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Shooting in America   [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by freakyqi at 2008-2-6 16:09

Trained? Hmm. Funny, I don't remember any training like that. In fact, I remember being taught by my grandmother (she's who raised me) and my teachers and other relatives to be very polite and  ...

A reasonable post but alas it will fall on deaf ears...
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Reply #29 wowzers's post

Sadly, I have to agree that deaf ears are prevalent here Andrew. These incidents are just ammo for the likes of GTH to attempt to claim superiority of the Chinese over the rest of the "barbarian" west. For the record, I've repeatedly stated that the majority of western folks aren't that different from the majority of Chinese folks, but we have these agitators attempting to stir up anti western agendas and, in doing so, further their own already declining reputation amongst those of us who're infinitely more global and rational in our thought processes and decision making paradigms.....sad for China but luckily these individuals aren't truly representative of Chinese folks who are absolutely wonderful and gracious hosts!

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Originally posted by tongluren at 6/2/2008 09:59 AM
There is no comparison between China and America.  Americas are trained to be violent and inconsiderate since birth.  The Chinese are trained culturally to help each other in time of need.  You jus ...

Americans trained to be violent from birth , lets examin that shall we , which country tongluren is it that teaches 13 year old boys how to use automatic weapons and to kill in the name of national service , I know which country it is as my soon to be stepson has completed his first stint doing his national service and he did not want to do it but was made to , so why not mention in your scathing attack on America that you too are guilty of what you are blaming America for .
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Reply #30 exportedkiwi's post

I see you have matured in your stay at the forum! You got it! There is nothing to discuss because we have to put-up with a few irrational nuts whose obsession is to focus all the hate their little minds and bodies can conjure and cast it out at the same obscure demon from within their diseased perspective. There is no ration and no reason, just vile hatred. What a waste of time and effort this place has become for anyone serious.

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6 Dead, 2 Injured as Gunman Opens Fire at Kirkwood, MO Public Meeting

A gunman opened fire at a city council meeting in this St. Louis suburb Thursday night, hitting several people, including the mayor...

Police shot the gunman, who had hit Kirkwood Mayor Mike Swoboda, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which had a reporter at the meeting.

Update: Six people, including two Kirkwood police officers, a Kirkwood city council woman and the gunman, were killed tonight at Kirkwood City Hall, a St. Louis County police spokeswoman said about 9:25 p.m. Two others were wounded. Add one of the wounded at St. John's Mercy Medical center is in critical condition. More from

More Updates:
The gunman was identified as Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton.
Victims: Mayor Mike Swoboda, council members Michael H.T. Lynch and Connie Karr, police officer Tom Ballman, and Public Works Director Kenneth Yost.
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OMG! Another massacre in the suburbs!

Where does the madness end? This is beyond sad. What is happening to their country? What's wrong with them?

Shooting sprees in suburban/rural America are becoming as common as Apple Pie. We have seen shootings sprees in City council meetings, homes, schools, churches, malls, ...

Wow! The place sure sounds like some wild shoot-em-up outlaw hillbilly country. It's like the wild wild west there with gun totting cowboys and bubbas out. Its amazing how many Americans cannot deal with issues and think that violence will solve their problems. Somewhere in their collective psyche is the belief that deadly violence is a reasonable solution to a problem.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." -- Abraham Lincoln

BTW Just heard on the news it was a former veteran (whether he was in Iraq I dont know) but you'll be seeing a lot of "disgruntled" veterans comming back from the conflict and creating havoc in the neighbourhoods. What a dark period America is entering! Fear is abundant in the USA because of these acts of mindless violence and division.

Can someone explain to me,  why do Americans carry nicknames into adulthood, for example, Cookie Thorton, Squeaky From, Scooter Libby, Brownie, Darth Vader, etc. Should people be worried about them?
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Just what is going on here?

Are the western moderators deleting my posts.

I posted an article on this guy that has just blasted 6 people to kiingdom come.

It disappeared together with my comments!
You will reap what you sow!

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