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Americans are working harder on less sleep: poll(e-c)practice [Copy link] 中文

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Americans are working harder on less sleep: poll

Mon Mar 3, 10:14 AM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - Steve Nichols, a middle manager at a technology company in Ohio, gets home late from work and spends most evenings sending work-related e-mails.

  纽约(路透社生活栏目)--作为俄亥俄技术公司的一位中层经理Steve Nichols每天很晚回家;回家后大部分时间处理工作上的电子邮件。

Like many other Americans he is working more and sleeping less which could have an impact on their professional and personal lives.

  就像许多其它美国人一样,他的工作时间更长;睡眠时间更短了。 而这个情况会影响人们的职业及个人生活。

A new survey by the National Sleep Foundation shows people are spending an average of 4.5 hours each week doing additional work from home, on top of a 9.5 hour average work day.


While 28 percent of people questioned in the survey said their daytime sleepiness interferes with their daily activities at least a few days a month, 63 percent said they are likely to accept their sleepiness and keep going.


"There's enough data now to clearly show that if you're not sleeping enough, that's going to dramatically affect your performance and productivity," said Mark Rosekind, a former director of the Center for Human Sleep Research at the Stanford University Sleep Center who helped design the poll.

  斯坦福睡眠中心的人类睡眠研究中心的前主任Mark Rosekind说:"现在有足够多的数据能清晰地显示如果一个人的睡眠不足,那么会极大影响到工作表现和生产力”。此次调查内容正是由该中心设计。

"People think if I can jam more hours in the day I'll get more done. That's not true," he added in an interview.


Although Nichols, 35, said he hasn't noticed any negative effects, his wife says he looks beat up and run down. The only time he catches up on his sleep is when he takes a vacation where his BlackBerry doesn't work.


"That removes the temptation," he said.


Nearly one third of the 1,000 people who took part in the telephone poll late last year said they fell asleep or were tired on the job in the past month, and 12 percent reported being late to work.


Rosekind said estimates of what an overtired workforce costs the economy have put it at between $50 and $130 billion each year due to lost job productivity, accidents, injuries and medical conditions.


He added that most people will rate themselves as being wide awake and performing at a good level but "when you measure them they're horrible."


The poll also showed that lack of sleep is affecting people's safety. Nearly 40 percent of people report nodding off or falling asleep while driving and 14 percent missed family events, work functions and leisure activities.

  调查中还显示缺乏睡眠会影响人生安全。 近40%的人表示在开车时会打盹或入睡;而14%的人称自己错过了家庭活动、工作职能和休闲活动。

Almost one in four of those questioned admitted doing job-related work in the hour before going to bed at least a few nights each week, so it's no surprise that 20 percent are having less sex because they are too tired.


Victoria Castillo would like to be able to turn her brain off from work. The 33-year-old artist spends between 60-70 hours each week in her home-based studio in College Station, Texas, and like almost one in five of those surveyed, uses an over-the-counter sleep aid at least a few nights each week.

  Victoria Castillo希望能够让自己的脑子不去想工作。这位33岁的艺术家每周在位于德州College Station的家庭创作室中要工作60-70小时;

"It does take a physical toll and a mental toll and a toll on my work when I can't sleep. They do feed each other. If I could change one thing in my life it would be to be able to sleep," she said.

  她说:"当我无法入睡时,不但产生了对身体上的损害和精神上的损害;还损害到了工作。一者的损害会波及另外两者; 要我能改变生活中一件事的话;那么它就是能够睡觉“

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