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When will the Chinese language replace the English language? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by changabula at 2007-9-5 16:35

It was rammed down peoples throats during the British Empire!

i am so proud you used those words.............

we just had our Merdeka(independence) anniversary over colonial adversaries.....
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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"It was rammed down peoples throats during the British Empire!"

Why not take a stand against imperialism by not using English?  I'm not sure this board allows typing in Chinese, but you can use pinyin.  Call it a 'silent protest'...

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i am so proud you used those words............

Those English words
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China is undergoing a Renaissance,   something unprecedented in history.

The revival and the resurgenge of the Chinese language is part of the process of Chinese Renaissance.

As Chinese cultural and artistic impact makes itself felt all over the world,  the Chinese have to take pride in their own Chinese language.

The Chinese language is succinct and logical,  without grammatical complicated hangups.   It will be far easier to learn than the English language.
The Chinese language is far superior to the English language.

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It would take quite a lot of effort to get people to speak mandarin.(putonghua)

But overall, i do believe that East Asia states will start to learn Mandarin as it is practical for use in regional trade, diplomacy and even science. But English would challenge it strongly. It depends on poliicies in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

In the Europe, western Asia, South Asia, Africa, North and South America , it would be more difficult..
Maybe after China economy equals the Amerikan economy in 2030, would more people learn the "unity language of Putonghua"

and if effort is made by the Chinese government to popularized songs, movie and make China and ATTRACTIVE importing markets; chances becomes better.
and if our scientific endevours comes up with regular exciting discovery, chance becomes better. If we can attract the elite students from nations beyong that of East Asia to study in our elite institution...


Never really thought deeply about this....since i think, multi linqualism is a better option for China and East Asia~!
Makes the people smarter and more innovative!

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Reply #24 seneca's post

You are pretty practical in your opinion!

Then there are disadvantage, China isnt a COLONIAL POWER, and thus does not have a "load of ex-aristocracy, tax farmers" who would help popularize the language outside of East Asia. (Same problem as the Japanese).

It would be a major language of a quarter of the world's population, and a major competitor to English and French!
Obviously it would be stronger than the Japanese languages (despite them having the 2nd largest economy in our world)


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