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Room to Improve(e-c)practice [Copy link] 中文

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Room to Improve


Published: February 7, 2008

Q. What is the best way to store old newspapers and magazines?


A. Time is anything but kind to newspapers, which become more faded, yellow and brittle with each passing month.


“Newspapers aren’t called ephemera for nothing,” said Lisa Zaslow, a professional organizer who runs Gotham Organizers in New York. “They are printed on unstable wood pulp, which degrades pretty quickly when exposed to light, humidity and atmospheric pollutants. An acidic chemical reaction is produced which turns the paper brittle and discolored.” If that is not bad enough, each page can contaminate the one next to it.

  经营纽约Gotham Organizers服务公司的专业整理家Lisa Zaslow说:“蜉蝣”不是平白无故的,它们被印制在不稳定的木浆上面。当暴露在光、潮湿和大气污染中时木浆非常容易降解。会出现一种酸性化学反应。这种反应会使纸变脆和褪色。”  更糟糕的是,每张都会污染到和它紧贴着的那张。

To curb degradation, Ms. Zaslow suggests storing newspapers in acid- and lignin-free boxes. Two Web sites that sell such boxes (and will “help you to unleash your inner archivist,” she said) are and She recommends the E-Flute Newspaper Storage Box from the latter site (about $23 each, or $22 for 10 or more), which is two inches tall and easily stackable. To go one step further, Ms. Zaslow suggests inserting acid-free tissue paper between each page of newsprint.

  要阻止退化,Zaslow女士建议将报纸存储在无酸无木质素的盒子里。 有两个网站就销售该类盒子(而且她说:“还帮助你培养一颗案卷保管人的心”)这两个网站分别是 和

  她推荐的是后者出售的 E-Flute报纸盒(每只大约23美元,或一次购十只以上是22美元)这样的盒子有量英寸高,容易堆放。 要保存更长时间的话,Zaslow女士建议在每页之间夹入一张无酸薄纸。

Tabloids and newspaper magazines have very thin pages, so they should be preserved in a similar way. Ms. Zaslow recommends drop-front, hinged-lid, acid-free boxes sized to hold standard magazines ($19.88 each or $16.10 for 10 or more, at ArchivalSuppliers). Glossy monthly magazines will not degrade as quickly, but storing them in an acid-free box will not hurt, and neither will putting tissue paper between pages.


Even in an acid-free box, a newspaper or magazine will eventually deteriorate. “If you want to preserve it for future generations, you should also make a color copy of the newspaper on ultra-high-quality paper, which won’t degrade as fast,” said Ron Shuma, a professional organizer who runs A+ Organizing in New York. “Then preserve that.”

Once you have finished your archiving, you need a place to store the boxes. “Decide how often you’re going to access these memories,” Mr. Shuma said. “Chances are, not a lot, in which case the closet’s the perfect place for it, not only because it’s out of the way, but because it’s probably one of the coolest, driest places.” If you have lots of boxes, Mr. Shuma recommends installing a shelving system, like an Elfa closet system.

  即便放入无酸纸盒中,报纸或杂志最终也会老化。 整理专业,纽约A+Organizing公司经营者Ron Shuma说:"如果你想将之保存给未来几代人,就应该对其用超高质量的纸进行彩色复印。这种纸就不会降解那么快。然后再对复印进行保存”


But if you need to have frequent access to your archives, you should consider storing the boxes in a more prominent place. Elinor Jones, an interior designer in Atlanta, suggests turning a rarely used room like a formal dining room into “a multipurpose room — not just for dining, but also a little study.”

“Get a cover for your dining table so you can work on your archiving,” she said, “and get strong custom shelves on the upper part of the wall to hold the boxes.” Or invest in an armoire with shelves wide enough to accommodate large boxes.

  但是,如果你需要频繁存取档案,那么就需要考虑将这些盒子放在更醒目的地方。亚特兰大室内设计师Elinor Jones建议把一件不常用的房间,例如:正式餐厅,作为“多功能房间”--不光用于就餐,而且还可以作为小书房“


Another way to keep the boxes out of sight but within easy reach is to put them in a storage ottoman, like the Home Decorators Collection’s Donovan ($199 to $499 at It comes in 20-inch, 40-inch and 60-inch lengths.

  另一个方便地让盒子不在视线范围内的方法是将它们放入一个存储箱,例如Home Decorators Collection销售的Donovan。(homedecorators.com报价为199至499美元)。可选尺寸大小:20英寸,40英寸和60英寸。

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