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The Widening Racial Gap! [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by gotohell at 2008-1-30 00:22
Are whites just jealous of successful people like Obama?

Why are white people afraid of black people in the US in this day and age? The presidential race seems to highlight this problem more ope ...

It's time for whites to wake up and think about what they did to black people and apologize for what they did. Think about history here for a minute. Look what was done to blacks! Slavery, raping them from their homeland, raping their women, raping them from their languages, their religion, starving them on the boats, most died on the boats from starvation, selling them like they are dogs on a leash! The KKK have tortured and killed black people on a grand scale.  Did you read about the black woman getting tortured to death and about the ropes hanging up for halloween?

If not accepting the truth, then your domed to repeat it!  White people can show that they are sorry by making Obama president.

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Hm... looks like someone has not...

Originally posted by gotohell at 1/29/2008 10:22 AM
Why can't the whites not accept successful black people?

... been watching the primaries... given that Mr. Obama is doing quite well - especially in "white" areas that were supposely in Clinton's hip pocket.

Then again... gotohell (who probably is a past forumite given the scheiber treatment) seems to be reverting to the standard changbula tactics - when one cannot debate, one will boardside.

Bill O' Reilly school of tactics?  Hm... that would be too funny.
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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Why do whites still attack, kill and maim blacks and asians because of the colour of their skin and get away with it?

In some other countries people can apparently be prosecuted for things they say. That doesn't happen in the US. Americans are free to hate whoever they want, and to verbally express that hate. Oh, it may cost them their job if they are a public figure, but they won't be criminally prosecuted for it.

In the 'Jim Crow' south and elsewhere like Indiana, acts of intimidation were the order of the day. A cross burned in someone's yard was not treated as a CRIME as no personal property was destroyed. Though lives were put at risk and the message of deadly intimidation delivered. Perpetrator sympathetic prosecutors and juries alike routinely let these actions pass.

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You will reap what you sow!

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Originally posted by tradervic at 2008-1-30 00:40

Bill O' Reilly school of tactics?  Hm... that would be too funny.  

Did Bill O'Reilly wrote anything on the hate crimes and the widening racial gap in the US?

What would Bill O'Reilly teach us about the hate crimes where the white racists klan takes joy in assaulting, murder and lynching  black men, women and children? What about the white cops who kill innocent blacks?
You will reap what you sow!

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Much like O'Reilly at Obama's Rally...

... a whole a lot of thunder, but not a lot of lightning.

The OReilly Rumble - Watching reality television at an Obama rally.

John Dickerson - Slate - Saturday, Jan. 5, 2008, at 3:22 PM ET

You know when a celebrity television personality like Bill OReilly arrives at a political event because they always have a retinue and because people turn their cameras and camera phones from the candidate to capture the famous face. When the popular Fox News entertainer arrived at the Obama event in Nashua, N.H., people turned to him but not always approvingly. Hey OReilly, yelled a man. When OReilly turned, he got a single-finger salute. A few people approached Bill to shake his hand, but the overwhelming sentiment was unfavorable. OReilly hatemonger, yelled a woman. A few other people gave him the bird. I hate you Bill, yelled a man. You cant stop us Bill, yelled another. I thought someone might brain him with one of those Obama Hope signs.

A number of people shouted falafel, the word OReilly used in a racy set of telephone conversations with a young woman he was trying to seduce as he described a shower they might take together. He meant loofa, which is not a Middle Eastern delicacy but a bath item.

The retinue that followed OReilly included men in suits, perhaps accountants under whose jackets rested tiny little cash registers ringing up the profits that come from OReillys ability to stir just this kind of anger.

OReilly took up a position along the narrow column by the doorway created for Obamas departure. The press really isnt supposed to line up against the steel barriers that protect the candidate from the crush of the crowd but its not an ironclad rule. We all break it from time to time covering the news. With his camera crew behind him and the sound boom overhead, OReilly waited to grab the senator on his way out the door. I had been watching him since his arrival (his group had bumped into me at one of the two press platforms), and I followed him to watch the spectacle it was certain he would create.

At first, the railing where OReilly stood wasnt very populated. Then, as the Obama team saw who was lying in wait, they started to huddle. Staffers started to arrive at the scene. Three policemen showed up, too. One of them stood in front of OReilly until OReilly asked him to move. One of Obamas staffers, Marvin Nicholson, took up the same post, standing in front of the Fox camera as Obama neared the door.

Youre blocking our shot, yelled OReilly.

Oh, am I? asked the Obama staffer, not entirely sincerely, and not moving.

This is not a new trick. When staffers block you because youre being too aggressive, the standard thing to do is give them a little business and then move to another spot. OReilly didnt do this. He shoved the Obama aide. There was an exchange and a little more shoving. I didnt fully capture it because as I looked at OReilly in his black leather Fox jacket, which resembled the kind we wore during football season in high school, I swore I could hear him challenge the staffer to a rumble out by the drive-in.

Thats really low class, pal, said OReilly.

When Obama passed, he looked like he was headed for the door but stopped to talk to the Fox host. The conversation was short. OReilly did not seem to be causing the commotion in the national interest—I heard no questions about marginal tax rates—but instead he made a personal appeal to Obama to get him on his show. (I cant be sure; I heard only part of the conversation.) Obama appeared to say that he would come on sometime.

I have a confession. During the shoving, I found myself yelling at OReilly to grow up, which was thoroughly unprofessional, except that I have little kids and I think its important to discipline misbehavior immediately. If I dont dare to discipline, theyll grow up to be like, well, Bill OReilly.

John Dickerson is Slates chief political correspondent and author of On Her Trail.
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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Much like O'Reilly at Obama's Rally...

China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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Fire Destroys Tenn. Mosque; Arson Eyed

The Associated Press

February 09, 2008

A mosque was destroyed Saturday by a fire that federal investigators say appears to have been caused by arson. No one was injured.

Investigators found drawings of swastikas and other graffiti at the Islamic Center of Columbia, said Special Agent Eric Kehn of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Daoud Abudiab, president of the center, said authorities told him the fire probably started around 5 a.m. The graffiti included the words 'white power' and 'we run the world,' Abudiab said.

'We have not had any trouble,' he said. 'This is the first incident.'

Ten to 15 people regularly worshipped at the mosque, which opened in 2000. Abudiab said they plan to look for another place to worship in Columbia, about 50 miles south of Nashville.

'This has been home for us _ Middle Tennessee and Columbia _ since 1998, and people have been supportive and friendly and welcoming,' he said. 'Obviously, we are concerned, but it hasn't really sunk in yet.'
You will reap what you sow!

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