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Originally posted by tradervic at 2008-2-3 00:31

Oh... it is hard to worry, when there is nothing to be had to begin with.

Can the American Border Patrols holding centers that detain illegals awaiting deportation be classed as secret concentration camps? As well as this they have erected an infamous barrier at the U.S.-Mexico border, where they have put up a fence at least 700 miles long raising the chances of people dying in the desert.

What kind of people would do this to other human beings?
You will reap what you sow!

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Bush: CIA holds terror suspects in secret prisons

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The CIA operates secret prisons abroad for holding key suspects in the war on terror, President Bush acknowledged Wednesday.

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Reply to # 19 - tradervic (Uncle Laowai)

Oh, I would not say that - thanks to the forumites here, I keep introduced to many, many new websites

Image results for american propaganda ... images&ct=title

American propaganda posters

If you really want to know propaganda, they said, you need to study American propaganda technique

Brainwashing America

This '----ing USA ---- George Bush Video' is a very shocking anti-American and anti George Bush propaganda video said to have been made by North Koreans

The Historical Dictionary of American Propaganda provides more than 350 entries, focusing primarily on propaganda created by the U.S. government throughout

Modern Day Propaganda Against Islam

Anti-Pakistan statements by US presidential candidates ...
http://united4justice.wordpress. ... dential-candidates/

Anti-Islam Anti-Pakistan Communities on Orkut

US POLITICS: Why are the Democrats anti-Pakistan? ... rats-anti-pakistan/
Muslims in America: From the Earliest Times before Columbus to the present

A mosque is as American as apple pie. Admiral Zeng He a Chinese Muslim and his entourage “Came to American before Columbus” (“1421”). Columbus sailed from Muslim Spain (Al-Anduls) and many of the sailors were Muslim. At least two captains of his ships were Panzone brothers who were Arabs. At least one third of the Africans slaves brought in as slaves were Muslim and demographically more than a third of the current African-Americans are still Muslim. The Cherokee language is based on the Arabic alphabet and the Cherokee headdress resembles Mali head wear. From Moorestown New Jersey, to Islamdora Florida; from Medina Ohio to Lahore Virginia more than 500 American towns are named after Muslim cities in the old world. The first mosques in America were not built in the 60s but in the earliest times when African and a Cherokee Muslims prayed in small buildings. From the Islamic architecture Tiffany houses ensconced in the American section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Caad Zaan the Rignling Brothers home in Sarasota Florida; from Labanon in New Jersey to California (Khalifa Harunia); from Alabama (Allah um ya) to Talahasse (T Allah Hassee)—Islam is not only visible in America, it is part of our American society and American culture. Islam can be heard in American concert halls in Beethoven’s 9th symphony or on the Turkish instruments that make up the orchestra. Islam can be tasted in America when you eat a croissant (patterned on the Turkish flag-Crescent) or crepes (from the original Morocoon Crepes). Islamic architecture can be seen in the architecture of 5th Avenue synagogues, gothic buildings, dome structures of our capitols, and in California homes. Our nation is an amalgamation of many cultures and religions. By opposing a mosque in our midst we are simply hurting the feelings of our fellow countrymen. New mosques are being built not to attract new Muslims, but to allow our existing congested structures. Without a Rockaway mosque the Muslims will pray in older crowded mosques, in basements and in rented warehouses. With a Rockaway mosque Muslims will pray in the open and intermingle with our other American friends. God Bless America


Saj :)

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# 25 - gadflystings

Chinadaily bbs a commercialised propaganda forum

There is obviously a weird atmosphere in Chinadaily bbs

You see, CD forums is making money from all of us. The more hits and flame throwing, the more the hits, so that China Daily can get more advertising fees

Same like yahoo and google :lol Don't you think.

The more hits and flame in yahoo groups and google online, the more the hits, so that yahoo, google cvan get more advertising fee

Don't you think that also a weird atmosphere in USA based yahoo, msn, google etc :lol

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# 26 - blueskies88

Reply #25 gadflystings's post

Are we at war with China Daily?

Who cares how they make their money!

No one in these forums is writing anything so profound and precious that there is any real value to any of us, except for the fun of bashing each other!

Need some bashings? Come on in -- that's what we do best!

I like to follow around gotohell, personally.

Hang-out long enough and you too might find your favorites to bash on -- like China Daily, they seem rather used to it.

Need some bashings? Come on in -- that's what we do best!

yes that is what you can do best :lol

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Reply #33 saj2go's post

Hi there loney tunes!

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We are talking about chinadaily bbs

Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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