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China's rich prefer foreign brands: survey [Copy link] 中文

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I have to agree with Lacaterina, I seriously look down on anyone who buys things just because they're imports. Every time I hear someone say that their this or that is made in Italy or France, I want to scream. A lot of people think it makes them more cultured to have something from outside their own country, but, frankly, there is no better way to show off your lack of culture than with a $2000 handbag.
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Since the markets that originated and that have perpetrated the cult of foreign brands are all foreign countries, don't be too critical of Chinese people, after all, they have the money now, why not spend it?

The cultures that worship brand name products far more than do the Chinese are well-known
- American (ever taken a trip around New York, La-la land),
- England (Harrods is a great example of the constant overpromotion of "brand" name items just for one example,
- France - don't get me started on the women in France...if it isn't a designer brand they wouldn't dare go outside in Paris for the most part,
- Italy - last time (and previous times) that I was in Milan, I couldn't stop laughing at the number of Lamborghini's etc. that were trying to make their way through those tiny, narrow streets - such a joke, in Germany I can see it - sort of - since the Autobahn is designed for cars that really can hit "top speeds"..but in Milan? - it's almost as big a joke as somebody in HK buying a Lamborghini...even funnier when a goof from HK with a Lamborghini drives it across the border into Shenzhen to try and show it off! People look of course - and giggle at their stupidity.

Hey, if people have the money they should be able to buy whatever they want. Being jealous about it (no, not saying your jealous, I just picked on your post to reply to ) is very, very unfair...and as I mention, smacks of jealousy and envy.

Wonder how many people who today are criticizing would, if they suddenly had the money, would choose a QQ over a Mercedes? Or sandals over a pair of Florsheim shoes? Or a bottle of American beer over nearly any other beer in the world - except the all too similar japanese beer? How about an Australian pseudo-Port over a nice 20 Year Old Taylors? There may be some, of course, but I bet they are as rare as hen's teeth - or duck fingers.

I don't care where I was living, if I had enough money to stimulate the economy to that extent - you bet I would.

But instead, I bought and drive a Shuanghuan SUV...but as soon as I have the money it's going to be (probably) an Audi Q7 or a 2008 Chrysler 300C - even a Made in China version...and when I win the out!

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This doesn't surprise me at all. Wealthy Americans don't buy Fords; they buy Ferrari, Gucci, Breitling... which kind of makes me wonder--what do wealthy Europeans buy?

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Originally posted by canchin at 2008-2-24 03:15
.....or a 2008 Chrysler 300C - ....

Noooooooo !

Those 300Cs have to be the ugliest, most contrived "designs" you'd ever see on the road.
There's no style, no subtlety whatsoever.

Go for the Audi, have some self respect, man !

Originally posted by sockmonkey at 2008-2-24 03:30
Wealthy Americans don't buy Fords; they buy Ferrari, Gucci, Breitling... which kind of makes me wonder--what do wealthy Europeans buy?

I think they buy Lexus, etc.

Here in Australia there is greater cachet with the European cars, even if the Japanese cars are equal or better build quality.
There are differences, the European cars have some sometimes intangible refinements (ride quality), but the Japanese make vehicles which appear to work properly most of the time!
I had a Landrover Discovery for 10 years. I loved it. It was quiet and had a good ride, although it drank increasingly expensive petrol like a fish, and after a while things started to not work properly (central locking, fuel pump etc)
Then I changed to a Subaru Forester Turbo. I love it too. It's got more roadnoise than the Disco and doesn't have as smooth a ride, but it goes like sh!t out of a slingshot and uses half as much juice.

Here the Korean cars are generally on the bottom of the list.
While the quality and style is improving, they are more known for having the cheapest new car models on the market.
The Korean styling is slowly improving, they've got to get the people who threw together cringeworthy monstrosities like the Ssangyong Musso, to learn to draw.  

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Reply #22 seneca's post

As the saying goes there seneca-dear:

"A poor man doesn't know he's a poor man until he sees what a rich man has."

Whining about people wanting what other's have is just jealousy, envy and feelings of inadequacy coming to the fore. It's been going on since time immemorial in all cultures and civilizations and countries that have ever existed on the face of the planet.

Most people, seeing a rich man (or woman - lots of those nowadays) simply demonstrate their own negativity and belief that they just aren't good enough to be able to attain to the same thing - IF they work hard and strive with purpose towards advancement. Unfortunately, far too many just look, start mewling like a kitten, get indignant because they don't have those things, and then slink back to their negative existence, never realizing - or accepting - that they, too, could do what that "whatever" did to get that money...not including of course the spawn of royalty and the magnates of the world who had their wealth gifted to them and never actually did anything to get wealthy except be born - unless, of course, one subscribes (as I do) to past lives deciding how this one is going.

If you want something someone else has - do what that someone else did, or at least to the degree that someone else did; after all, not everybody can be a university dropout who was dealing with the idiots of a large corporation that dropped the ball - like Bill Gates...but what he did CAN be done by others if they have the balls, the drive, the discipline to change themselves - not their environment, "themselves!"

If environment was a factor, then either everybody in a "place" - regardless of where that place is - would either be wealthy or flat-out poor. If somebody you know is rich and you're not, and the environment is the same, the age is roughly the same, the education is roughly the same - the problem is you are not doing things in the way the rich person is doing what they do.

And I doubt anybody with any class would buy even a real Lamborghini IMHO - if one really wants a fast car then one would buy a Bugatti Veyron. Buying a Lamborghini - again IMHO - just shows a deep feeling of inadequacy and fear of being inconsequential, whether real or otherwise...but hey, if they can make them in China - and especially since I am positive they could equal or better in the quality, and price them at the level such a toy is actually worth, I might consider it...just for a weekend drive over to Macau.

<Edited to add a "t" where one was missing.> Ed.

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