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Finding and Creating the Work You Love(e-c)practice [Copy link] 中文

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Finding and Creating the Work You Love

Eight Steps to Your Dream Job

by Brian Kurth, for Yahoo! HotJobs

Identifying your dream job and the path that will take you there is both a challenge and an opportunity. But by following a realistic step-by-step "vocationing" process (outlined below), you can pursue your interests and passions to the job of your dreams.


1. Define Your Dream Job(s)

What are your passions and your interests? What activities give you a sense of purpose and satisfaction? Can you envision yourself in a job that fully engages your heart and your mind? You may still be trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up. That's OK. This eight-step process gives you the opportunity to explore, experiment, and discover what your dream job is and how to pursue it.

  你的激情和兴趣是什么? 什么活动给你一种使命感和满意感?你能想出某个让你全身心投入的工作吗?也许你还在考虑当你长大以后要成为什么。那没关系。 八步法能给你探寻、尝试和发现梦想工作是什么及如何追求的一个机会。

2. Address Your Fears

Financial instability, family disruption, giving up an identity, failing at something new. These are all fears that may stand in the way of pursuing your dream job. The biggest thing you can do to get past these fears is to meet them head-on. Bring these deepest fears to light and examine them with reason; talk about them; play each one out to its most irrational end. What is the worst thing that could happen?

  经济不稳定、家庭阻挠、放弃身份;在新事物中失败。 这些都可能会阻止人们去追求理想工作。 要克服恐惧你能做的最重要的一件事就是“迎面相对”。 将在最深入的恐惧暴露于公众、并理智地审视它们、谈论它们、把每一个恐惧推开至最不理性的结局。 最糟糕会发生什么?

3. Do Your Research
3. 做调查

Internal and external research helps you discover who you are and what kind of work meshes with your deepest self. Do your homework and access resources ranging from the Internet to one-on-one contact with people on-the-job to determine if what you think is your dream job truly is your dream job.

  从自身和外部调查能帮助你发现自己是谁、哪种工作和最深的自我相一致。 ,做功课,从互联网到从事理想工作的人们进行一对一的联系来获得资源。从而决定是否你所想的理想工作是真正的理想工作。

4. Find a Mentor

Inspirational, experienced, realistic, forthcoming, and optimistic. A good mentor is all of these things and eager to help someone else get started. Recruiting a mentor who is a good match for you requires following a plan of action, asking the right questions, and building a relationship that is mutually satisfying. Having a mentor is the crux to the vocationing process. Whether you're 20-something, 30-something, or even 60-something, you need a mentor!

  激励人心、富有经验、讲现实、善于交流、乐观----一个好的导师具有所有这一切,而且还渴望做“师父领进门”的工作。 给自己聘请一位很匹配的导师需要遵循行动计划、询问正确的问题,并建立其双方都感到满意的关系。拥有导师对于寻找天职过程是关键。不论人们在20多岁、30多岁甚至60多岁,都需要导师。

5. Test-Drive Your Dream Job

There's no better way to learn than by doing. Test-driving your dream job with a mentor provides a hands-on experience that has the potential to change your life. This is the opportunity to learn as much as possible about the job, how you feel about the day-to-day activities, and what it takes to succeed. Whether your mentorship proves your perceived dream job is indeed your dream job, or if it is a reality check illuminating that the job is not the one of your dreams, the mentorship experience gives you the required personal and professional due diligence you need prior to making a career decision.

  学习工作的最好方法就是做工作。和导师一起尝试你的理想工作能够带来亲身体验。这种体验可能改变你的人生。这是对这份工作b本身、对日常工作、及工作中成功的需求,能够尽可能了解的一次机会。不论学徒经历证明你的理想工作的确是你的理想工作,还是它成为了表明它不是你的理想工作的一次现实检查, 这样的经历使给你在做出职业决定之前做出了所需的应该在个人方面和职业方面做出的勤奋努力。

6. Create an Action Plan

Pursuing a dream job is less a leap than a series of incremental steps that move you closer to your goal. What is critical to reaching that goal is making sure the steps you follow are the right ones. An action plan is needed. If you make a list of all the things you need to learn and do in order to realize your dream job, you will have mapped out a plan for moving ahead. A knowledgeable action plan provides you with the power to forge ahead.

  追求理想工作与其说是一次跳槽不如说是一系列让你接近”追求目标“的循序渐进的步骤。要达到找到理想工作这一目标中至关重要的是确保自己的步骤是正确的。你需要行动计划。如果你已经列出了获得理想工作中所需学习的一切事情,那么将要指定一个行动计划。 一份内容详细的行动计划能提供你勇往直前的力量。

7. Establish Thresholds

The biggest reason we pursue our dream job is to increase our life satisfaction. It is important to understand how much risk, challenge, and uncertainty you can tolerate before the life-satisfaction goal becomes blurred by the process. The vocationing process is as much about what you learn on the journey as the rewards when you reach your destination.

  我们追寻理想工作的最大原因是提高生活满意度。 重要的是理解在生活满意目标在追求中变得模糊不清之前,你能够承受多少风险、困那和不确定性。 这个寻找过程中所学到的东西和你到达目的地时的奖励一样的重要。

8. Think Big, Start Small
8. 有大想法,从小行动做起

You don't have to quit your 9-to-5 job to pursue your dream job. Obligations and concerns may take you down a less-than-direct path. It may take months, not weeks; years, not months. If you are patient and creative, you can keep your career transition moving forward.

  你不必辞去工作来追寻理想工作。 职责义务和忧虑担心也许会让你走上一条不那么通直的道路。过程需要数个月而不是数周、或数月。 如果你有耐性有创造力,那么就能不断让你的职业转变超前进。

Brian Kurth is the founder of VocationVacations and the author of "Test-Drive Your Dream Job."

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