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US Marine accused of rape in Japan [Copy link] 中文

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A law unto themselves .

# 110 Reply to immouse,

Awesome revelation , solid example cited here demonstrating the sleight of hands and the three-card-trick the Department of Dirty Tricks from Washington is so good at .  Thank you immouse .

The bottom line is this  :  Americans will do whatever they like to everyone else in the world . They are breaking all laws and demand to get away with it .   The forelock tugging and the kowtow by the Filipino government is the most shameful selling out one has ever witnessed .  Licking comes to mind .

PS: scarywag .  You should know all about " playing with oneself " . Stop it or you will go blind ! haha.

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Originally posted by mengzhi at 2008-3-4 04:05
# 110 Reply to immouse,

Awesome revelation , solid example cited here demonstrating the sleight of hands and the three-card-trick the Department of Dirty Tricks from Washington is so good at .   ...

mengzhi, you're most welcome.

You are a great fighter and you've done an excellent CD community work here.

We need writer and fighter like you.

Thank you to you too.

immouse :)
What I said, remains.

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Originally posted by scarylaowei at 2008-3-4 02:23
You can apologize for your ignorance of the facts.

Or I guess you can call the girl's parents and demand they explain what happened to the charges.

But I really don't care what you ignorant ...

Thank you, scarylaowai for the link.  This has always happened and is not surprising.

If your mother, wife or daughter has been raped, you can always feel free to withdraw charges against the rapist or even pretend they have been raped as morons do exist in this world.

Just remember, don't buy beer or send christmas card giving your blessing to the rapist as I have heard an American did just that.  Once a idiot is enough, and don't do the second time.

What I said, remains.

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Originally posted by zhiran at 2008-3-3 13:37

Whatever I posted would have made no difference. You have only shown your ability to rant.

I stated quite clearly that if you look on google or baidu that the answers are there.... unless yo ...

Try again. You will find the anwers.  My credibility is not the issue here.  You asked for examples.  I gave them.  you decided you didn't like my examples and said you wanted different examples. I told you where you would find them and you rant that I have no answers. What's the point if you are not willing to open your eyes long enough to look for the answers yourself?  

Let me explain.

Credibility may not mean anything to you but it means a lot to me.

From one’s credibility, I will know if the person is speaking the truth, moral, can or cannot be trusted (even respected).

I guess for people like you, everything is suspicious.

For me, I trust and I trust people with whom I have established credibility.  I know people I trust will not betray me.  And even if they do, I have no fear. :)

Most of the time, I don’t ask for proof.  If you are credible (you know it yourself) you will give me the answer that I want and I want not just an answer, any answer but the answer.

That is why I don’t ask for many but just ONE case of fair justice and that is enough.

Can your 94 cases WWII’s justice be the answer?  Those little girls and young women are now suffering the trauma of rapes and your yankie boys are going back home to face trial and serve their sentence?  You call that JUSTICE done?

You are CONTENTED with this kind of justice and you are convinced, you are satisfied that the little girls’ pains will thus be eased and healed?

I pity these unfortunate girls and really wonder how they will face life after that.  They are so young and before they were given the chance to learn, they are already forced to deal with the cruelties of our harsh world and they have to suffer all these alone.

Shall we wait for those f’cking bastards to be proven guilty before we talk?  And you know how your legal system works and would drag on till we’ve forgotten there was a rape!

Btw, as scarylaowai happily told us, the girl's family has dropped the charges as they did not want their young daughter to go through the pain of talking and recounting the sordid things her attackers did to her before the many curious eyes including her attacker.  She is only 14 years' old.  

You're happy with this outcome?  

On credibility, I want to know who will yell at me for speaking.
What I said, remains.

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Reply gotohell's missing post

Beats me why the post went missing.

Gotohell wrote:

In the west, paedophilia is rampant!

They don't seem to take the feelings of little children into consideration.

So just imagine how the feel about non-white children.

They have been doing this since the beginning of their civilizations.

Sometimes I think that they have a gene missing

You are right, paedophilia is commonplace in the West.  They even maintain a “National Register” for the paedophiles and sex offenders, and that testifies to their preponderance.

Asia (and China) should be put on high alert on these westerners and perverts.  I once PM a moderator and protested against her deleting links/posts and banning forumites who posted them to forewarn and heighten awareness on the existence and commonplace of these westerners.

To me, America (in the guise of “human rights”) is a haven for criminals and wrongdoers.  It’s shameful and despicable that their head of state (government) would intervene in the criminal acts of their citizens (worse it would be those in the arm or marine who are supposed to be disciplined) and endeavour every attempt to pervert the course of justice and undermine the judicial system of other countries through blackmail and using treaties and agreements they unfairly entered into with these countries because they knew those countries needed them.

Take the example of Michael Jackson.  Do you think this guy is innocent?  How many kids have accused him of rape and sexual abuse and each time he managed to get off the hook.  Can you believe that a 6-year old would lie about what MJ did to him It was testified in court that MJ spiked their drinks, showered with the kids and slept with them on the same bed.  Who is MJ to these kids?  Their father or their guardian, and what right has he to engage in such intimacy with the kids?

I pity those poor kids and what terrible things he did to them.  It’s natural for kids to be enticed by toys, sweets and things they are like and are curious about.  Only adults have the scheming minds to exploit and will destroy them.  That’s why kids must be protected, taught to be wary of strangers before they fall prey to these predators.

There are sex offenders in Asia too, including China and if you remember the fugitive so called English teacher who was caught in Thailand not too long ago accused of murdering a child beauty queen.  

Interestingly, when these offenders appear on TV, I see angry faces from the public.  But only in the USA (in the case of MJ) do we see some street protesters on the one hand and cheerleaders and supporters for MJ on the other.  Cheerleaders for MJ, the pervert, on his release?  Do we have to doubt and need to prove that he is abnormal and he is not like us?  Which man in his right mind would reject his entire being, existence and fantasize himself to be someone else – transforming from a charcoal man to a white devil and yet failed?  Thank goodness, Mother Nature is perceptive and will not allow such anomaly and unnatural to strive.

Take a look again at that Edison Chen, the ABC (American-born-Chinese) and those pitiful girls (or maybe not so pitiful).  To me, I think they all deserve every mockery and contempt from us.  Yes, some may defend them by saying that those are private videos, private photos and not meant for public viewing and we have no business in it.

But who knows, we may have uncovered a pervert and his perverted inclinations.

Which man and which boyfriend in his right mind would want to photograph and video-tape his intimacy with his girlfriend and girlfriends, except to blackmail her and them one day (that would be criminal) or sell them for profit (that would be immoral)?

But then, it was not just one or two photos, but over a thousand and some approximated there were 10,000 in total.  Even a thousand is too much too many, and I think that is enough to draw the line.

assassin 1337 has some names for Edison Chen and the women.  Well, I think he has a point.  I hope all of us, girls especially, will not condone such behaviour even though they may be private.  

HAVE DIGNITY! Edison Chen and the women have none, like assassin so said.

My advice to those Chinese and Asians who want to send their kids to study in the US, make sure you lay a strong and real solid foundation in your children on the Chinese or Asian values so that they will not be corrupted by or will fall prey to decadent western depravity.

What I said, remains.

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This should be up

What I said, remains.

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Originally posted by gotohell at 2008-2-11 20:28
Why the Japanese not kick these people out?

It doesn't matter where you put these paedophile neanderthals they rape children.
Wherever American soldiers are they rape minors.
It has ha ...

Because American are animals, all they do is rape without shame, and Japanese are animals too, all they do is get raped without any complaint.

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