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Looking for my Mr.Right! [Copy link] 中文

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i will try

   hello , i am also want the other half of my life.i wait to see u!

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hi, girls

i think a clever girl is most important to me, i think love is simple, look like pure whater which is clear , not COCACOLA, everyday we  need it. we often give many extra-conditions when we look for love. Actually, different people has different opinion to beatiful, for me, i love clever, kind and tradition chinese girl.

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I am your Mr. Right !

I think i could be your Mr. Right. i don't know if i can be a good husband but i am pretty sure i can be an excellent boyfriend with romantic and enthusiastic passion ! my shortcoming is i am not handsome ;-(

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Maybe~ !

My shortcoming is also not beautiful. But I think maybe it's not a bad thing. I would be easily to win my true love. For I have no charm in appearance. Maybe he is your Mr.RightI f he doesn't mind your looking. Beautiful inside is more important. Right???

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Oh, look at this!!!

slimdog is putting the moves on vivi! :-)

Vivi, I looked at your photo carefully...then I looked at it some more. I thought about it at length, and I came to a conclusion:

A Blue Tiger is a creature with an artistic, passionate fire burning in his heart and spirit. A Blue Tiger comes into life to live his life as an ongoing, always changing and evolving work of art.

There are many kinds of beauty, but most people's eyes don't really see the distinctions.

In a girl, there most certainly are many kinds of beauty, but, vivi, you are speaking of physical beauty. There are many kinds of physical beauty.

There is a particular kind of "movie star" or "model" beauty, a kind that is all too often artificially created...the kind that attracts the kind of guys that you don't want--the superficial losers.

Why do I call them losers, when they might be fat old very wealthy men...or their spoiled sons? Or he might be a university graduate with a Master's degree in business, and he has moved upward in a major company and has accumulated wealth. This kind of guy does not want a genuinely beautiful girl, but an artificial image that matches their silly sexual fantasies.

For me, those girls are so very artificial. I visualize what they would look like without all kinds of makeup and perhaps cosmetic surgery. They have gotten their way with guys through their so-called beauty. But to use physical beauty and sexuality to attract a guy is pitiful. Girls, like these--who want only guys for their money and power are nothing but parasites--like fleas on a dog...or worms in the dog's intestines.

Such girls give promiscuous sex and only take, take, take. They never do anything good for the world or for themselves. When they age, they are thrown away and replaced.

To a lesser extreme, there are many other girls who have a varying degree of beauty, and they vary in what they do with it. There are girls with a lot of physical beauty, but many of them have inner-beauty, intelligence, and morals. These girls will often become doctors, teachers, artists, and any number of other things that contribute positively to the world around them.

Vivi, I am taking a chance at making assumptions, but you are not the kind of girl who wants that kind of guy. You aren't the kind of girl who want to attract wealthy playboys.

I have known many girls who are much like you in that they unnecessarily have low self-esteem about their appearances, as do many guys.

I will tell you, now, Vivi--I NEVER tell a person the are beautiful or handsome, unless I really mean it. Also, I have a very good sense of beauty in all of its forms.

Vivi, I looked at you, then the cute doll in your photomontage. You are truly a beautiful girl. You have a sweet cuteness like that doll. For me--AND MANY GOOD GUYS--you are the mind's picture of real beauty!!!

If I had not given my heart and life to my fiancee, a very beautiful, intelligent, highly-educated girl...I might be getting on an airplane to China, right now, to try to convince you that I am your Mr. Right! You are really that kind of girl.

I know what it is like to experience low self-esteem, and I know that a person really can overcome it and replace it with high self-esteem and confidence.

slimdog, I think you are a very intelligent guy. I really like the way you have an awareness and see things that many other people don't. You have a very good mind. You are way ahead of the game (an American expression meaning you are smart and that you have foresight) with your mental flexibility and desire to learn and improve yourself. Those are great qualities in any person.

How do I know that you aren't doing what Vivi is doing? How do I know that you aren't a very handsome guy? A lot has to do with the way a person thinks of his or herself.

There are so very many ways to be a handsome guy. It never just happens. As with the so-called "beautiful girl," there are many good looking guys, but they are of low-morals and limited intelligence.

It is not enough to have university degrees. That proves that a person can do the work and pass exams, but it does not mean that they have the kind of real-world intelligence to make a difference. Those are the kinds of people that I describe as "being educated beyond their intellects."

Those guys only know how to take, take, take! They never give anything. They, too, are parasites. No truly intelligent guy can even admire them, for intelligent guys and girls see them for what they are and feel disgust for them--never admiration.

What you told Vivi about yourself--except that you are not handsome--is honest. Now, she must not let you become a dirtydog and take advantage of her, hehehehe!!!

I like both of you!!! :-)

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wow,i like you,blue tiger

this is my first time here and i am lucky enough to see so many wonderful posts here. i am also a traditional girl with a serious attitute toward love and have no intimate relationship with any boy. i used to feel bad about that but on a second thought,i have been living without a boyfriend for 21 years now,it seems that i have been growing up all it doesnt really matter much.hehe.

blue tiger,you are a man full of insights about life. you can see through the surface of things.i agree with your views about appearance and love. hope to make friends with you.

well,it is nice to be here and wish everyone good luck. and,still,waiting for  prince of my dream.hehe

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See the sun!

I hope my topic could be in the top. I want more people who are  also looking for their right person to view my topic and let their know there is a girl who is looking for her Mr.Right with enough courage here. I don't dare to express what I like in the past. But now I think I should express my feelings.
I want to get married with a foreign guy who is cultured, robust, intelligent and enterprising.  It's my sweet dream but I hope it will be the truth in my future.
If you want to know more something about me, E-mail me.

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