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拿铁的英语单词是什么? [Copy link] 中文

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Latte源自意大利文,指牛奶。拿铁咖啡(cafe latte)便是由牛奶和咖啡调配而生,没有对苦味的亵渎,却注入纯粹的奶香。搅乱咖啡的枯燥,在流动的黑与白之间游走,凝结甜与苦的孤单。


Take a look at the different types of coffees that you can order in a Coffee House. Have you ever wondered what they actually were? Below is a list of the different types of coffees you can order at most Coffee Houses.


  The word "espresso" is ①derived from the Italian word for express since espresso is made for and served immediately to the customer. The espresso should drip out of the filter like warm honey, have a deep reddish-brown color, and a cream that ②makes up 10-30% of the beverage. Espresso brewing is defined by four "M's": the Macinazione is the correct grinding of a coffee blend, Miscela is the coffee blend, Macchina is the espresso machine, and Mano is the skilled hand of the barista. When each factor of the four M's is precisely controlled, the espresso beverage that is produced is the ultimate coffee experience.

  Of the many ways to prepare coffee, the espresso method is perhaps the epitome of true coffee creation. This system, which is a small wonder of chemistry and physics, allows the coffee to reach its maximum intensity of taste and consistency. With espresso, the ground coffee releases not only the soluble substances that provide flavor, but also the insoluble ones that increase its body and aroma.

  When we taste espresso coffee, we are at once struck by its concentrated flavor and aromas, which distinguish it from coffee made by other methods. Aroma and body are the two dimensions which add to the flavor of espresso coffee.



  “Espresso”这个词出自意大利语“快速”,因为意大利浓咖啡的制作及送到消费者手里的速度都相当快。意大利浓咖啡就像暖蜜似地从过滤器里缓缓滴落,深红棕色的,奶油含量达到10%至30%。意大利浓咖啡的酿造可以用4个M来定义:Macinazione代表一种正确的混合咖啡的研磨方法; Miscela是咖啡混合物; Macchina是制作意大利浓咖啡的机器; Mano代表煮咖啡的师傅的熟练技术手法。只有这四个M中的每一个要素都被精确地掌握,煮出的意大利浓咖啡才是最棒的。



  drip /drip/ v.滴下

  brewing /`br6iM/ n.酿造

  grinding /`gr@ndiM/ n.研磨

  maximum /`m2ksim9m/ adj.最高的;最多的

  intensity /in`tensiti/ n.剧烈;强度

  consistency /k9n`sist9nsi/ n.连结;结合

  soluble /`s4lTbl/ adj.可溶的;可溶解的

  dimension /di`menH9n/ n.尺寸;尺度

  ①derive from 源自

  A: This word is derived from Latin.


  B: No wonder it has such a strange form.


  ②make up 组成

  A: Women make up only a small proportion of the prison population.


  B: Indeed. Men tend to be more violent.



  Cappuccino is a shot of espresso with the remainder being 50% steamed milk and 50% milk foam/froth. An alternative description is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 foamed milk. But again, this depends very much on the maker. Many places use more steamed milk and less froth. A man states “The foam should follow the milk to the cup naturally.”

But just the opposite is true in other places. As one man said “I just started working as a barista, here in Berkeley, about a month ago. When I was shown how to make Cappuccino's, I was told that a Cappuccino has no steamed milk - only foam. One day, an Italian gentleman ordered a cappuccino from me, and I hadn't let the foam sit long enough and a tiny bit of milk seeped into the shot of espresso. He asked for another cappuccino, saying I hadn't made it right, so I asked him how it was done. He made another one, and it was a jet black shot of espresso with more than just a dollop of foam on top.”


  Mocha was a port in Yemen - a major coffee-growing country located in southwest Asia at the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula - and it ③has NOTHING to do with chocolate!

  One source states "However, my dictionary lists Mocha as 'a flavoring obtained from a combined infusion of coffee and chocolate' usage as ④dating from the early 19th century "

  The American Heritage Dictionary gives the following 4 definitions:

  1. A rich, pungent Arabian coffee.

  2. Coffee of high quality.

  3. A flavoring made of coffee often mixed with chocolate.

  4. A dark olive brown colour.

  Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

  Well-known coffees are characterized by the regions where they are grown. Climate and soil qualities can make subtle changes to the flavour of the resulting coffee. The tropical island of Jamaica has ideal conditions for














  growing coffee. Much of the island is covered with mountainous regions, including the Blue Mountains which is the tallest range on the island. The Blue Mountains are a perfect blend of rich, hot climate, plenty of rainfall and high altitude. At nearly 7,500 feet above sea level, this is one of the highest coffee regions in the world.

  Coffee is not native to Jamaica. Beans were brought to the island in 1728 by the governor at that time. Blue Mountain coffee has a very clean taste, with a noticable sweetness. The flavour is bold, smooth and rich. Because of the rather restricted geographical range where it is grown, Blue Mountain is available in limited quantities and can sometimes be difficult to find.


  Espresso with steamed milk and in some shops, a small cap of foam. It has less foam than a cappuccino.

  Definitions blur easily here. In Australia, 'Latte' gets you a glass with a shot of espresso and lots of milk and some foam. Latte seems to have originated as the breakfast drink of Sydney commuters.






  remainder /ri`meind9/ n.残余;剩余物

  steam /st1m/ v.蒸

  foam /f.m/ n.泡沫

  froth /fr4F/ n.泡沫

  seep /s1p/ v.渗出;渗漏

  peninsula /pi`ninsTl9/ n.半岛

  pungent /`p7n_9nt/ adj.(指气味、味道)刺激性的

  subtle /`s7tl/ adj. 微妙的;精细的

  bold /b.ld/ adj.味道醇厚浓烈的;辛辣的

  commuter /k9`m(t9/ n.经常(乘火车)往返者

  ③have nothing to do with sth. 与……无关

  A: As I've already told you several times, it has nothing to do with me.


  B: How could you say that?


  ④date from 起源于

  A: Do you know how old the church around the corner is?


  B: It dates from the 13th century.


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special saying

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Great ! Much more coffee information, both in English and Chinese

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