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MacBook Air revisited(e-c)practice [Copy link] 中文

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MacBook Air revisited
笔记本电脑MacBook Air再探

    * Story Highlights
    * 故事梗概
    * MacBook Air remains thin and remarkably sturdy
    * MacBook Air依旧纤薄、无比坚硬
    * Limited connectivity a problem if you use lots of peripherals
    * 如果你使用许多外设,那么有限的连接是一个问题
    * MacBook Air slower than similarly priced MacBook, but fast enough for most uses
    * MacBook Air比类似价格MacBook运行速度要慢,但是足够满足大部分使用
    * Non-removable battery gets close to five hours from charge
    * 不可携电池充电后能维持近五小时

By Dan Ackerman

( -- Apple's new laptop, the MacBook Air, may not be the true ultraportable that many had hoped for, but it still easily breaks new ground for small laptops.

  苹果公司新型笔记本电脑MacBook Air也许对许多人来说不算真正地“超级便携”,但是,它还是轻松地为小型笔记本开辟了新天地。

Mimicking the 13-inch silhouette of the current MacBook line, it's only 0.76 inch thick at its thickest, and Apple calls it the "world's thinnest notebook."

  模仿当前MacBook系列13英寸的轮廓,MacBook Air的最大厚度仅为0.76英寸(1.93厘米),苹果公司将其称为“全球最薄笔记本电脑"

Some nitpickers say an obscure Mitsubishi laptop from 1997 was a hair thinner, but two of the smallest current ultraportable laptops, the 11-inch Sony VAIO TZ150 and the 12-inch Toshiba Portege R500, are both slightly thicker, and neither tapers to 0.16 inch as the Air does along its front edge.

  一些挑刺的人称日本三菱公司有一款1997年的笔记本要比它细一根发丝,但是,就目前最薄超移动型笔记本,一款是11英寸的索尼VAIO TZ150和另一款12英寸的Toshiba Portege R500,它们都比MacBook Air稍微更厚一些。和这两款不同的是,MacBook Air的前端会最终变薄至0.16英寸(0.406厘米)

As we've come to expect from Apple, the design and engineering that went into the MacBook Air is extraordinary, but it's certainly a much more specialized product than the standard 13-inch MacBook and won't be as universally useful as that popular system.

  正如大家习惯从苹果公司所期待看到的是,MacBook Air的设计和制造是非凡的,但是,肯定它又是一款比13英寸MacBook要复杂地多的产品;而且也用途广泛性不会较之那么大。

The biggest compromises, which have been well-documented, come in its connectivity: The MacBook Air finds room for only one USB port and doesn't include a built-in optical drive, FireWire, Ethernet, or mobile broadband. And like with its other laptops, Apple refuses to outfit the Air with a media-card reader or an expansion card slot.

  已经确实MacBook Air上最大的妥协是出自其连接性:MacBook Air只有一个USB接口、不自带光驱、FireWire、以太网或移动宽带。 和其它笔记本一样,苹果也未在Air上装。。或留扩展槽。

Offsetting its sparse connectivity are genuinely useful new features including new trackpad gesture controls and the ability to wirelessly "borrow" another system's optical drive.


Choosing the Air over the cheaper, faster standard 13-inch MacBook, or the comparably priced MacBook Pro, will depend on your needs. Travelers who want minimum weight, maximum screen real estate, and who live their lives via Wi-Fi hot spots, with little need for wired connectivity, will find the $1,799 starting price a reasonable investment for owning one of the world's premier bits of high-tech eye candy.

  是否要在速度更快、价格更低的13英寸的MacBook、或类似价格的MacBook Pro之前去选择MacBook Air这要取决于你的需要。 希望重量更轻、最大屏幕,而且生活在无线覆盖地区、对有线连接没有多少需求的人们会发现起价1799美元就能获得世界上最吸引眼球的高科技产品是一次相当不错的投资。

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And while the MacBook Air's specs are inferior to those found on the cheaper MacBook, they compare more favorably when you look at other ultraportables, where a price premium is always exacted. For instance, both the Sony VAIO TZ150 and Toshiba Portege R500 cost hundreds more than the MacBook Air and feature slower CPUs and half the RAM as the Air.

Although it shares a desktop footprint with the standard black and white MacBooks, the first thing you notice about the Air is its aluminum chassis--similar to the one found on the MacBook Pro, and much more fingerprint resistant than the standard MacBooks.

  虽然MacBook Air的技术规格不及价格更低的MacBook,但是和其它超便携类笔记本相比却更有优势。。。。例如,索尼VAIO TZ150和东芝Portege R500比MacBook Air都要贵几百美元,但是两者的CPU却更慢,而且内存是MacBook Air的一半。

  虽然“所占桌面面积”和标准黑白色MacBook相同,你注意到的第一样东西是MacBook Air的铝制外壳--这点类似MacBook Pro;但是,MacBook Air比标准MacBook抗指纹度大地多。

Picking it up, the MacBook Air feels a little heavier than you would expect from looking at it, even though it's only 3 pounds. At the same time, it feels very sturdy and solid, thanks in part to the aluminum construction, and we'd have no qualms about carting it around with us all day.

