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flyflag, thank you for reading my posts and I am glad you like it. I always think that learning a foreign language is not like studying the rocket science. All of us can do it as long as we keep our motivation alive and make an effort, above all finding the ways to build up your interest in English novels may help.

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Lantern festival

Once upon a time ...

Lantern festival shares the same sentiment of valentine's day. The first time I heard the story was from my great grandma.

Imagining hundred and thousand years ago, big city and bright light, hustling and bustling, had not come to disturb our Chinese everyday lives. girls lived in their house surrounded by the dark green brick wall, making chit-chat in their own chambers, wandering in the oriental gardens, looking at their pretty faces in the tranquil ponds ... They were forbidden to go out alone.

They were longing for the lantern night. This was the only night of the year they were free. After the night fell, the sea of lanterns were shimmering and glistening, girls would sneak away from the crowd to meet their young men, murmuring and whispering, exchanging love tokens, making vow, promising to meet again at the same place and at the same time next year, saying good bye again and again with their tear swelling, parting was a sweet sorrow...  

Originally posted by susan_wang
i love this story ,this make me realize that woman living in this liberated society r so happy ,we can go wherever we want to .,do whatever we want to do ,we live off ourselves,we can show our heart to our beloved directly.,even we can compete for a man with othere contenders,rather than spending everyday  in our little chamber counting the days with our finger and waiting the coming of lantern festival.  

susan_wang, hmmm, the rational part of me would agree with your view, the irrational part of me would be heading in the opposite direction. You see ...

Yesterday they were thirsty for the sweet and crystal spring water of freedom; today we are drown in the deep blue sea of freedom.

Yesterday they were locked in the forbidden gardens, but their hearts were wide-open; today we are set free, but our hearts are tightly and utterly shut.

Yesterday their longing and yearning gave the  meaning of true romance; today our wanting and hunting are abusing the meaning of true love.

So we are cowardly running away from true love and simply saying, "let us do it." or speaking abstractly and formally like a lawyer or a business man, "let us make our relationship work."

Maybe, the wisdom of an old saying sheds some light on it.

"Easy come and easy go!"

footnote #1, my great grandma passed away at the age of 96 a few years ago.
footnote #2, my Original posts in  chinese valentine's day, lantern festival? (mahumahu)

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Hi, changzhou - Haven't seen you here fore a long time. So the moment I saw your name, I came here. Really what you wrote, especially the writting lesson and the audio books, is like the light at the end of the tunnel which lightens my road of learning English. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hope you'll offer us more to read.

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holly666, glad you like it. I would like to write something new later, for now I am trying to put some of my previous posts here.

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about job interview #1

Originally posted by helen4180426 at 2006-11-26 15:56
I work in Wenzhou now. And I plan to look for a job in Shanghai next year. Since I am not so good in oral english, I fear to be turned down by the interview.  Are there any people  have the experie ...

You might need to hold on to your current job as you are hunting for the new one, I would rather look at the job interview skill as one of the critical skills in one's career, which need to be improved constantly, especially in today's competitive and dynamic job markets.

First of all, I would suggest changing the mindset of job interview and looking at it as a negotiation process and your questions are as important and impressive as your answers.

How can you get hired? Apart from your education and background, one of critical perspectives shifted is to look at the job interview as a negotiation process in which both parties have the same power to bargain and strike a win-win deal. If you look like a beggar for a job in the interview, you will lose the battle before it starts.  Regarding to the details of how-to? there are thousands of books available online. One thing I like to single out is that your answers and questions should get to the points and more specific and descriptive, because

- The general questions usually lead to ambiguous replies, and only can be used as a leading question, and must be followed by more specific questions.

- The general remarks give others the impressions that you don't care too much about it, or you are not interested it, or you are stupid.

a footnote, from my post in free talk >> about the interview--Help (helen4180426)

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about the interview #2

Originally posted by helen4180426 at 2006-11-28 16:07
... It could trigger another issue. One of my friend from HR department told me that most of the company DO NOT like this kind of people, I mean the person who holding the current job and hunting for another one...

... I was turned down so many times due to the unsuccessful interviews. The point is my answer is not they want. I wonder that may be I could not get the hint of their question...

As lifetime employment is receding and disappearing, you might be pondering what loyalty means to you and your employer. I could see that you are smart enough to figure it out. Why would some people like to move on? The answers are varied from one person to other, which are beyond the scope of our discussion, and so are other issues you brought up, for the sake of keeping our focus on "the job interview skills".

You said, "I was turned down so many times due to the unsuccessful interviews.  The point is my answer is not they want." Have you spent enough time to go over your answers and questions again to see what you have done right and what you have gone wrong after each interview? After reviewing and replaying the scenes of previous interviews, have you come up with the better answers for "the imaginary interviews" being given to you next time? "next time" is a positive thinking and lifting you through the rough places, and its counterpart is "if only", you would sigh and groan that I would have got the job if only my answers were correct. This sort of negative thinking will only drag you down.

I could imagine how you felt after you received those "turn-down" messages. How soon would you be able to bounce back from the disappointment and frustration, and get back to normal? Rather than having the bad feelings toward your potential employers, you should focus on the bright side and opportunities in those difficulties, and immediately take actions by asking them with your sincere, professional and controlling voices (phone calls, emails and letters) about what they would frankly think of your performance in the interview and what their expectation of the ideal candidates would be, and so on, after saying "many thanks to them for giving you an interview". Besides, your positive attitude and courage would engrave the good impressions in their minds. Perhaps when an opening comes up in the future, they will ring you up.

Have you given your serious thoughts about the meaning of "the negotiation process"? Why did I point out that "asking questions" in the interview is as important and impressive as giving the answers?  How important do the communication skills in general play a part in job interview?

a footnote, from my post in free talk >> about the interview--Help (helen4180426)

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about job interview #3, your career goals

Your career goal is a long term goal. You must aim high and be grounded as well. Arming with this mindset, you might come up with a paragraph, for example, if your long term career goal is to become a senior manager or executive, you might say something as follows.

I would like to picture myself to become a senior manager in five years. As a manager, I will be in charge of the whole operation, taking up more responsibilities, making the key decisions, adding more value to the company and its shareholders ...

You know, at the same time, I am constantly  reminding myself of that, to achieve  my goal, I must be grounded, moving forward one step at a time, keeping myself open-minded, respecting my teammates, and learning from them ...

The thing is, I will put the company and our common goals above my own goal. I will be glad and feeling good as long as I am able to help our company to grow.

A note, the last paragraph  is a must, because it will give your prospective employer an impression that you are not a selfish person or a self-centered person, and you always put the interest of your employer at the first place.   

You may have another career goal,  putting your thoughts into words (in both English and Chinese) may help, and rewrite a few times until you are satisfied, just keep trying and trying.

a footnote, from my post in English Square»what are your career goals? Or what are your future plans? (upstream)

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