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A Tearing Lotus: (whole) [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by wenzili at 2008-1-10 13:42
Dear friend,
don't worry! It isn't too long, but moderate with eight chapters.
By the way, we seem to be  close neighbors, are we?

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(2) An Unexpected Guest

Shu Zhen (a decent girl) and Xi Hua (a flower in brook) were close friends and classmates in their childhood. Shun Zhen inhabited in the north side of Dong Shan Hill and Xi Hua in the Garden Lane of the west entrance of the hill. Ever since their primary school time, they always jointly went to school and back home with seldom separation, just like Binary Stars.
Shu Zhen loosed her father in her swaddling clothes. Her widow mother bitterly supported whole family by her peddling burden of vegetable grocery. Her family life was really tough.
With a mere rental of two spare rooms, Xi Hua’s family life was also a perpetual struggle against poverty.
One day in the summer of 1957, one of Xi Hua’s new lodgers, He Hua (lotus) met an unusual guest.
At that day, the same as usual, Xi Hua was as reading Russian book as firing in front of the hearth, while a gentle knocking sounded in her main gate next to the kitchen. She swiftly ran toward and opened the door, then, to her surprise, a young military officer with a white officer’s visor cap and a set of trim uniform, was closely standing in front of her. With a set of dark brown army belts crossing in front and Captain rank of golden stars shining on both shoulders, he looked really handsome and smart. Since all things happened so unexpected that made Xi Hua entirely stunned! She jumped back several paces and stood there embarrassedly.
“Excuse me, it is He Hua’s home?” the man asked politely.
“Yes, there is a He Hua here.” Xi Hua answered falteringly with her unfamiliar Mandarin just learnt from high school.
Because the town she lived in was so isolated that local residents spoke local dialect from generation to generation, hardly any one even the teachers in primary and secondly school were able to speak Mandarin. Until recent days when some Mandarin-speaking teachers outside were hired for newly founded high school teaching, the solid realm dominated by local dialect for thousands years had been broken.
Xi Hua was a quick-minded girl. She instantly employed the linguistic skills now.
Afflicted by language barrier for several days, the officer immediately felt at home when he found an understandable partner was talking to.
“My name is Huang Zhi Ming” said he, with a gorgeous smile. “ I come from Nan Chang to look for my sister, we’ve separated for several decades!” he explained even further.
“Oh, yes, do come in, please!” Xi Hua answered and quickly turned to the living room, “Sister He Hua,” she called as running “you have a guest here” she raised her voice again, but no response. Only constant noises were coming from the gap of the room door, which was generated by an old sawing machine.
She had no way, but approached to knock the door.
With a squeaky sound, the door was open to a narrow gap. Merely about one meter above the doorsill, appeared a huge head with wrinkling face and protruding eyes under thick bushy eyebrows.
With puzzling eyesight from its eyeballs almost popped out, the head waved to both Zhi Ming and Xi Hua without a little intension to open the door.
“Brother Song Qing, he is He Hua’s younger brother.” Xi Hua pointed to Zhi Ming and explained to him seriously with local dialect.
“Younger brother?” he frowned, “I never heard about it.” the head was mumbling while the door was slowly opened. Then, with age about 40, a handicapped dwarf with hunchback and pigeon breast stood in front of Zhi Ming. Xi Hua turned to him and explained the situation: “ This is your brother in law, Song Qing, a famous tailor in our vicinity.”
As saying, she led Zhi Ming to the room.
Inside the room, a woman about 30 was absorbed in sawing. Clung by a head of cloth and cotton crumbs, she looked very tired. Her flat face and close resemblance to Zhi Ming could easily be attributed to common genetic transmission.
“It is only you, my poor sister! How hard it was when I try to spot you!” Before the woman fully understood what’s happened, the young officer could hardly restrain his excitement and rushed toward his elder sister…….

