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Reasons to feel good about the future(e-c)practice [Copy link] 中文

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Reasons to feel good about the future


    * Story Highlights
    * 故事提要
    * You can be fearful because there is a lot of danger
    * 有很多危险,你可能害怕
    * Hope-inspiring list leads to positive outlook
    * 一份激发出希望的清单让人们产生积极瞭望
    * Everything from Frappuccino, to rollerblades to dogs
    * 从。。

By Martha Beck

( -- Today's world is a terrifying place. Every day we wake up facing the frightening realities of our age: terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, pollution, domestic violence, psychotic criminals who steal children right from their own beds.


Let's face it: Human life has always been fraught with danger, and human minds have always been fraught with the fear that comes from knowing it. But we can develop the habit of nudging our attention toward things that inspire confidence rather than fear.

  面对现实吧:人的一生一只贯穿着危险;人的大脑一只会有危险产生的恐惧。 但是我们可以去培养把注意力放在激励自信而不是恐惧的事物上面。

Since my own nature hovers between neurotic and paranoid, I've developed the habit of mentally listing things that make me optimistic about the future. I do it every day, while I'm driving, making the bed, pretending to write.

  因为我自己就在神经衰弱症和偏执狂之间摇摆,于是我培养了在脑中列出让自己对未来乐观的事物。 我每天都这么做:在开车的时候,铺床的时候,假装写作的时候。

The list that popped into my mind this morning may not work for you, but perhaps they'll inspire you to create a list of your own. The simple act of hopeful thinking can get you out of your fear zone and into your appreciation zone -- a habit that can replace anxiety with happy anticipation.

  今天早上跳入我脑海中的这份清单也许不适合于你,但是也许它们会激励你去列一份自己的清单。 单单就做希望的思考而言就能够把你领出恐怖区,带到感激区。--这是一种能够用快乐的期待替换焦虑的习惯。

You see, as much horror as we have always created, we are a species that keeps moving forward, seeing new sights in new ways, and enjoying the journey.


Join in the fun. Today, make a quick list of ten hope-inspiring items. Tomorrow, list ten more. So long as we keep our eyes on what is best about the world, as well as what is worst, we'll spend our lives enjoying the present, and awkwardly, clumsily, steadily creating a happy future.

  加入到这种乐趣中来吧。今天,迅速列出一份十个激发希望的事物;明天,再列十个。 只要在不断关注这个世界上最坏的东西的同时,关注这个世界上最好的东西,那么,我们就会一生都享受“现在”,或不雅、或笨拙、或稳重地创造一个快乐的未来。

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Thing One: Feminism

Okay, so women's lib is way imperfect: Women are still underpaid, still endure harassment, still get far too little credit for raising children -- the hardest and most important work conceivable (pardon the pun).


Even so, there has never been a time or place where it was easier to be female than in today's developed world. Women have gained more freedom in the past 50 years than in all of recorded history. That's especially good because as society empowers women, women are empowering society. The fact that the weaker sex is growing stronger may just save the world.


  更好的是,随着社会赋予女性权利,女性也在赋予社会权利。 事实上,也许正是弱势性别变强,这个世界才得以拯救。

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Thing Two: Starbucks mocha malt Frappuccino, with whipped cream

Yes, it's odd that my list leaps from an enormous social movement to a slug of caffeine dressed in heaps of fat and sugar. But when the big things fragment our energy and optimism, it's the little things that put us back together. Peaceful revolutionaries change the world by great effort and small comforts. Today, a mocha malt Frappuccino is my favorite splurge. What's yours?

  是啊,真奇怪,怎么我的清单一下从巨大的社会变革转到法布奇诺上面,但是,当那些大事情粉碎了我们的精力和乐观主义的时候,是那些小事让我们重获新生。 和平变革者是用自己巨大努力和一份闲情雅致来改变世界。 如今,法布奇诺是我的最喜欢的奢侈。 你的呢?

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Thing Three: Sin (Freedom to live in)

Frappuccinos have special meaning to me, because I grew up in a religion that considers drinking a cup of coffee a sin. Pretty much everyone I knew as a child openly disapproves. Yet no one has ever tried to take away my coffee.


That people can clash at the level of basic values but tolerate one another's differences gives me enormous hope for the future. For centuries, tolerance has slowly been gaining ground, absolutism losing it. To me that makes even these frightening times a bit less forbidding.

  人可以在基础的价值观层次上抵触,但是能容忍各自不同。这让我对未来充满了巨大的希望。 几百年来,容忍慢慢地取得进步;绝对论在消退。对我而言,这让那些恐惧的时刻稍稍不那么生畏了。

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Thing Four: Special Olympics

All right, I lucked out; I have a son with Down syndrome. If that weren't true, I may have squeamishly helped out at Special Olympics once or twice. As the mother of an athlete, however, I've had the privilege of sticking around this organization long enough to see countless small miracles.

  好吧,我运气不佳。 我的儿子患有唐氏综合症。 如果不是这样,我也许几次在残奥会上做助手时会战战兢兢。作为残奥会运动员的母亲,我有幸地在赛场上下没过很长的时间就目睹了数不清的奇迹。

If you are ever tempted to give up on our sorry species, just volunteer with Special Olympics and catch a few miracles of your own.


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Thing Five: Situation comedies

Sitcoms range from high-quality entertainment to boring garbage. What I love is not the television programs themselves but the fact that people keep making them.

In silly stories, we see our own foolishness pushed to ridiculous extremes. Without this ability to laugh at ourselves, we might be destroyed by our family conflicts, our lame deceptions, and our own stupid mistakes. The durability of the situation comedy tells me that we can forgive ourselves and one another for our inadequacies while acknowledging that there's lots of room to do better.


  在愚蠢的情节里,我们看到了自己的愚蠢被发挥到了极致。 没有去取笑自己的能力,也许要被家庭冲突、笨拙欺骗和愚蠢的错误给压垮。情景喜剧的经久不衰告诉给我:我们能够对自己的缺陷原谅自己和彼此原谅,同时承认改进的空间很大。

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Thing Six: South Africa

When I went to South Africa for a book tour, I didn't expect to fall desperately in love with an entire country. It's been one of those affairs that both breaks and heals your heart -- sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrible, always unforgettable.

  当我售书巡游时,没想到自己疯狂地爱上了这个国家。 那是一先让你心碎然后又把它治好的经历--有时美妙、有时可怕,却一定是难以忘却。

At one point, I heard a limo driver unleash a stream of such vicious racism that I felt physically ill with shame, until I started discussing this experience with other South Africans of all races. Astonishingly, they met horrific prejudice with neither fear nor hatred but with deep, improbable, battle-scarred love and optimism. They refused to relinquish hope.

If South Africans can still trust in the future and work toward peace and justice, how can I do less?



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