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UTT Spinoff - Chinese Astrology Thread [Copy link] 中文

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So, the UTT-CAT then.

I figured since it is a New Year and the beginning of another 12-year cycle according to the Chinese Horoscope, that this may be interesting - or not.

So, a thread on Chinese Astrology.

I'll use the commonly accepted identifications of "Animals" even though the ancient - read here, pre-Buddhism - method was to just identify the Lunar Periods using their "Earth Branch" of 1 to 12. Actually, this just goes to show how far back marketing was developed in China since marketing a number didn't make for very good book sales or knickknacks but using animals made for instant marketing success both in books, knickknacks - and of course jewelry and the like.

So first, the basics and I'll include how they coincide with the "Western" Astrological chart as well, just for the heck of it.

The basics are:
Earth Branch==Animal Symbol==Western Star Sign


So once you find your "Branch" you will know what Animal you are and what corresponding Western Astrological Star Sign you are.

As well, within Lunar Astrology, each Animal has two others that they have affinity with and with whom they get along well with romantically, in friendship and business. They are:

The Doers: Rat--Dragon--Monkey

The Thinkers: Ox--Snake--Rooster

The Protectors: Tiger--Horse--Dog

The Catalysts: Rabbit--Sheep--Boar (or Pig if you prefer)

Each sign also has an antagonist, someone they do not get along with in relationships whether romantically, in friendship or business. It must be said that there are other parameters to consider such as similar elements and "ascendants" (get a book) that can affect the level of antagonism and that level can be mollified so that even antagonists can get along to varying degrees (and in fact, the "affinities" can be antagonistic if there are conflicts in elements - again, get a book):

Rat - Horse

Ox - Sheep

Tiger - Monkey

Rabbit - Rooster

Dragon - Dog

Snake - Boar

These antagonists don't get along well with each other to varying degrees in relationships whether romantic, friendship or business.

Over the last 4,000 or so years of Chinese Astrological Science and Culture, people of each "Animal" sign - through empirical observation over that time period - showed distinct personality traits.

Animal Name---Personality Trait

Rat==========Initiator - 'I do'
Ox===========Enforcer - 'I will'
Tiger=========Idealist - "I Feel'
Rabbit========Conformist - 'I comply'
Dragon=======Visionary - 'I see'
Snake========Strategist - 'I plan'
Horse========Adventurer - 'I act'
Sheep========Peacemaker - 'I love'
Monkey=======Innovator - 'I think'
Rooster=======Administrator - 'I count'
Dog==========Guardian - 'I watch'
Boar==========Unifier - 'I join'

The final - for this post - point to consider is the "Element" of the Animal Year of your birth. The Elements are Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire and are considered important - especially in Feng Shui, but no sense going too far into that aspect, but a little is alright.

For example, according to Feng Shui, this Year of the Earth Rat does not have any Fire or Metal in any aspect. The art of Feng Shui contends that whatever is missing from a year's "Four Pillars" must be somehow added because a lack suggests something is missing. For 2008, the lack of metal suggests a lack of strength and power, a lack of respect among people, leaders and nations - not a good indication. The lack of Fire suggests a shortage of intelligence and creativity.

The Earth Rat year needs these missing elements for anyone to enjoy success during the year.

So, if you were born in an Earth or Water year, you need to add some metal - perhaps buy yourself a gold ring or bracelet and wear it everyday; and fire - perhaps wear more red throughout the year or get a ruby inset into that ring or bracelet.

Go ahead and play now. If anyone is interested and doesn't know their Animal designation and provides me with their year of birth, I will tell them, but if anyone is really interested I suggest picking up an actual book as this thread is just for play (although there are some interesting prognostications about 2008 I can toss in if anyone is interested).

<<Edited to put the Elements in order.>>

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are you chairman


they say you are chairman


Let there be peace !


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you write so well

can I also be you

Let there be peace !


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Year of the Rat?

But last night on Channel 9 they were insisting on calling it Year of the Mouse?
(mostly harmless)

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Originally posted by fatdragon at 2008-1-5 13:31
Year of the Rat?

But last night on Channel 9 they were insisting on calling it Year of the Mouse?

I figured I would stay with what was accurate rather than follow any sort of imagined PC. Next thing you know they'll be using names like Year of the Piglet, Year of the Pony, Year of the Kitty-cat, Year of the Cow and so on.

Nope! They are incorrect. It has always been the Year of the Rat - and no amount of pansy-as.sed simpering species-ist caterwauling will change it to a mouse. A rat is a rat - bigger than a mouse, stronger than a mouse, more aggressive than "most" mice, and it even sounds better.

As well, as far as personality traits go, the Rat = Initiator = I do; is far better than the Mouse = the Hider = I cower.

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you are chairman

look at that written style

my goodness you are good Canchin


Let there be peace !


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