(To be continued by (3) Cession to A Marriage Fortune)

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(3) Cession to A Marriage Fortune

There was continuous happiness coming to He Hua’s family.
Before long, she met her long-lost brother, this day she was happily busy at his marriage wedding.
A large red lantern with a cutting paper of “double happiness” was hung upon Xi Hua’s front door. A pair of ruddy Lucky Couplet* was pasted on both sides of the doorway.
Smiling brilliantly and loudly all the time , He Hua was busy at hosting the guests to and fro. Even the hunchback Song Qing was also hurrying in or out with his hump’s frequently up-and -down and arms’ swing.
All of Xi Hua’s family members were involved in this celebration army: some of them to assist purchasing, some of them to clean up and decorate the wedding room.
At exact the noontime, after a gust of fire cracks’ bursting, the bride had happily arrived. However, she wasn’t Xi Hua but her classmate—Feng Shu Zhen!
The things got such dramatic turning purely because Xi Hua’s odd behavior.
At that day immediately after the brother and sister’s reunion, Zhi Ming told He Hua a  story.
He just withdrew from Korea War and came back to motherland with 10 days’ military vacation.
After getting home in Nan Chang County, his uncle told him a probable address of his long lost sister.
He immediately came to Gan Yue county.
Thanks to local communities’ help, he finally spotted He Hua.
In this way, the vacation had already past more than a half, however, he had a very important affair left, considering his mature age, he wanted to fulfill his marriage plan here.
Then, in a low tone, he approached to sister’s ear with balms closed and toldher he had fell in love with landlord’s daughter, Xi Hua.
After heard brother’s secret, He Hua was so amused, she slapped him on the back and said: “ Wow, what quick sight you have! Pretty, smart, she really is No. one girl in our community. As a nominee, I am sure you could hardly find anyone better than her.”
She told her brother even further: “You know, short time ago, her scores in the entrance exam to high school was ranked as No. one among all female examinee in our county. ”
Zhi Ming was happy and excited too after sister’s introduction: “ Yes, she is superb! But,……but……I am worrying about what’s her opinion?” he said hesitantly.
“ No, no problem at all, I suppose. You didn’t find how happy she was since you arrived here?”
“Are you sure?” Zhi Qing asked.
“Yes, I guaranty it just a cup of tea.” She said with a loud breast slap**.
Immediately after this conversation, she came to the kitchen and talked to Xi Hua privately.
To He Hua’s surprise, after a blush, Xi Hua’s face appeared to be reluctant.
“My sister, frankly to say, your brother is that sort man I mostly fancy. I like him even at my first glimpse, however, I am afraid I have no such fortune as to ……”
“Why? Why not?” He Hua exclaimed out unconsciously.
“You may ask my Mum.” Xi Hua said bitterly, then turned back to wipe out the tears rolling down quickly.
Sure enough, what He Hua learnt from Xi Hua’s mother made her very disappointed.
Ever since Xi Hua’s childhood, she had been appointed as a child bride of a little beggar. Last year, her fiance had been kicked out for his naughty fighting in middle school. Then, the poor fellow had to stay home as an apprentice of carpenter.
Xi Hua’s mother was a strong-minded dogmatism. She always looked down the snobbery and never changed her mind no matter what misfortune he had.
Obviously, it was absolutely impossible to cancel Mum’s decision.
He Hua really came to dismay. She turned to Xi Hua again and told her:
“Zhi Qing will leave here in a few days, you should treasure this opportunity and made up your mind ASAP. No point to tire up your future to an underdog.” She even further implied her to go far away together with her brother.
After thinking a while, Xi Hua firmly shook her head, because she didn’t want to offend her mother, neither to hurt the unlucky guy.
Obviously, an originally doubtless business became a visionary plan, which made both brother and sister very depressed.
At that day there was no smoke coming out from He Hua’s kitchen at all.
In the mean time, hiding in her bedroom, Xi Hua was also crying all day long. At last she had a win-win idea to introduce her classmate, Shu Zhen to Zhi Ming.
In this way, Shu Zhen married Zhi Ming three days later.
Shortly after wedding, the newlyweds stepped on a Northward train.
After a tearing farewell and long-time hands weaving, the Binary Stars had been separated.
None of them ever imaged this parting would be as long as half a century!