  拿在手上,MacBook Air感觉要比你刚才看上去时要重一点,虽然,它其实只有3磅(1.36千克)。 同时,感觉非常硬朗、坚固,这要部分归功于采用铝制造。如果一天到晚都拿着也不会感到不适。

By way of comparison, the VAIO TZ150 features an 11.1-inch screen and weighs only 0.3 pound lighter than the Air, and the Portege R500 is 0.6 pound lighter than the Air with a 12.1-inch screen.

  相比之下, VAIO TZ150的屏幕为11.1英寸、重量只比MacBook Air多0.3磅,而Portege R500比MacBook Air要轻0.6磅、拥有12.1寸的屏幕。

The MacBook Air includes an iSight camera and mic, and an LED-backlit display that works with an ambient light sensor to adjust the screen brightness in response to the light in the room.

  MacBook Air具有内置iSight摄像头、麦克风和能配合环境光敏感元件针对室内亮度,能自动调节亮度的背光LED显示屏。

The keyboard--the same full-size version found in other MacBooks--has backlit keys that are also controlled by the ambient light sensor, although we had to adjust the room lighting a good deal to see any difference.


The revamped trackpad is large, measuring nearly 5 inches diagonally, and it works with new multitouch gestures. Other MacBooks let you do things like use two fingers to scroll through documents--this one lets you use three fingers to go forward and back in your Web browser history, and use your thumb and forefinger to zoom in and out of documents and photos--much like on the iPhone.

  改进后的触控板对角长近5英寸、可配合新的多触点手势。别的MacBook能让你用两只手指来拉动文本--MacBook Air触控板允许你采用三只手指在浏览器历史中”前进“和“后退”,并用拇指和食指缩放文本和图像--很像是在iPhone上操作。

The three-finger forward/back gesture was immediately useful, and we're already missing it when using other laptops. Apple tells us these new gestures won't be available on older MacBooks as a firmware upgrade, as the hardware behind the new trackpad is different.


Another noteworthy new feature is the remote disc function. Since the Air lacks an optical drive, you can instead remotely use the optical drives of other systems, PC or Mac, as long as they're on the same network.

  另一个值得一提的功能是远程光盘功能。因为MacBook Air没有内置光驱,你可以远端使用其它系统上的光驱,如PC或Mac,只要处在同一网络。

The setup was a little cumbersome for the "host" PC--requiring us to insert the OS X disc that came with the Air, run a small setup program, and then find and turn on "CD and DVD sharing" in the Windows control panel (the documentation could have been a little clearer on what you need to do to on the Windows side).

  安装远端光驱对于“主机”来说有些麻烦--需要插入一张MacBook Air随机安装OS X盘,运行一个小安装软件,然后在Windows控制面板下打开"CD和DVD共享“(说明书上也许对此有更清楚的说明)

Once we set it up, however, it worked like a charm. You won't be able to stream DVD movies or music CDs via remote disc, but it's fine for getting files and installing apps. A matching external USB DVD burner is available from Apple for $99, but any USB DVD drive should work.

  不过一旦安装成功后,似乎就”被是施与了魔法“。 虽然你不能通过远端光驱播放DVD影碟或CD音乐,可是能拷贝文件、安装程序。虽然苹果公司提供了价格99美元的外置USB接口的DVD刻录机,但是任何USB接口DVD光驱都应该可以。

The display offers the same 1,280x800 native resolution as the standard 13-inch MacBook, but the Air's LED-backlit screen means its lid is thinner with an image that was somewhat brighter, at least with both systems set to max brightness.

  显示屏提供了的初始分辨率和和13英寸MacBook相同也是1,280x800,不过MacBook Air的背光LED显示屏说明其机盖更纤薄;图像更明亮,至少在两台笔记本设置为最大亮度的时候。

The real key to finding out whether the MacBook Air is right for you lies in its stripped-down set of ports and connections. Those who regularly use more than one USB device, or need FireWire, an SD card slot, or an Express card slot will find the single USB jack too limiting.

  要看MacBook Air对你是否适合的真正关键在于缩减后的端口和连接。 经常要用到一个以上USB设备、或需要FireWire,一种SD卡槽、或Express卡槽的人会发现单USB口的局限性太大了。

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Likewise, we often say the telephone modem jacks and S-Video outputs on most laptops are a waste of space, but the MacBook Air goes even further, removing the Ethernet jack (a USB-to-Ethernet adaptor will run you $29) and offloading video output to a pair of included dongles (one VGA, one DVI).

  同样,我们常常说多数笔记本上的电话线接口、视频输出口都是浪费空间,但是MacBook Air就更进一步将以太网接口(USB-以太网适配器要29美元)移除,把视频输出减轻为一对插头(一个是VGA输出、一个是DVI输出)

If you live on Wi-Fi hot spots, use Bluetooth for your external mouse, and only need a USB port to occasionally sync and charge your iPod or iPhone, these limitations may not be a deal-breaker for you.


