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American Cops [Copy link] 中文

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US cops are brutal, corrupt and above the law. It is good to see they get what they deserve.

-- by Good News
No Virgin Girl in America

American can not live without SEX.

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Video of Officer Hitting man with batton

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No Virgin Girl in America

American can not live without SEX.

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mechanic with the many aliases -- why are you so deceitful?

Who do you think you are fooling?

Still pretending to be Chinese are you?

You know who you are, you are a black-hearted unloved, unwanted, hate-filled racist with his mind in the depths of the deepest evil

You are the kind of thing that is wrong with the Middle East, You are the reason the Middle East has so few friends, you know that, right?

Here you are trying to incite racism and hate in the hopes that some like-minded insane nut-case will strap a bomb on himself and go and maim and kill countless innocent civilians indiscriminately, in the insane belief that you are going to intimidate the American people with your fear and intimidation -- that kind of crap only world on lifeless souls like you, yet you are too backwards and ignorant to realize that you are a minority of the world -- you are the cowards!
The Brotherhood of Knights of the Mystic Sea

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US police kill unarmed African American

Sat Jan 15, 2011

Reginald Doucet Jr., 25, was killed outside his condo.

Police in the western area of Los Angeles have shot to death an unarmed African American former college football player, after receiving a disturbance call, reports say.

The victim Reginald Doucet Jr., 25, a former defensive back at El Camino College and Middle Tennessee State University was shot outside his condominium building in Playa Vista after two patrol officers found him “yelling and behaving erratically,” an LAPD statement said.

He had reportedly got into an argument with his cab driver who had brought him home from a rooftop nightclub in Hollywood. The driver and nearby resident had called the police.

The officers, who arrived at the scene a little past 3 a.m. and were confronted by a yelling African American, claim they tried to talk the man into putting his clothes on. At some point a scuffle ensued, causing one of the officers to shot the man twice.

Doucet was pronounced dead immediately after arriving at a nearby hospital.

Friends describe the man they call "Reggie" as a hyper-focused person. Whether it was sports or grades, he never let anything stop him, the Central Coast News reported.

The victim's neighbor, Chris Ellison, said “the former quarterback for Middle Tennessee State University was never violent in the seven years they were neighbors."

“Maybe he was belligerent, I don't know, but I have never seen him drunk. Never. Violent? Never," he said.

Civil rights activists have called for the review of the officers' policy when dealing with intoxicated or mentally disturbed people.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson of the Los Angeles Urban Roundtable and Eddie Jones of the Los Angeles Civil Rights Association have reportedly scheduled a news conference on Saturday to discuss the shooting and urge Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck to review Los Angeles Police Department policies .
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Another Black Man:
Killing a dog in America can make you lose everything you have, plus long prison sentence, but killing a Black person if you are police gets you nothing, if you are white, may be a short term in prison. We have more prisoners than the rest of the world combined. Most of them are Blacks and Hispanics while the most heinous criminals are whites. The "human rights rant is one non sense that prevailed when we had a monopoly on means of information dissemination. That's not the case anymore.

bodacia nasrallah:
the police are always killing people in the u.s. many times using 50 or so shots per kill. some times it doesn't even get into the news. one guy got shot dead 2 blocks from me in the bronx by the police. when ever the u.s. spouts off about human rights, i would like to see the leaders of the countries being lectured to say: "who are you to talk about human rights, your police have free reign to kill folks and most get let off!!" the u.s. is an evil empire for real.

Taping killer police:
The other day there was another killing reported in San Francisco area by a policeman of an unarmed man on a wheel chair. The act was caught on tape and a witness is heard saying "WTF, that was not necessary". Because witnesses have caught police on tape brutalizing and/or killing unarmed victims, and these tapes contradict the lies police claim about their actions, they are now trying to make it illegal and a crime for witnesses to tape police abusing and/or killing people.

Awful murder, sad:
Cops all over USA are violent. People with criminal minds are drawn into being cops. They get a badge and a gun and think they are gods. They beat and kill anyone they want. Then, they write reports claiming self defense, accident, blaming the victim... This killer cop will probably claim that the gun went off accidentally when the victim tried to take the gun from the cop. Remember the killer cop who claimed he thought he was using his taser when he shot and killed unarmed victim.

Black Man:
All I have to do is walk around the corner and by the Cleveland Greyhound station, and the armed security guards there (Metro Cleveland, they harrass you just about anywhere around here) will probably shoot me dead.Walking with a can of Arizona gets you a cop stop. I get stopped at least once every few months like that. You never know when they're going to snap. Every day could be your last..

This event occurred in my condo complex. It is a crime against humanity, a MURDER. It has greatly disturbed me to know the abominable moral fiber possessed by LAPD officers. Please don't let this incident be looked over. Speak up.

Murdering of minorities, especially Blacks, in the U.S is no news at all. It's something that happens regularly with impunity and without any consequence whatsoever. Black people are not worth anything here in the U.S. An average Black person in this country lives in fear. A traffic stop where no law was violated could spell the end of a black person in the U.S. All the police has to say is "I thought ...", and he walks without any consequence. I urge PressTV to monitor this incident.

What a tragedy ,Being killed by the police in front of your own home without any apparent reason ?!! our condolences to the family.
No Virgin Girl in America

American can not live without SEX.

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OMG!  It can’t be true! Is it really that bad?  
Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

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