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Indian students flock to China for higher studies [Copy link] 中文

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Indian students flock to China for higher studies

Tajikistan News.Net
Saturday 26th January, 2008 (IANS)

China is becoming a higher education hub for Indian students. More and more young men and women from India are braving the bone-chilling temperatures as well as language and food hassles to study in Chinese universities.

Diplomats say that easy admission systems, affordable fees and high standards of facilities are the chief attractions for Indian students, who now number more than 6,000 all over China.

The dominant choice of Indians is medicine. Chinese language also draws many. Clearly, Indian students are enjoying it in China.

'My (Chinese) teachers and fellow students have been very welcoming,' said Jyoti Bhattacharya, 23, from New Delhi who studies at the Beijing Language and Culture University.

Bhattacharya admitted that she was very apprehensive when she arrived in September 2007.

'But it has been a very smooth journey, very helpful,' Bhattacharya told IANS. 'We have been treated very well.

'While I could have studied Chinese even in India, the exposure there was not good. Here you are speaking and hearing the language all the time. It makes a big difference. And I want to make a career.'

Added Ravi Ranjan, who teaches Indian literature and culture and also Hindi language at Peking University: 'This is a good place for students from India interested in Chinese studies. Chinese universities are good when it comes to science and technology too.'

The Tianjin Medical University, located in a port city that can be reached in 90 minutes, has 400 Indian students on its rolls studying medicine. According to its International Exchange Department, the number of applications from India exceeds the available places.

According to Indians, the average tuition fee in a Chinese medical university is $2,000-$3,000. Another $1,000 is needed for board and lodging. This is a fourth of what one would spend in India.

Indian students scoring 70 percent marks and above in their own universities are the most sought after. But Indians returning home are expected to pass the Indian Medical Council test.

According to Indian Ambassador Nirupama Rao, Indian students find China 'cheaper possibly than any other country' when it comes to education.

'Chinese institutions of learning have also been very active in promoting themselves in India,' she said in an interview at her office.

Ranjan, 46, from Hyderabad, said that many of the Indians learning medicine in China were sons or daughters of doctors who failed to enter Indian medical institutions. 'Also, it is not very expensive here,' he added.

But communication can be a daunting problem for students who know no Chinese - Putong Hua, the dominant language, or Mandarin. Although many teachers and students speak English, that language is hardly understood on the streets.

Where possible, Indian students living away from their homes provide comfort to one another. When they go sightseeing, Indians go in groups. The safety in and outside homes in China is widely appreciated.

The one area of concern for most Indians is cuisine.

Bhattacharya, who is on a 10-month language course, admitted: 'I am missing my family in Delhi. And frankly, I am very much missing Indian food.'

In the circumstances, any Indian student who has culinary skills or has a relative or friend willing to serve Indian food to hungry young women and men is arguably the most popular in the community.

(M.R. Narayan Swamy can be contacted at


A great welcome to our Indian brothers.
You will reap what you sow!

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The more pathethic is your existence and stance here.

You are able to dig dirt in every occassion you see in China, almost forgetting: YOU CHOOSE TO STAY HERE, IN CHINA!

You curse China inability to provide comfortable lifestyle as those in the west.


You scorn China's policy even if outsiders have gratitude feelings to what they experience here.


You scream in anger at the same time you breath the air here.


You won't leave and enjoy 'better' life out there, right?

What is this if not PATHETHIC?

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Originally posted by seneca at 2008-1-28 09:54

What is the shame here is that China is making money off students from other developing countries

Is there any different shame between China making money off students from developing countries and say Australia or USA or Canada making money off Chinese students? Foreign students in all these countries’ universities often receive the lowest quality of opportunities. They often had to work extra hard comparing to the local students for the same opportunities. The only time opportunities become open for them are in the areas that are extremely challenged for the natives to be qualifying to pursue.

[quote] Knowing that Chinese doctors fluent in English are as rare as snow in Hong Kong, one wonders whether this is not just another massive misallocation of human resources![quote]

What is wrong with the Indian students learning the local language which is Chinese while pursuing their study there? Are Chinese the only people who are able to master the Chinese language? I am forced to learn a local language in order to pursue my study there; do I have the luxury to ask the local to teach all courses in Chinese? Why can’t the Indians do the same?

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to #3

It goes both ways... how many West-bashers troll this BBS and yet themselves are living in the US, UK or Australia?

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Originally posted by northwest at 2008-1-28 11:32
The more pathethic is your existence and stance here.

You are able to dig dirt in every occassion you see in China, almost forgetting: YOU CHOOSE TO STAY HERE, IN CHINA!

You curse China inabi ...

Indians are well known all over the world for NOT wasting money. If they come to China to study then they've good reason to do so. There are more and more young people in India who chose to study Chinese and want to do this in China. There is nothing wrong with this. Not only does this help Indians to understand their northern neighbor but it serves both countries to better understand each other. I hope that this trend will even increase.

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for a brighter and better future.

This trend of overseas undergraduates coming to China for university training is natural . The basic requirements of high academic standard , course relevance , cost and comfort are fully met in China . Thus the traditional western destinations like UK , USA and Australia are being bypassed in preference for China .

On the other hand China can benefit with overseas friends coming to study in our tertiary education . This is the nursery for future leaders and knowledge accumulation , advancement and exchanges . So both sides benefit . In future , when respective leadership classes can recall a face to a name because they have spent time in institutions of higher learning together , than the level of trust and understanding is high . This will advance peace and friendship .

Do I hear the buzz buzz of some pesky pests in the background ?  Never mind . Jealousy and envy are always the lot of the losers .

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Originally posted by seneca at 2008-1-28 12:15
You see, millions of Chinese students meanwhile are flocking abroad, spending hard-earned parental savings in Merryca, Oz, Europe - on education their own country is not offering them... ...

Or it's more like this... you make money here in China and has to thank central govenrment for allowing you to stay here. Yet you continue cursing and screaming. Since you are morally upright, you should return the money and leave asap through the nearest airport you can reach and say goodbye to this 'hell'.

But we know you refuse to do so.

That's what we call PATHETHIC.

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