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Secret behind China's growth [Copy link] 中文

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The Clearly Demonstrated Superiority of SWCC

SWCC as a political system is the best performing in human history, bar none.

30 years of uninterrupted, double digit growth - never before achieved in human history for any sizeable economy, and probably can be repeated as the system is teachable.  It is an in-your-face indictment of the feeble feckless Western "liberal democratic" systems.  

PERIOD.  You can't argue with success.

How come it is better and performs better?  It is focused on making the lives of the largest number of the citizenry better, that's why.  In contrast, in the West, no law gets passed unless there is a bribing special interest group behind it - perforce the laws passed are intended to benefit only the narrow special interest.  And the results show.

SWCC speaks with one voice and moves in unison.  It gets there much faster, as the power of the State is put to good and efficient use, not pulling in 16 contradicting directions.  China decides that alternative power is the future.  China acts on it, and after less than a decade of hard work, China is now poised to be the world leader in renewable energy.

That is only one of many examples, on how China got to be number ONE in industry after industry, all thanks to the smart guidance and the not inconsiderable resources of the State.  That is resource put to good use smartly - something that the pork infested system of the Western liberal democracies simply cannot hope to match.  Schreible is plain wrong factually about how the govt. has to get out of the way of business.  Today more than ever, smart industrial policy, well coordinated and better executed, will win every round.

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Even Third Graders in China Know

Even third graders in China know, that Western style "election" is a FARCE, and that pork and bribes always win, over ideas and ability in any Western style election system, and that the incumbent in a Western style liberal democracy can and will abuse his power to stay in power.

China has no use for such silliness - such as the orgy that you see on American TV day in and day out every 4 years like 2008 - except perhaps in 3rd grade, teaching the children how not to do it.  In China's current stage of development, engaging in such extravagant orgies is counterproductive, and will detract from Job No. 1 - namely growing the economy and making everyone's life better.

China's secret is that the leaders truly understands this, and make no bones and do not pretend otherwise.

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Let the Leaders Lead

Can you imagine the imagery in that 3rd grade "election" magnified 50 million fold, and the loss of productivity for the whole nation, as the pols poster and dance and prance, doing all the vote buying and outright bribing, backstabbing, defamation, cat fights, etc., instead of doing what they are supposed to be doing, namely running the nation?

And the results show.  China's system is way better.  Instead of watching the bunch of coached liars lie on TV and make empty promises that everyone knows will not and cannot be fulfilled, the Chinese demand that their leaders LEAD.

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Real reason?


Starting from a VERY LOW base.
From stories of people unable to get cooking oil, or needs to share pants in the house!

and fellow brethrens who can show by personal experience "how it is done to become richer"

ha ha ha

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stories of INDIVIDUALs and the sacrifices of their family... sent the BRIGHTEST CHILD for a good education and gaining experience from the BEST OF BEST in the top nations of our world.

and of course THE DRAGON community of self help!

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of women, who sacrifized their dignity... help pay for their younger family member "a vocational education" and "capital" to start one!

of mothers who started "food stalls" to pay for their children's education.
of good ARTISANs who starts school to teach other "THEIR TRADE"...
of people who value familial or clan networks...

of people who value education, but do not look down on hard work....
of lazy people who accumulate capital in order to build the giant companies that can efficiently HARVEST the rich resources of our lands....

of people like Mr. Sun, Mr. Zhao, business people like Mr. Kuok, Mr. Ho, the Chan family, like people from my family, your family..
work hard, save hard, invest wisely, survive the hard knocks, alert to dangers, alert to possibilities...
a world that have good hearted people elsewhere willing to teach their learnings and experiences, more so to share their inventions...

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Originally posted by wayves at 2008-1-8 21:11
The "secret"

is China's people.   

Thank you!

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