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Chinese cars are everywhere in Egypt

But only the very unfortunate (read: not rich) buy them. Everybody who has bought Chinese cars like Geely and Chery have problems with them and take them to the mechanic on a frequent bases. Albeit for small mechanical problems.

In more advanced and knowledgeable markets like the US, I doubt anybody in his or her right mind will settle for a Chinese made car because it cost a thousand dollars less than the next Korean made car.

I mean for god sakes here people, you're trusting your life here. This is not like buying a Chinese made  toaster that when it breaks down, nobody get (seriously) hurt.

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A couple of things about the car industry.

I still remember, back in the days when people used to deride Japanese quality. They used to say Japanese cars were cheap and nasty imitations of American cars, British cars, German cars, you-name-it cars; the plastic amateurs where tacky; they rattled and fell apart... etc. Nowadays, Japanese cars mean quality and value for money. People prefer Japanese cars because they are affordable, economical, have advanced safety features and well-styled.

Branding is another issue. At some point, China needs to brand its products. BWM, Mercedes eg Kompressor range, Ferrari etc are brand names. The Ford Mustang and Camaro used to be brand names until the Americans forgot that there is a market out there beyond the shores of America and concentrated only on American styling and taste.

Another thing is innovation. The Japanese are good at that, just look at their Toyota Prius. What about niche markets? VW Golf TDI and Peugeot 307 had the diesel market to themselves in that range, now Ford is coming out with the diesel Focus Zetec.

Look at it in the longer term, launch a branded model with affordable quality in mind and let the car "mature", putting in more innovations and luxury with every new release and grow it with the market. Give the buyers a reason to come back to you again and again, and not because it is cheap, but because you are investing in innovations, quality and styling.

Having said all that, how long do you think the current 4-stroke petrol driven technology will last? Another generation? Another 50 years? Forever because crude oil is in unlimited supply and the earth is only a few thousand years old? If you believe that we have passed the point of "Peak Oil", what innovations do you have in your design labs or in the pipeline, say 10 and 20 years from now? If you do, showcase it.
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Originally posted by tikoli at 2007-9-4 15:22

I guess I’m still corrupted by my experience at Disney land, which made me conclude that Americans are the greatest marketers on earth. It was such a terrible place. It had some kind of submar ...

lol... I totally agree. Disney land was terrible.  I went there went I was 12, when we got inside there were 2 hour lineups for everything and the rides were equal to a bad carnival.

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Originally posted by schreiber at 2007-9-4 20:01

Just look up GM's history of market share, barring acquisitions of other makers (which are enabled by vast reserves of real estate and the value of the GMAC financial empire, not the car ...

Not going to argue on the market share or the mismanagement of the exec's - they are nuking futs, no doubt.

Just had to raise the eyebrow on the technology crack - because most of the basics in a car and truck have been around for the last 80 years or so (suspensions, frames, engines, etc.) - 50 if you start talking about air bags, power steering, etc...

God knows I have witnessed many a GM vehicle wrecked, only to see folks walk out in one piece - while the other vehicle was a coffin.
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reply to seneca

[quote]Originally posted by seneca at 2007-9-5 08:17

i totally agree with you that the place where products are made is less important than by whom the products are made ,so in essence ,made in china doesn't necessarily mean the products are bad and low quality ,but it is synonym for facked and defected goods ,so we want to change people's mindset firstly by changing our own practices
a lot of chinese companies are expanding overseas ,the products thus are not made in china ,but if we do not change our management's practices ,low quality goods will continue to come out

i am glad to see that the chinese auto makers have come to realize this and not limited to them ,the electronics and home appliances are also aggresively improving . the chinese practitioners are progressing every day ,what me makes me really disappointed is that many unfriendly guys in the west do not provide us any constructive advice but rather focus on the weaknesses

your suggestion about vocational training is actually in place ,there are a lot of polytechnique schools ,but we do need to have a lot more and invest more and pay more emphasis on it ,that's why i appreciate your advice
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