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When will the Chinese language replace the English language? [Copy link] 中文

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Do you mean to say that the world will become "Chinafied"? I very much doubt it my friend, very much indeed. The Chinese mind and the western mindsets, and ways of doing things are too far apart for that to happen. English is already the world language. It's just an accident that because China has so many people, that Chinese, in whatever form, is the most widely spoken language in the world. What happens when the current baby boomers, China,  start dying out and the population gets smaller? India will have a bigger population then, so should we stay ahead of the ball and start learning Hindi or Sanscrit or something like that? Nopw there's something to think about!
Peace y'all!

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Originally posted by schreiber at 2007-9-7 16:42

India is one of the world's largest English-speaking countries, just so you know.

Its not an English-speaking country, idiot. English is a second language to them.
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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Originally posted by tekvicious at 5/9/2007 09:27
When will the Chinese language become more widely used in international circles?
-It is currently being learned by those with business aspirations.

When will more people around the world learn ...

Right now many students learning a second language in North America are learning a Chinese language, it is already becoming a popular second language.
Of course it would be better if Cantonese was the second language instead of Putonghua, traditionally Cantonese has been the most popular Chinese language spoken overseas.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2007-9-6 08:45

The good news is that Mandarin and even Cantonese are increasingly popular and being spoken as second or foreign tongues in a number of Asian countries. The Bo'ao Forum, which groups business m ...

I agree.   
They need to improve the manner in which the  Mandarin is taught around the world.

I suggest,  
1  less emphasis on Chinese characters,   only teach a few Chinese characters for the cultural history,  concentrate on teaching pinyin all the time
2 stop using the thick Beijing accent in the Mandarin tapes,   it is very confusing for foreigners to understand,   concentrate on a clear non-Beijing accent for language tapes

Also,  modern language always evolve and change with time.   
Mandarin should evolve and change with the times.    I think,  what about spoken Mandarin language starting to drop a few tones,  to become closer to monotonal language.
We have to change a few spoken Mandarin words,  and lengthen some spoken of Mandarin words,   but it is not impossible to make the spoken Mandarin more like a monotones language.

Special,  or " tebie "  could revert back to the traditional pronunciation "   tekbiet ",  which was how " tebie " was pronounced in China 2,000 years ago.   In more traditional Cantonese dialect,  tebie is pronounced tekbiet,  also in the Vietnamese language,  tebie is also pronounced dekbiet,   the Vietnamese language being just another Southern Chinese dialect,  although Vietnamese language is now incorporating a lot of new French words.

We can give up most of the tones in the way spoken Mandarin and make Mandarin the lingua franca of the world.

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2007-9-6 16:04
But overall, i do believe that East Asia states will start to learn Mandarin as it is practical for use in regional trade, diplomacy and even science. But English would challenge it strongly. It de ...

China will overtake the United States,   then after,   the Chinese multinational companies will overtake the United States multinational companies.
When the Chinese multinationals being run and managed by the Chinese speaking people will dominate international business and the international trade around the world,   consequently,  the hiring policies of the dominant Chinese multinationals will be to hire MBA graduates who can speak fluently the Mandarin Chinese,  so,  most international MBA programs around the world will have to start teaching MBA courses in the Chinese language medium of instruction.

The Chinese language is the future.

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The Chinese language will become the most important widely used international language around the planet,  the question is only when?

Maybe 10 years?
Maybe 30 years?
Maybe 100 years?

I will say,  most probable,  around 25 years to 35 years for the Chinese language to replace the English language as the most important international language.
At last then,   the American kids will have to learn to speak Chinese language,  and the Chinese kids will no longer need to learn English language.
This century is going to be the Chinese Century!

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