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China becomes Australia's top trading partner [Copy link] 中文

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Slavery - a sordid chapter in white Australia's history

Originally posted by chinawiz at 2007-11-27 12:32
more crap from u.. learn your history
Few people know that in the 1860s… 75% of workers in Queensland [northern Australia] were Chinese. In the 1860s indentured slaves, workers were shipped out by there owners to dig for gold. This period in Australian history created what was known as "the white Australian policy" a government reaction against the Chinese secretly smuggling gold out to their overlords without paying government taxes. Today Australia is home to about 20 million people. A fair proportion are of Chinese extraction, some now fourth generation Australians.

** Are you telling me that in 1860, 75% of all workers in Queensland were Chinese?
** You had indentured Chinese labour, like the Kanakas (South Sea Islanders) that the whites abducted and shipped to Queensland by the likes of "Bully" Hayes? That is one of the most shameful period of white Australia, kidnapping Kanakas to work as indentured labour. On the record, you brought this up about white Australians kidnapping 57,000 Kanakas to work as slaves, I didn't.
** Are you also telling me that is why you legislated the "White Australia Policy", because 75% of all working people were Chinese? Well at least we worked for a living - so typically Chinese.
** You are also telling me that Chinese avoided paying tax and shipped the gold back home? I can see Chinese manning the Eureka Stockade screaming: "No taxation without representation!"

The Australian government still suffers paranoia from those golden years, and in recent years [1990s] set up "The Foreign Investment Review Board" [FIRB] to monitor property purchases by foreigners.
Property price inflation of this period was blamed on an influx of Japanese investment buying up huge amounts of property. Also strict immigration controls which favor young educated and the wealthy applicants has created a serious shortage of labor in Australia.

Now you are telling me that in response to all that, the Australian government set up FIRB to monitor property purchases... because the golden years of indentured Chinese Japanese wealthy applicants buying properties?



You really have to keep a sharp eye out for what these Australians tell you. Dreaming of a white Christmas and whitewashing history at the same time. That's Australia.

Now that China has new wealth and flexing its new money there is little doubt that in three generations the socio economic profile of Australia will slowly become more Eurasian rather than European. The task for new settlers is proper integration, as it should be with business as well. The history in Australia is one and two to three generation integration, [mixed marriage]. Foreign culture is very acceptable but maintaining exclusive cultures in Australia is not.

** Australian culture is Anglo Celtic centric, look at your flag and the allegiance to HM Queen Elizabeth. "New settlers" should seek protection and mutual assistance from within their own communities. Don't live with white Australians, they keep an eye on you all the time.
** Integration means accepting the white Australian racist attitude and Anglo-Celtic mindset a la Howard, developing a bigoted and blinkered attitude towards others who look different.

So immigration will always be restricted to those who can integrate and bring a benefit to this newly settled continent., and back-dooring the resources rather than buying them... is never going to happen, not without a serious backlash anyway

** Does this mean you only want to integrate with our money?
** Serious backlash? Like what?

Here, read this article, it will do your soul a world of good: ... /kanaka_traffic.htm
Let the dice fly high

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cestmoi wins this round TKO . chinawiz typically provided only half truths and lots of mis- and dis- information to whitewash that sordid and black chapter of the Australian history . Howard would be proud of you : no black armband history , chortled the little Johnny ( ex-PM ).

All these mining giants are multinational . Money talks and talks the loudest . Stop waving this torn and tattered nationalistic flag wiz because money will trump it anytime. The present liberal capitalism is borderless, shameless and conscience free , haven't you noticed ?  " Show me the color of your money buddy " .

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good news...

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