While most hardware vendors offer a choice of mobile broadband options, Apple continues to offer none, which is disappointing for a system so clearly meant for life away from home and office.

  虽然大部分硬件销售商提供移动宽带的选择,但是苹果继续没有提供, 对于一个如此清晰地意味着要在远离家庭和办公室生活中使用的系统来说这是一个遗憾。

Without an Express card slot, your only option would be a USB mobile broadband modem, but with the sole USB jack under a tiny flap on the right side of the system with limited clearance, you may need a small USB extension cable to get a bulky USB mobile broadband modem connected (similar to the problems people had with the iPhone's recessed headphone jack).

  没有Express卡槽、你唯一的选择就是USB移动宽带调制解调器,但是因为在MacBook Air右边的一个极小盖子下只有一个USB插口,你也许需要USB扩展线来连接巨大的USB移动调制解调器。(和人们在iPhone上深入的听筒插孔遇到的问题一样)

While the 80GB hard drive included in the base $1,799 model may be smaller than you're used to, the only other option is a 64GB solid state hard drive. With no moving parts, and advantages in heat, power consumption, and reliability, SSD hard drives are certainly the way of the future.

  虽然在1799美元的基本配置中包括了一个80G的硬盘也许比你习惯的要小,唯一选择是64GB的SSD固态硬盘。 SSD固态硬盘没有移动部分、在发热和耗能及稳定性的具有优势,因此必定成为未来的选择。

The future may have to wait a few years for prices to come down; however, swapping the 80GB platter drive for the 64GB SSD drive is a whopping $999 upgrade. The only other internal hardware option is a CPU uptick, from 1.6GHz to 1.8GHz for $300. With the upgraded CPU and SSD drive, the $1,799 MacBook Air suddenly becomes a $3,098 laptop.

  也许要等上数年价格才会降下来;不过将80G的转式(platter)硬盘换做64G的SSD硬盘需要一下花上999美元来升级。唯一内部硬件上的选择是用300美元将处理器从1.6GHz提升到1.8Hz的升级。 升级CPU和采用SSD硬盘之后,MacBook Air将从原来1700美元猛增到一台3098美元的笔记本。

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We are pleased to see that the MacBook Air comes standard with 2GB of RAM, but with a processor that runs at a much slower clockspeed than the standard MacBook (2.0GHz or 2.2GHz), plus a 4,200rpm 1.8-inch hard drive (as opposed to the standard 5,400rpm), it's not surprising that the MacBook Air is not as fast a performer as the $1,649 MacBook we reviewed in December 2007. Do note that the baseline $1,099 MacBook features a slower processor and half the memory of our MacBook review unit.

  我们高兴地看到MacBook Air标准型的内存为2G,不过,由于处理器的时钟速度比一半MacBook(2.0GHz或2.2GHz)要慢很多,而且硬盘是4200转速、1.8英寸(而非MacBook标准的5400),难怪MacBook Air在性能上速度不如在07年我们评估过的价格1649美元的MacBook。 不过,千万要注意一点,基础型1099美元MacBook的处理器更慢、内存也是我们评估中的一半。

And as we often point out, any modern dual-core CPU is going to be more than adequate for Web surfing, multimedia playback, and productivity tasks, and we were able to surf the Web, play videos, and work on a document at the same time with absolutely no slowdown or stuttering.


We're currently conducting additional benchmark tests and will update this review with new results as they're available.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the MacBook Air is the lack of a user-replaceable battery. While most laptops will be obsolete before their batteries wear out, we are sensitive to the desire to occasionally carry an extra battery for extended field use.


  MacBook Air最大的缺点是用户无法更换电池。 虽然大多数笔记本在电池失效前就过时,对希望偶尔携带附加电池来获得现场的延长使用需求我们都很敏感。

We're still conducting our standard DVD battery drain test on the system, and will report those scores shortly, but in anecdotal testing, the Air lasted for nearly 4 hours of mixed use, including video playback, software installation, Web surfing, and productivity tasks. That's reasonably close to Apple's 5-hour claims, but may not be enough for a full day of off-site use.

  我们还在 MacBook Air上进行标准DVD电池耗电测试,不久将公布得分,但是,在非正式测试中, MacBook Air在各种功能混合使用时持续时间有近4小时,包括:视频播放、安装软件、网上冲浪、完成工作任务。 这一时间和苹果公司宣传的5小时相当接近,但对于一整天离场工作来说也许不够。

We're still not fans of Apple's nearly obligatory extended warranty upsell (so much so that we've simply copied this complaint from our last MacBook review).


The default warranty for the MacBook is one year of coverage for parts and labor, but toll-free telephone support is limited to a mere 90 days--well short of what you'd typically find on the PC side--unless you purchase the $249 AppleCare Protection Plan, which extends phone support and repair coverage to three years.


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