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Real estate in China [Copy link] 中文

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Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, kindergarten kids, and all the divine creatures of the universe!

Tell me what do you think of real estate market in China and outlook its downward price trend in the near future?

Here are two opinions:

No.1 As for the decrease of land in China, some ppl said the price of house will still rise definitely, thus, if u have an idea to purchase a house, pls take action a.s.a.p maybe 1 minute, it'll be world-shaking.

No.2 In order to impulse rapid economic growth in China, there are three big " troika " : 1.investment  2.consumption  3.export. However, in our practice it's "heavy investment as well as export, but light on consumption ", and high bloody house burden make ppl tighten the pants. one survey showed as long as China's housing prices dropped 30%, the China market will increase year 300 billion of total spending, China's economic problems are solved, and the Chinese people are able to enjoy a better life henceforth. So the house prise will fall down in the future by gov adjustment.

Purchase at once or find out how the wind blows? Give me your comment.
U can't step in the same river twice...

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Sooner or Later

Sooner or later, Beijing has to step up and step in, and adopt public housing policies akin to those in Hong Kong -

(a)  very low cost rental (to accommodate the hundreds of millions that will be moving from rural to urban life);

(b)  with commercial space sitting below the rental (providing further employment, and small entreprenurial opportunities, AND of course commercial development profits to fund the housing projects above); and

(c)  coupled with original architectural and financial plans to convert the rental units into ownership units (cheap flats for sale) in 10 years (long term effect is to create a giant new middle class eventually, who are funded by their real estate ownership in further entreprenurial endeavors).  

Then you will see your urban real estate prices come down 30-50%, at least for the lucky ones who get in early.

But right now, at least for Beijing, I do not see housing prices coming down before the Olympics.

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Thx for your reply tongluren kiddo.

So...your standpoint is....the urban real estate prices must be come down in the future...right?

Then can you long? 3 years...5 years...10 years or even much more longer???

And I ever viewed some articles which was written by some experts said 2008 is a reversal epoch in real estate field.

Well...of coz...One man's guess is as good as another's.
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No. 2

would bankrupt many of the middle class (and then some of the banks)

and it is the efforts of this middle class and their faith in the future and the Chinese economy which drove China's economic growth in the first place

so No.1 is the only option
"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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Reply #4 pandamonium's post

Sounds kinda like " hamlet " purchase or not...that's the question!
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Reply #5 schreiber's post

Increase the incomes of Chinese...of's another aspect...but meanwhile the house price is increasing at the same time...

And I'm afraid that they are out of proportion...
U can't step in the same river twice...

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