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Anti-China Sentiments are Rising [Copy link] 中文

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Wrong, we are inundated by Maori claims under the auspices of the Treaty of Waitangi. Payments and transferral of lands and industries has been ongoing for quite a few years now....please get your facts right!
Menghzi, I can see your logic, and part of me agrees with you but, I wasn't there so I feel no guilt. I do pay taxes both in China and NZ and it's my NZ taxes that assist in redressing the problem.......nuff said on that, unless you're in the know, which I doubt, because you're not there, didn't grow up there and know little of the lengths to which we've gone to make restitution.

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It is a mental thing .

I have an intimate knowledge of New Zealand . I know that they treat the Maoris best of all the British colonies.

What I do not accept is this throw away line that because  " I was not even there " therefore I am not responsible !

Saying sorry does not mean you admit to be the perpetrator of the crime . In these context , it is a hand of friendship , in recognition of the hurt and harm those who have passed on have inflicted on the fellow Kiwis . The ones responsible cannot say it now , so decent and broad minded descendants have to do it in their place .

If my child was taken from me by force and " disappeared " , I would be looking for 50 million bickies in compensation . These Aborigines worked out that they will each likely to get $2,000 to$6,000 ! Pittance .

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Originally posted by gotohell at 2008-2-13 23:10
Anti-China Sentiments are Rising

Anyone notice how anti-China remarks have been increasing recently?

China is being attacked on many fronts:
# spying charges
# unfit f ...

one big word - JEALOUSY..........
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Food at Olympics is safe: Officials
By Zhu Zhe (China Daily)
Updated: 2008-02-22 06:51

Beijing Thursday reaffirmed the safety of food at the Olympic Games after media reports that the US contingent plans to prepare its own meals at the Games due to safety concerns.

"We've made great efforts to ensure safe supplies for the Games and we hope athletes dine together," Kang Yi, chief of the food division of the Games services department, told a press conference.

"If the US delegation is not at these gatherings, I would personally regret it," she said. ... content_6474379.htm

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Western media exaggerate China's limited arms sales to Sudan
Updated: 2008-02-22 22:34

LONDON - A senior Chinese diplomat has said that western media have exaggerated China's limited arms sales to Sudan.


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The Western Propaganda Machine has a lot of experience; it is really very good. I wouldn't say that everything they come out with is false, from personal experience, China does of course make some mistakes. But it does make me laugh to look at the majority of stories which are either insanely hypocritical, wildly exaggerated or just plain misrepresentations of the facts. In videos from the BBC about this kind of thing, it's often the case that a Chinese person is being very vocal about an issue, but the British journalist will tell you any translation of the words, even the exact opposite. Also, randomly finding people who live on the street looking depressed (I know they are actually everywhere in China) and claiming that this is because they are victims of X, Y and Z, when in fact they are just the losers in the money game. One more example is the way they talk about China's greed for territory and resources, and problems with pollution; when in fact we can see from the history that China is a far far more benevolent nation than western colonial powers or the modern USA. The pollution is a shame, but then again, I feel China has a right to pollute proportional to it's population, so that is also unfair.

What needs to happen is more Chinese influence in foreign media. Not in a corrupt way (which would make things even worse), but rather as competition to other providers. CCTV is great but really very weak internationally as far as I know. There are 3 pieces of advice I have for China regarding this (just my opinions):

1) More open debate about issues, bring the politicians to talk about their decisions. Western people see the lack of this as secrecy and malicious intentions. When Chinese government spokespeople say 'refuses to acknowledge', 'refuses to discuss', 'deny this', 'deny that', is is easy for the western media to use the statements in a bad way.

2) Less displays, performances and exercises (military or otherwise). They are good for convincing other Chinese about things, as well as people with special interestes in the particular areas, but it certainly doesn't impact the average westerner's impression of China. Indeed, when we see the effort put into this kind of thing, it actually makes us uneasy about the true intentions. After all, acting is acting.

3) When foreign journalists do film something in China, don't send police to arrest them or block the camera lense. All this gets filmed too. Obviously, the more you do this, the more the Westerners will believe something secretive/negative is going on, whether or not there actually is something going on. I think this is the biggest mistake made by police etc.

Maybe if some things like that change, opinion about China in the world will evolve, but for now I think there is no way for Chinese media to compete internationally. One final thing, it is good for chinese people and pro-china westerners like myself to tell people about errors in the media coverage of events and spread the truth; but the absolute worst thing a group of chinese people could do is argue with a westerner using exactly the same patriotic logic or comparison as each other (jumping on a bandwagon). In order to convince foreigners that we are not brainwashed, in fact you have to disagree a lot more often. Americans and europeans often have the same attitude, but I think Chinese in general do differ less in their political ideas, so it ends up being more important.

At the moment the western world has a larger sphere of influence and a larger sphere of propaganda. It is easier for them to sell a story about how bad China is, because that is now so ingrained  into people's minds that it is along the lines of what they would expect to/want to hear (and therefore sells). As China's sphere of influence grows it is important for China not to avoid competition in this area.

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