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Five Important Interview Tips

By Debbie Shalom, founder of Amazing Résumés and Coaching Services

In order to increase your chances of landing a great job, you should take time to define your strategy and prepare your resources. Successful job offers are direct results of effective planning. A productive interview needs to be well-researched, planned and implemented. Follow these tips and future interviews will deliver positive and powerful results.

  要提高获得一份好工作的几率,你应该花时间来制定策略、准备资源。 成功获得工作是来自有效的计划。 富有成果的面试应该包括充分调查、计划和实施。 下面的提示就来帮助你在未来的面试中产生积极有力的结果:

1. Carefully research the company.

Learn as much as you can about your prospective employer’s business model. Visit its Web site and read their mission statement and/or company philosophy. Identify main products, services and functions. Speak to employees, vendors or other contacts with inside knowledge. Acquire strategic information that will enable you to speak knowledgeably and offer valuable insight during your interview.

  尽可能多地了解该公司的商业模式。 访问公司网站、阅读公司宗旨或/与公司理念。 了解主要产品、服务和功能。 与员工、销售商或其它知情人事交谈。 获得那些能使你在面试时谈吐内容专业、带来有价值洞察力的战略信息。

2. Thoroughly read and analyze the official job description.
2. 通读、分析正式职位描述

Visit the company’s Web site or ask the recruiter/hiring manager to provide you with this information. Identify key skills and determine whether or not you meet the job requirements.

  访问公司网站或者让招聘人员/招聘经理为你提供这部分信息。 发现其中提到的关键技能;并决定是否自己满足工作要求。

3. Be prepared to recognize and engage in various types of interviews.

Interviews have different purposes and characteristics. The experienced job seeker should be familiar and comfortable with all varieties. Telephone and behavioral interviews have very different formats and objectives. Telephone interviews are prescreening tools used to determine whether or not a candidate matches the position’s requirements. Employers try to streamline their search by eliminating candidates who do not fit their basic requirements. Your goal is to pass the prescreening test by proving you have the required skills. Your prize is an invitation to a face-to-face interview.

  各种面试有不同的目的和特点。 有经验的求职者应该对各种都熟悉、适应。 电话面试和行为面试的方式和目的就有很大不同。电话面试是一种用于决定受否候选人符合职位要求的方法。雇主希望通过排除那些不符合基本要求的候选人来让招聘过程简单化。你的目标是通过表明你拥有所需技能而通过预选。 预选中的”奖励“是一次面试的机会。

Behavioral interviews are based on the belief that “past performance is an indicator of future value.” After identifying which skills and knowledge are necessary to fill the open position, employers will then develop and ask questions based on these competencies. The questions often ask the job seeker to tell about or describe a time in the past when they had to respond to a certain situation. Interviewers want to know how you handled these issues and what the outcomes were.

  行为面试是基于”过去表现是未来价值的指示器'这一观念。 在发现空缺职位中需要哪些技能和知识后,雇主下面就会在这些本领上来制定并提出问题。 通常这些问题要求求职者来讲述或描述过去一个时刻在某个情况下做出的反应。 面试者希望知道你是如何应对这些问题、及结果如何。

4. Be passionate.

Every employer believes his or her company is special and unique and therefore wants to hire the best person for the job. Show your passion for the company and its products by preparing “big picture” questions that address the employer’s needs.


Sample questions to ask include:

# What are the two most important tasks and issues related to this position?

# One year from now, what would you like to say about the person whom you hire for this position and what he or she was able to accomplish?

# How will this accomplishment impact the entire organization?

5. End strongly.

Finish the interview by quickly summarizing how you can deliver solutions to their problems. Thank the interviewer for taking the time to speak with you. Sincerely express your interest in the position and ask what the next step will be. Request the interviewer’s business card.

  用对你如何能给公司问题提供解决方案的迅速概括来结束面试。 对面试官花时间表示感谢。 真诚地表示你对这个职位的兴趣,并问下一步是什么。向面试者索要名片。

Remember: Positive and lasting results are built on solid groundwork. Take the time to learn about the company, the position’s requirements and different interview techniques. Preparation will generate profitable results.

  记住:积极和持续长久的结果都是建立于坚实的根基之上。 花时间了解公司、职位需求和不同面试技巧。 这样的准备会带来有益的结果。

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