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Originally posted by zglobal at 2007-7-30 11:00
Poor fluffy, you would think that.

One of the blind

Okay for chairman to spit out his racist rubbish because he's your little CD pal
All fine when it doesn't inolve you  Typical double stand ...

ha! ignoramous foolious

maybe if you looked a little deeper you would see the tone between Caringhk and Guitar man...I do believe Caringhk has toned it down slightly...

as for you I have no idea, but seems you have a voice now
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Roach Exterminator

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get to know the person

and get to know the character

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zglobal.. none of your posts make any sense

you borrow everything you have ever seen or heard on the internet and spout it out in an illogical fashion

your insults are not even insulting..

they arent even offensive....

but you are really trying to be

as offensive as you possibly can

and do nothing else

only offend

i havent read that you have ever had a point

I have only read that you learned some insulted somewhere when someone insulted you and thought this board was as good as any to try them out on

i know you are here because you think Chinese people are not so bright and thus may be confused or bewildrered or offended by your lowgrade, store bought, cheap insults

why dont post something about a topic for a change

if its about meat, talk about meat you retard

if its about Hostages talk about hostages

I for one do not mind a foul mouth or cussing or swearing at all so long as it is supporting a subject, or argument, or position

I am also not really for anyone being banned, you included, as I hope you will someday offer an opinion on topic.. that could enrich the conversation or discussion or debate.. and offer me fodder

I think you just forget what you were talking about, and your computer is too slow to go back to the previous page and re-read the thread, and so instead of re-reading the previous posts, which you would have to do again and again anyway, you simply blurt out whatever is on your mind, offending who ever you  think offending would mean getting you friends and acceptance

I know you offend me because you know it will gain you support of other spineless cretins, and you offend Chairman simply because you think he is me

maybe you can open a new browser window, so you can read the thread as you type your own ideas, and compare if the the content is relevant to the thread as you type

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gee always such long posts to read

always about meats and bondage and fags these days...can we change the subjects soon?
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