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2008 -- the Loong re-enters center-stage [Copy link] 中文

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And then of course Nixon and Kissinger in his book-lined study...
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Leader of smaller but equally heroic nations like Serbia and Iraq were imprisoned or hanged years later by another guy in the same Republican Party .
Live well, my son were his last words.jpg

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We had built a party system which can implement its policies in a chain command with unparalleled efficiency -- whether it was for revolution in yesteryear, or for economic resurgence in this current year.

By this time, we are widely acknowledged to have entered the center-stage -- the nation that had driven the world's economy most in 2007.
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The Japanese also came to establish good relations in 1972.  It was all part of Mao's grand strategy of re-engaging with the rest of the world after six years of CR.
Mao -- with Japanese PM and FM 9-27 just before restoration of relations.jpg

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This is the pivotal step for all that follows

Deng was rehabilitated in 1974.  Without Mao's nod, no one could have moved a finger, let alone the Gaige Kaifang which led the nation to enter into center-stage in 2008.
Mao 1974 welcoming Deng back to work.jpg

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Now the montage goes to Merkel again

It was necessary to show you the interconnections in this montage fashion because it's really like drawing a big painting.   In the previous post, Deng, armed with a nod from Mao, proceeded to engineer Zhou's Four Modernizations. This was the pivotal step that led to the Gaige Kaifang of the last thirty years.  

Just one more picture of a pivotal figure who makes 2008 possible -- Carter.

Carter was so intent on Christianizing China that he agreed to Deng's proposal to admit Chinese students to U.S. universities.  Bush continued the policy especially after Six-Four when he thought he had bagged thousands of China's brightest students by offering them green cards after the turmoil.

The outflow of students was responsible for reconnecting China to mainstream scientific research in the world.

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I am using the Montage method in painting this big picture.

You might not understand what I am doing now, but when you see the finished picture, you will understand.

Let's go back to Angela Merkel, and see what the BBC reported in regards to her meeting with the shameless splittist Dalai Lama.

Merkel is the reason why Hillary has a chance of losing the nomination -- people increasingly see some prominent women behaving inexplicably naive once they grab political power.


Merkel angers China on Dalai Lama

Mrs Merkel had been advised against the meeting, reports say

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has held historic talks with exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, in Berlin despite protests from China.

China had criticised the meeting and, shortly beforehand, cancelled talks with the German justice minister.

Germany said the meeting with the Dalai Lama, who fled Tibet in 1959 after a failed uprising, was a private event.

But China, which governs Tibet, says the meeting was part of the Dalai Lama's agenda for Tibetan independence.

'Conscious' decision

German officials refused to give details of the "private exchange", which marked the first time the Dalai Lama had been received at the chancellery.

But they said China had cancelled a meeting with German counterparts in Munich on legal and patent issues.

China also summoned the German ambassador in Beijing to complain.

A German government spokesman, Thomas Steg, said he was confident that the meeting would "not disturb the good state of German-Chinese relations and co-operation".

In its weekend edition, the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung said that Mrs Merkel had pursued the meeting despite advice to the contrary from senior officials.

The Dalai Lama told the same newspaper: "What I appreciate about Mrs Merkel, is her steady engagement on human rights and religious freedom... Perhaps that is why she wants to see me, in spite of all the pressure from China."
ACHTUNG -- Merkel flirts with Dalai to snub China.jpg

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