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(4)        Different Fortune Wheels

The alumni-reunion party was conducted successfully. More than 80 alumni with age about 70 were gathering together. As if passing through a time tunnel, those senior people suddenly behaved in childlike ways: speaking and laughing loudly, slapping and jumping naively, no one could imaged how many surprises and fun had been brought to them.
Two day’s gathering was swiftly over. Then, those old people were immersed in a sad parting again in tears, since no one knew if they would have a chance to meet each other again.
On October 3, Xi Hua and her husband got up much earlier than usual. They went to their vegetable garden at 4 am. Then, her husband, ridding on a bicycle, went to a remote village to purchase some “green meat” domestically produced by local countrymen.
Xi Hua herself, however, had her dilapidated house thoroughly cleaned up.
After that, this thrifty couple ran wild to find possibly luxury food, such as wild soft-shield tortoise, huge frogs*** to host their rare visitors.  
Before 12 o’clock am, the dinner was ready and the guests, Shu Zhen and her husband, Zhi Ming arrived in time at her pre-classmate’s humble house.
A complex impulse immediately arose in mind as Shu Zhen noticed her classmate still in such poverty.
  She couldn’t help to bottom up again and again to acknowledge Xi Hua’s matchmaking, which, as she frankly pointed out, had entirely changed her own and her whole family’s life as well.  
At that very moment while Xi Hua introduced her to Zhi Ming, her mother just had an agonized accident and whole family was on the corner. The marriage made them free from the economic odds just in time.
Shortly after their marriage, Zhi Ming was transferred to a state-own civilian company as a directing manager.
In the middle of 1990s, Zhi Ming retired from the leading post.
Thanks to his reconnaissance’s dowry, he penetrated the trend of Chinese capital market and invested all his compensation in real estate.
After several years, as the estate price soaring in local market, he became a multimillionaire now.
They had two boys and one daughter; all of them got their favorite university education, and consequently had sound salary incomes.
Undoubtedly, Her family enjoyed a really happy life.
As Shu Zhen’s thankful and emotional talking, Zhi Ming sitting in the most honorable seat, however, just kept silent.
Then, after a toast, he spoke slowly, but his topic was totally different from Shun Zhen’s. What he constantly talking about is personal fate. He took his sister He Hua as an instance.
“My sister had a very bad luck. Her life is full of frustrations.”  
After several bottoms up, surprisingly, he choked with sobs and told everyone a sad story, which puzzled Xi Hua more than half a century……

(To be continued by (5) Misery As Long As Thread)

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(5) Misery As Long As Silk Thread

He Hua originally lived in Nan Chang County. Her father was a silk thread maker, locally known as Silk Master Huang.
Filature or silk making was a very old workmanship, which can be traced back to five thousands year’s ago in ancient China.
After years’ development, the thread fabrication and dyeing process had become more and more mature.
After the silk reeled from cocoons, the thread could be manually made by the combination to several pieces of silks.
Every evening the silk maker tired up the both ends of the silk fiber to be processed to two brass-plumbs respectively. Dozen of such silk sets with brass-plumbs must be prepared well for the following process next day.
Before dawn, the silk master erected a “T” form bracket in an open area and fixed another pole in far distance, then he placed dozen of the plumbs on the top beam of the “T” bracket and the others on another mobile “T”, which he would hold in hands and walked around the fixed pole in far distance. After he returned back, he would place all these plumbs on the fixed bracket in a certain order.
After that, with a pair of handled rub-boards, he must constantly rub each end of the plumbs in turn to maintain their revolving. In this way, the silk fiber would twist together and become thinker.
This process was very hard and tiresome also with very narrow margin. Therefore, Master Huang’s family life was always in pressing economic odds.
Recent days, his wife would give a birth to a child. However, the sale of the silk thread was getting down daily.
“Only less than half kilo of rice left now in our container.” Wife warmed him with her hands resting on her bulged belly and accompanying by constant groaning, when he held his silk bracket out that morning.
Sure enough, when Master Huang was rubbing the plumbs, a neighbor ran and shouted to him in harsh panting:” Master Huang, Your wife had delivered a baby girl”
He collected his utensil and went home in hurry.
After long time’s fumbling inside, he failed to get anything to pay the midwife. Then, he gritted his teeth and pulled all rice out to reward her.
Consumed last provision, even the lying-in woman had no food, how could the little baby survive and be brought up? He felt he was really on the corner.
He had no way but to sent the infant to someone else.
When he held a nude baby in arms and shyly walked on road, he felt very uneasy. Therefore, he picked up some lotus leaves from a pond on the way and wrapped her body up entirely.
He arrived at a tobacco shop where happened to be no one in currently. He thought here must be her ideal destination for not only the landlord was rich enough to raise her, but also the landlady was infertile. Above all this couple was very kind to every body due to their belief of Buddhism.
He made up his mind and put the infant on the counter, then, ran away as quick as possible.
From then on, she became their adopted daughter and named as He Hua (lotus) to commemorate her first descent here with a package of lotus leaves.
He Hua and her foster parent had led a happy life for more than 9 years. The adopter treated her as their own borne daughter and had all sorts of favors by all means.
Unfortunately, a deadly disaster befell to them before long.

