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Small things here and there [Copy link] 中文

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Long time didn't come, It's glad to see the posts are still alive.
Casual smiles are showed on my face when I turn and read some posts after five years.

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a painting of a curtain...

Reading KristaChen’s thread “My Happiness”  is stirring up something in me. I can’t help thinking of my mother and the fond memories in my childhood are rushing into my head.

Those things seem too small to be significant. However, they stick in the back of my head all the time, shaping my thinking, sharpening my eyes. Here is one of many.

When I was sitting on a sofa, skimming through a magazine in the living room, my mum walked by and a painting in the magazine caught her eyes, she stopped and sat down next to me with a delightful look. As her fingers pointed at the window curtain in the picture, she marvelled, “Wow, the curtain was painted vividly. Look at the light and shadow and how they intertwined on the curtain, on the top of it the reflection is blindingly shining, in the middle the light and colors are softening and glowing, the lower part is deepening and the bright violet turning into dark blue…The painter did an excellent job…” Words flew from her mouth like a river, on and on. I lost my patient and complained, “Mum, I’m reading a magazine, not a curtain!” She said, “OK. OK.” and walked away.

Later I stealthily turned back to that page and looked at the painting closely, even used my fingers to touch the curtain. After closed the magazine and put it aside, I sat on the sofa, feeling absentminded and pondering, “How did I miss this vividly painted curtain? Because that is only small part of the whole picture? How much time and energy had the painter spent on painting that curtain? Why did my mum single out that curtain? Maybe she was telling me there are much more in the common place to meet the casual eyes as long as we paused a little longer to see and feel...”

The thing is that my mum didn’t instruct me  I should examine the painting closely and thoroughly. In fact, she hardly said to my brother and I, “You should do this or that.”  She just shared her insights, her ideas, her wonders and excitements with us.

At this moment when I’m putting my thoughts and feelings into the English words, I think of her for she only knows a few English words. However, it is she who read the stories (in Chinese) to my brother and me when I was a kid that kindled my love for literature and art and inspired me to learn English beyond a few text books, to dive into the roaring sea of English literature, to use it in the real world, to survive, to thrive.

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My first day at university

After taking the national college entrance exams, we were partying one after another, trying to leave the exams behind, but deep-down inside us we were anxious about the outcome of the exams. Like my classmates I'd gone through a long period of the emotional ups and downs until the result arrived and then came the admission notice, with luck I got into one of the best universities.

I boarded on a train, heading north on a long journey to Beijing after saying goodbye to my parents, friends, and high school teachers in my hometown. I got to campus two days ahead of the starting day. Five  classmates and I shared a tiny room in the dormitory. I picked the upper level of a double-deck bed. My roommates are from different parts of the country, one from remote Yunnan, and another from Inner Mongolia.  After we settled down, we took a walk on campus, visiting a few historical sites, gardens and buildings, which were dating back to over one hundred years ago.

Some of my memories on the opening day are vague and blurring, some are vivid and clear, staying alive as if it happened yesterday. Especially, some words from the speeches of the head of our college and distinguish  professors are playing and resonating in my mind from time to time. Here are a few I would like to share with you which may not be the exact words as it took place more than a decade ago.

“In my college, it doesn’t matter what you are studying, we teach you the ways to learn, to think, to adapt … When you encounter a new problem in the future, you will be able to come up with a solution to it.”

“We encourage all of you to think hard in order to make things simple, think figuratively, think creatively, don’t get stuck by thinking dully and mechanically. In the past, we had a couple of students who were driven into madness or mental illness by mulling the concept of infinity.”

“We encourage all of you to study by understanding not by imitating. We, human beings, have a long history of dreaming of flying, imitating the way an eagle flied but fell down and failed until we understood what make an object float and fly in the sky, until we applied the principle of  aerodynamics into practice. We are able to make an airplane flying much higher and faster than an eagle although the flying of an airplane is not as beautiful and elegant as that of an eagle.”
… …

Those were the words on that particular day playing a significant role in my life.  

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