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The Argumentation of “China is developing too rapidly and is losing its culture [Copy link] 中文

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If spirit were only found in brick and mortar.

To Seneca,
Spiritual weakness is abandoning the inner spirit.  To give precedence to art over the welfare of the human heart is definatively decadence.  This was the foolishness of our past.  

The teaching of sages is not transmitted so singularly.   No Lord or King preserves the past, they hoard it.   No merchant or soldier preserves the past, they steal it.  No scholar  preserves the past, they trivialize it.

You ask, "Why is this so?"

For if kings and soldiers burned and destroyed, they could not destroy it.  If merchants and scholars built mausleums of  glass and metal, it would not stay the hand of the inevitable.

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to gtnbia

you said the leaders sell our soul.
I just see that the leaders change our lives and accelerate our economic development.

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to davidhu and seneca

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Perhaps it is not the buildings that are soulless but the falliable perception of the observer.   It is not without great love and care that such monoliths are build but they are also not without great hubris.

It is ironic that the building of the past has not changed much from the present.  Love and hubris.  Perhaps we are better at preservation then we thought.

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You live just down the road from me. I live in Olympia. Sometimes I take a drive up your way to get away from the rat race.

Wal-Mart is most certainly a cancer. It is only a matter of time before Wal-Mart conquers the world, including China, hehehe!

The globailization of corporations are forming goverments unto themselves and controlling the world and people's lives and leaving rubble in their wake.

In fact, it is part of their marketing agenda to replace that which is beautiful and meaning with disposable box-facilities and strip malls, robbing people of their roots and sensibilities. Happy, fulfilled people are not compulsive shoppers.

One can see this spreading throughout the world. The old Paris lies like a dead body among the skyscrapers and sprall of modern paris. It is happening in Rome and London.

Continuous rapid change and replacing and rearranging structures creates insecurity and anxiety, such that people are malleable and easier to control. Without stability in their lives, they will mindlessly work at jobs they hate, lose desires and sense of self. All that is left of the person is a shell of a person who will work, consume products, and repeat a narrow range of activities.

This is what is actually researched by global corporations and discussed at World Trade Association meetings.

In this way, there will be more than just global corporations. There is a movement towards what is the next step beyond that, the concept of "globalization, " which  is the creation of a total homogenous world workforce in which people are like worker bees. The world becomes a hive.

This is the next major paradigm shift of human existence in an overpopulated world with dwindling resources and a dying environment.

When you see Wal-Marts all over China, remember THE BLUE TIGER!!!

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How we should do?

I think chinese should keep good culture tradition themself and also have a opening mind in order to learn advanced techonology...

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Inner sickness.

To Seneca.

You make judgements, yet you make no observations.  It is quite clear, that your judgements taint your observations, without a conscience of humility to stay them.

You speak of the lack of foreign tourism in HK, yet tourism in HK has increased.  Is there some great defiency in the value of the Chinese that make their visits somehow lesser?  Mainland eyes and Chinese eyes are equal to foreign eyes.  Their money equal to foreign money, their respect and appreciation equal to those of foreigners.

You speak of the great urban sprawl erupting in China, but what of the great soot laden chronicles of the Industrial revolution.  Once little chimney boys choked and gasped to death in London, great black clouds of polution fell upon that city.   What is it now?  A historic landmark, there are even organizations created to preserve things from that generation.

Slaughter house district. NY tenements.  "Ugly" industrial complexes converted into the height of urban living arrangements.

What you call ugly now will be the historal renewel of a hundred years from now.  And our great grand children will make the same complaint, how we will pave a new road over these great "historical" landmarks.  

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