(To be continued by (6) Invaders’ Bloody Massacre )

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(6) Invaders’ Bloody Massacre

On August 20,1939, Japanese army massacred  Nan Chang Town.

At that day, as arranged by fate, He Hua’s father got up much earlier than usual, since he wanted to collect tobacco leaves as more as possible for emergent reservation.

It was true, recent days, the rumors about Japanese invaders were flying all over the sky, and he had to make some preparation for tobacco inventory before devils’ coming.

Shortly after his exit from the east city gate, against the brightness of the dawn he dimly saw and heard a cloud of dust was penetrating to the eastern sky and rhythmical noises of paces were clicking on the road. When he went closer, he immediately went to panic, for he found the crowd was none other than a troop of Japanese army! He horribly turned back and ran as quick as possible.

In the mean time, the Japanese soldiers dispersed on both sides of the road in no time.

With guns loading and ambiguous shouting, they quickly took over and surrounded the landlord.

As an ancient saying, “deadly fear may drive a dog to fly”. He hardly found his way to escape and dashed to a well yard with unconscious discharges on his pants.

He was really at a corner but no way to kickback. The brutal devils were simultaneously stabbing to him with their bestial laughing and shouting.

“Fu*k your Ja…pan…ese!" ,he mumbled and bitterly fell down with round eyes open. He was the first victim in this notorious Nan Chang Massacre at that day.

Besides, those lunatic gangsters caught his feet and plugged his body into the well.

After the invaders entering the town, like a herd of crazy beasts, they were shooting innocent people, burning resident houses, raping any captured females from age of 10 to 70 and robbing whatever they like.

No doubt, all property, which He Hua’s parents’ had spent lifetime efforts, had been completely destroyed in this disaster.

Mum led He Hua to a suburb of Xin Jian County and became a pair of homeless and foodless refugees. They had no way to survive, but to beg everywhere and to dwell in a dilapidated temple.

Several months later, Mum had suffered from diarrhea and soon died in front of her dedicated shrine.

He Hua was crying day and night. The grief she felt was not only over Mum's death, but also for no means to bury her body. At last, enlightened by a drama scene, she pasted a piece of paper in front of her chest with the wording of” Mercy! Sell myself for Mom’s funeral” and kneeled down in a street.

A bawd in a famous brothel, known as Peach Yard bought her. She had served as a little waitress for more than 5 years there.

At age of 15 she was forced to start the sexual service.

The next year, a junior military officer of KMT (The National Democratic Party) redeemed and married her.

Later on, since his army was transferred to Gan Yue County, the officer brought He Hua there too.

The situation of Civil War was getting more and more tense; He Hua’s husband had been driven to a battlefront and left enormous gambling debts to her.

Since then, he had no news at all.

To cope with those fierce gangsters who frequently urged her to repay the debts, He Hua had to sell off almost all property.

No money, no deposit, neither any working skill, how could He Hua be survived?

She had no way, but to remarry a single neighbor, the tailor master Song Qin.

One adolescent lady matched an ugly handicapped dwarf; this fact had immediately become a fashion topic in teahouse or other public gathering area in Yu Gan County.

(To be continued by (7) Arduous Spotting)

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