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China Defeats Terrorism! Let's Roll! [Copy link] 中文

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The Super Sleuth is here .

I have said this on another thread and I will say this here as well . With chinajo and his tentacles of networking with who-knows-who China is safe and secure .  It is the turbaned Muslims , chortled the super spy .  Evidence ? who needs evidence when bias and bigotry will suffice .

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Jew York Times

The infamous home of Iraqi WMD liar Judith Miller.

The report doesn't say what happened.It's worth nothing.

Lets Roll is the mythical call to action the mythical passengers of the mythical flight UA 93 are supposed
to have raised.UA 93 was not on the Bureau of Transportation database as being scheduled for
911.The tail number of the aircraft was N593UA.Strangely enough a United Airlines employee called
Thomas Friedman who records these things flew on a 757 from Chicago on an aircraft bearing this
tail number after 911.

I recently read an account of a visit to the Shanksville area in Pennsylvania by two researchers.This is
where the legendary UA 93 is alleged to have crashed.It lists a large number of oddities and strange
behavior from the coroner Craig Miller and other local inhabitants,especially the fake "witness"
Val McClatchey who took a photograph of a cloud of smoke supposedly rising from the crash spot.The
photograph shows a greyish cloud nothing like what would form when a hydrocarbon driven fire occurs.
In a telephone conversation with Jeff Hill of the website Pumpitout,Val revealed that the "crash" site 6
years after 911 is cordoned off and patrolled by guards.

The nearest hospital to the crash site received no bodies from UA 93.None of us has seen any
wreckage from that aircraft.All we have is an aerial photograph of an odd shaped hole in the

911 was an inside job.

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Even today, America harbors and supports terrorists against China


Ribeya (or whatever her name is) continues to receive full American support for advocating secession of the Uighur from China.  

The part that many Chinese do not understand is why criminals like that would be allowed to leave the country.  See one shoot one should be the policy.

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For the greater common good .

The Chinese are more than ready and prepared for trouble involving the Olympics . They have the best public security outfit in the world  and they have worked , designed , organizied and cooperated with all the accredited security experts from around the globe .  The Olympics is NOT a single national enterprise , it is the most global and international exercise the world has ever seen. Every nation wants to ensue their athletes' safety , everyone wants to enjoy the sporting competitions and the agonies and ecstasies of the show .

Olympics is no venue for political tantrums and foot stomping and anyone who thinks this is the ideal stage for their agendas is thoroughly mistaken .  Any force will be met with overwhelming force .  The rights of any individual is submerged against the right ( to safety and enjoyment ) of the majority .  Trouble makers beware .

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Originally posted by satsu_jin at 9-3-2008 21:43

News can also be found in today's China Daily:

Terrorist attack on passenger plane foiled
Updated: 2008-03-09 17:34

BEIJING -- China on Friday foiled a planned attack ...

My relatives were on the phone with the news before I saw it on the wires.
Man created god before god created man and the world has been in turmoil ever since. Dots freak some people out - so they join them with lines that aren't really there.

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This is another thread designed to rouse religious and ethnic hatred.It cites no hard evidence or

The bitter truth that 9/11 and the 7/7 London incidents were engineered by Western governments should make us treat reports such as this with extreme suspicion and look hard for the malicious and
mischevious hand of sinister Western intelligence agencies.That this report is carried by the infamous
New York Times should set alarm bells ringing everywhere.

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Rights of Minorities

Minorities do have rights in all societies - the right to be treated equally.

That, China provides to abundance.  Birth limitations do not apply to ethnic minorities.  Beijing spends over RM 2,000 per minority each year - a program not available to the ethnic Han.  They get special dispensation in education - there are reserved university seats for the minorities, even while the Hans have to fight tooth and nail for the limited number of positions - were it based on grades alone, less than 1/3 of the current eithnic minorities in college would be there.   Moreover, the law enforcement throughout the land has been instructed to be lenient on ethnic minorities.  The Uis are infamous for starting bar fights, knowing full well that the police will almost always side with them and bear down hard on the Hans.  

Yet that has never stopped the conspiratorial splittist from advocating  violence against the mother nation.  They are terrorists and should be put down as such, with force.  There is no point in negotiating with terrorists who refuse to participate in the political process, preferring to use violence to achieve political aims.  See one shoot one must be the absolute policy - it is at least more focused and lenient than the American way, of bombing entire villages with tens of thousands of pounds of bombs at a time, killing perhaps one or two terrorists but also many hapless women and children.  The Chinese law enforcement is a lot more effective in pinpointing the necessary violence at only the perpetrators of terrorist acts.

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