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China becomes Australia's top trading partner [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by schreiber at 2007-9-4 11:00

A key issue that divides Chinese attitudes towards Japan and the attitudes of Western nations towards Japan (like the US, Bataan Death March, anyone?) is that Japan ultimately joined the ...

You probably have a point there. Lots of Chinese define Japan as a western nation which probably reflects that alliance.

I also thought it might be due to this idea that if you create an enemy you will unite the country and the thing that China seems most concerned about, even above economic development, is keeping the country together.

I am not convinced that having an enemy keeps a country together though. In fact, I think it can divide people.
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The Asian credential is wilting .

The Malaysian foreign minister has come out and chastised the Australian government for being brash and brazen over this issue of the climate change. For ( Howard ) someone who is anti-global warming and did not see any scientific evidence for green house effects, the up and coming election seems to have done a complete make-over for the Liberal party . The zombies are now mouthing platitudes and pontificate on matters of global cooperation in setting targets and improving efficiency of fossil fuel usage .....blah blah blah . The Malaysians are pointing to the emperor without clothes , accusing the Australian for hijacking this item on the APEC agenda though they are a non-signatory to the Kyoto Protocol and all.

Trade is the only connection Australia has with the Asians. Remember that and remember well. Any other pseudo alliance and " warm cuddles " say , with Japan and Singapore is because all of these nations are fellow poodles and pets of Uncle Sam.

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Originally posted by cestmoi at 2007-9-4 10:16
Don't buy anything made in Australia ..... ...

Do you include Iron ore, coal and other minerals and cheap LNG in that boycott ?
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Which side of the bread is buttered .

emu, emu,

You will never cease to surprise me . " made in Australia " is quite different to " dug up in Australia " mate.

I despair at the standard of education ( or lack of ) in Aussie Land nowadays. How does Australia " make " iron ore, coal and LPG ? As I have mentioned before , to boycott " made in Australia " goods is a non-event because nothing is made there .

Australia is literally digging its land up and selling it to China. So be nice to the Chinese and be mindful that it is them who is putting the bacon on the table. Good old Chinese . Who would have thought that Australia would become the repository of resources for the Mighty Chinese Dragon.  What is the world coming to ? Reintroduce the WAP , I would say .

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Boycotting Australia

Our President and China do seem to see some benefit in a cooperation with Australia. Half you luck.

Tsk, Emuc and tikoli gloating, meanwhile W.A. Premier Alan Carpenter pay homage to China. However, since Emuc and tikoli asked so nicely,  I'll have something to amuse you, it will be enjoyable

Umm, no you can continue to export your resource to us, bearing in mind resource is fungible. As Meng said, what else do you have to offer? SFA! Go on now, go dig a hole and find some resource for us.
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Originally posted by chinadaily at 2007-8-31 16:20
China overtakes Japan as Australia's largest trading partner

China has overtaken Japan as Australia's number one trading partner, according to official figures released Friday.

The Australia ...

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