偶们来说--从希拉里到Dina Matos McGreevey再到Suzanne Craig, 她们会立即得出”不会“的答案。

"I watched her and I thought, 'Again, the wife is standing there,"' said Jessica Thorpe, a 38-year-old mother of three in Larchmont, New York.

  来自纽约Larchmont,三个孩子的母亲38岁的Jessica Thorpe说:"我看见她,想到‘又一次妻子站在了那里”

"And I had a visceral reaction. I just don't get it. Why does it always have to be that way in politics? What will she get out of standing there?"

The blogosphere was buzzing, too, with the same questions.

“我感到心理翻江倒海。我就是不明白,为什么政治里总出现这个情况? 她站在那里能捞到什么好处?”


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"Why do they show up?" asked blogger Amy Ephron on huffingt She proposed her own fantasy: "I just want one of them -- Hillary, Silda -- to stand on the steps of the White House, the governor's mansion, and stamp their foot and say, 'And another thing, I'm keeping the house."'

  来自huffingt onpost网站的博主Amy Ephron问道:“为什么她们要出现? 我真希望哪怕有一位--希拉里也好或者Silda --能站在白宫台阶上、把脚一跺,说:”对了,房子要归我“

Yet many women also understood that Silda Spitzer was obviously in pain, and in the unforgiving glare of the public spotlight.

  不过有许多女性也认为Silda Spitzer在公众不原谅的目光下显然处于痛苦中。

So while Donna Webster, a product development executive in Boston, wished the New York governor had been forced to face the music alone, she also empathized with his wife's choice, which she assumed was for the sake of her three daughters.

  所以,当来自波斯顿一位产品执行官Donna Webster希望一个人对去面对后果时,她对那位妻子的选择也抱有同情,并认为那是看在三名女人的份上。

"I've been thinking about this constantly. I cringed when I saw her next to him," said Webster, 59. "I think he should have taken it like a man -- without her."

  59岁的Webster说:”我一直在考虑这个问题。 当我看见她站在他身边感到惊愕;我想他应该像爷们儿那样自己一人处理这件事“

But, she added, "She was in crisis mode. She was like a mother bear protecting her cubs. When crisis hits, you do what you think you need to for your family. Later, you can step back and think about protecting yourself."


Amid the din, one of the most poignant voices defending Silda Spitzer was Matos McGreevey, who stood next to her husband, New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey, in 2004 as he told the world he was gay, admitted an affair with a male aide and resigned.

  在喧嚣中,一个替Silda Spitzer辩护的最强烈的声音来自Matos McGreevey。 新泽西州州长Jim McGreevey在2004年当他告诉世界自己是同性恋,曾同男助手有过绯闻并辞职时,作为他的妻子的Matos McGreevey一直站在自己丈夫身边。

"I'm reliving that moment and what it was like standing there next to Jim," Matos McGreevey told The Associated Press Monday night. "I wanted to embrace her and say, `Be strong, you'll survive this."'

  周一晚上Matos McGreevey告诉美联社:"我似乎重新在经历一段过去的时刻,重新体会站在自己丈夫身边的感受,我希望给她一个拥抱,说:‘坚强些,你经受住”

In another interview on CNN, she referred to others who'd also stood by their spouses at moments of deep humiliation -- Clinton, during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and Suzanne Craig, the wife of Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, who was accused of soliciting sex in an airport bathroom.

  在另一次同CNN的采访中,她也提到了那些曾当自己配偶----希拉里在克林顿,莱温斯基性丑闻时, 爱达荷州议员Larry Craig的妻子Suzanne Craig在丈夫在机场洗手间嫖娼---那些处于极度蒙羞境地时站在他们一旁的女性。

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