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Secret behind China's growth [Copy link] 中文

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There will be no celebration of the 30th year of China's reform

instead it's REFLECTION and Re-evaluation of China's reform, check out Xinhua' news. Yesterday, all the so called "mainstream" Chinese economists who midled China's reform for years came out to "reflect" rather than celebrate as they wished.

China's reform has gone to a wrong path in recent years before Hu took the office. No more cat theory, China must indentify black cat or white cat, they are not the same thing.

If you want to find out how ordinary Chinese people's feeling, go to Chinese language BBS. Hu is GREAT leader, China will correct its path and progress well.

It's the millions of Chinese people who sacrifice greatly made the progress in China's reform, not a single person.

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All chinese people have feel a benefit from china's rapid growth. However, the other side of coin is that gap between the rich and the poor is enhanced.  And the ordinary people's salary can not catch up with the growth of GDP. That is the big problem our govenment facing.

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Originally posted by chinadaily at 2008-1-8 10:41
2008 is the 30th anniversary of China's reform and opening up started by late leader Deng Xiaoping. China has undergone trenmendous changes in the past 20 years. The economy is registering double-d ...

Keeping stable /healthy government is main key point for developing the economy.
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now, I was tempted to just post

Secret behind China's growth
"Barry Bonds claims it's steroids".....

but is there still enough of a sense of humour in this BBS to even try?

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Secret behind China's growth

If it is secret..let it stay secret.

There must be a reason why it is secret.

Revealing it would damage its secrecy. It would no more be secret.

On top of it, if a secret is revealed by a foreigner he might get accused of spionage.

If by Chinese - hanjian.

risky isseu - reveal the state secrets of that weight...

Andy Dob

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A country of centralization of state power are  able to do something rapidly.....
the stability ,the developed countries' industrial transforming also offered a good opportunity.

AND proper ecnomic reform .A good leader is also important.But i don't hope china's future relies on another leader .I hope china's future relies on massive people ,and a better political systerm

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China's people are the secret

Originally posted by wayves at 2008-1-8 21:11
is China's people.  

Yes, China's people are very hard working and have high values for family and country [patriotic]. This has surely helped China grow so well.

   That is also the way most foreigners see Chinese people, not just me. Congratulations.

  Question: what about the large population? Did the Party's efforts to slow the population growth help China become so successful as it is now? Capitalist economies like the USA say that "growth" is essential to capitalism, and population must also grow to help the economic growth ; I believe that will eventually lead to decimation of everything as earth becomes overpopulated - right?

  And what about the rest of the world - does the whole human race now need to slow population growth?
  - what about the problem where 'some people slow reproduction, but Catholics and Muslims refuse to do it and they end up populating the entire globe with their people' ?

  This is the big issue of our age I believe, due to pollution and global warming and resource depletion.

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