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US Marine accused of rape in Japan [Copy link] 中文

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you ain't see nutting yet...

japan couldn't compare to vietnam with the incident like this occured...VN has more amerasians than any other asian countries that i've known (not only the GI went for prostitution there but raped & tricked many young innocent girls there as well).  any countries that have american GI involved there should have very strict rules & regulations in order to prevent or avoid kokoo thing like that in their countries (the US always muscles their way matter what).  up until now, japan is pretty pretty dum to let it happened again...i'd NOT allow any of american GI in my country if they DON'T follow & obey my rules  

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Seen to be done as well !

I feel that this tragic episode is another involving serving member of the American armed forces on foreign soil which adds to the tarnished image of these men.  It is " natural " to have the small percentage of bad apples in any group of men , couped up and thousands of miles from home etc . But the follow-up to these crimes ( from previous history ) is something that grates.  The local ( Japanese here ) constabulary have NO jurisdiction to conduct and prosecute the trial of this civil crime of this GI . The US military takes him over and inevitably gives him the standard  "  slap at the wrist " .  This is the perceptions of bystanders , over and over , from Iraq to South Korea to wherever .  Justice has to be  " seen to be delivered " as well as practically delivered . Once the sense that GIs are above their laws ( local ) then your " good deed " for being there is lost for ever .  We are talking about a 14-yr old child , man , a child .

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Japan PM: Okinawa rape case 'unforgivable'
Updated: 2008-02-12 16:43

TOKYO - Top Japanese officials on Tuesday denounced the suspected rape of a 14-year-old girl by a U.S. Marine on the southern island of Okinawa, an episode with echoes of a 1995 case that jolted the U.S.-Japan alliance.

The Marine, 38-year-old Tyrone Hadnott, based at Camp Courtney on the island, was arrested on Monday on suspicion of raping the schoolgirl when the two were in a car on Sunday.

He has denied raping the girl but acknowledged forcing her to kiss him, Japanese media said.

"It is unforgivable," Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda told a parliamentary panel in his first public comments on the latest incident on Okinawa, host to a huge U.S. military presence.

"It has happened over and over again in the past and I take it as a grave case."

Defence Minister Shigeru Ishiba expressed anger over repeated incidents despite frequent promises by U.S. officials to prevent them. "This will have a big impact on future U.S-Japan relations," he told a news conference.

In 1995, the rape of a 12-year-old Japanese schoolgirl by three U.S. servicemen sparked huge protests calling on the U.S. military to leave Okinawa, where residents have long resented crime, noise and accidents they blame on the U.S. presence.

But diplomatic experts said such political fallout could be limited this time if the two governments were careful.

"I don't see that there is the sort of dry kindling there for this to light," said Derek Mitchell, a senior fellow at Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies.

"I think the alliance is on much more solid ground."

The 1995 rape case coincided with bitter trade talks on Japan's auto market as well as doubts about the significance of the alliance after the end of the Cold War.

Japan is home to some 50,000 U.S. troops, under a security alliance that is a pillar of Japan's postwar diplomacy.


Both U.S. and Japanese authorities want to prevent a re-run of 1995 but analysts said much depends on the reaction in Okinawa.

Okinawan officials have expressed outrage and on Tuesday they lodged formal protests with the Marines, while the central government decided to send a senior diplomat to the island.

"U.S.-Japan relations are not just a matter of the bases," said main opposition Democratic Party leader Ichiro Ozawa.

"But (incidents concerning) military bases and Okinawa ... are likely to have a big emotional impact on the people."

However, unlike in 1995 when the Okinawa governor was a staunch critic of the bases, the current governor was elected with ruling party backing and is inclined to support Tokyo on U.S. military issues.

U.S. officials have responded quickly to mitigate fallout from the case, which comes as Tokyo tries to persuade Okinawa residents to accept a plan to relocate the Marine's Futenma Air Station from the densely populated central Okinawa city of Ginowan to the coastal city of Nago.

"Obviously, the U.S. military is cooperating with the Okinawan authorities who are investigating this," Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said in Washington, adding, however, that the Marine was presumed innocent until proven guilty.

"I wouldn't tie our long-term strategic relationship with Okinawa, that part of the world to this particular incident."

The Futenma move is part of a broader plan to move some 8,000 Marines from Okinawa to Guam.
You will reap what you sow!

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What Does That Mean?

It is long known that the Japanese keep a national ledger of slights and revenge worthy conduct against their empire and sense of honor.  Why do you think the Yanks keep them under their thumb for so long, and would never allow the Japanese to have nukes?  Their fear of blowback is legit.  

But in the mean time the well trained Yanks can not keep their peckers inside their pants....

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I'm not going to defend the behavior of the rapist but just want to add that criminals like him can be found in any army around the world. What makes this matter so delicate is the fact that a similar incident happened in 1995 when a 12 y.o. girl was gang raped by 3 US marines.

Right now emotions are running high and the US army/government is fully aware of the impact that this crime could have triggered for future US-Japanese relations. The Japanese defense minister pointed out already that Japan wants to have a say in whatever preventive measures are implemented by the US forces. He also expressed doubt that any effective steps have been taken by the US. Foreign minister Komura complained about the lack of discipline in the US forces and demanded guarantees that this will never recur.

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The Infamous Status of Force Agreement

Since 2003 or earlier the Okinawan governor, at the urging of the people, had demanded a change in the Status of Force Agreement (which basically exempts all American GIs from justice, no matter how dastardly the conduct.  They could have lined up the Okinawan kids 100 to a row and gang rape them, and still there would be no consequence at all. Can't be prosecuted by the locals. ... x?transcriptid=2946

The guy was literally begging Rumsfeld.  

He might as well be talking to a wall.

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It's amazing how the western newspapers don't even mention these stories!


Is it because they think that a Japanese minor raped by an American paedophile is not important enough?
You will reap what you sow!

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