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BBC biased against China [Copy link] 中文

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tradervic: It is a give and take

Not that I don't know of it. I'm attacking the BBC's value of being truthful, impartial and credible.

BBC boss tells staff to root out inaccuracies
Media bias 'threat' to Iraq

That's why we have Al Jazeera (Qatar) and Press TV (Iran) sprungs up internationally. Chinese media should go international too.

mengzhi: ...put our side of the story forward in a calm and collected way and leave the final judgment to the readers and viewers

We definitely should present our side of the story but this isn't just about lies. It's about instilling anti-China sentiment in unrelated issues. Surely, we must confront such practise.

Menzy: assumes censorship is good for China...ones that sweep problems under the carpet and pretend nothing's wrong

Keep putting China on bad light is not a good thing. Not instilling negative perception is being professional. We know what the BBC means!

China always have special 'tags' by the BBC. Those tags reminds people of all the negative reports before it.

I think I should write to the BBC and demands that they present our sides of the story to neutralize those tags.

changabula: Most journalists sent to China to do reporting will write articles which are bias and one-sided

This is another issue which I wanted to write about. I remember those names and their articles.

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Originally posted by changabula at 2007-7-16 08:52
Is the BBC Anti China?

May 7th, 2007 by Rob Scott

Last week when I was reading some more about climate change, following the UN summit on Climate Change, I had a look on ...

This is one of the most informative news regarding BBC bias to China.

They are indeed already have position in news reporting about China, even before the news happened.

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Reply #25 mencius's post

I think the current ANTI CHINA mood in the BBC must have come from the UNDERHANDED tactic of the CHINESE KINGDOM, they recently got TANZANIA to bring the UK to INTERNATION COURT for US$ 3 trillion in compensation for colonial occupation!

ha ha ha

Mood do sway from time to time.
I myself has become pretty angry over some of the BAD MANNER way of some countries use to manipulate FREE SPEECH WARRIORs in this BBS.

When FREE SPEECH writer WRITES TRUTHFULLY (from his personal viewpoint), it's up to the READERS to accept, deflect, reject the MENU that is offered by that FREE SPEECH WRITER....or nowadays we get a new name CHEFS!


I really hope you do understand what i am saying Mr. Mencius!

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Originally posted by taikor at 16-7-2007 02:11
Keep putting China on bad light is not a good thing

China puts itself in a bad light by having the current media/information controls it does. The BBC isn't going to sweep things under the carpet when there's news related to those controls. It's a phrase to inform people who never heard of the original event. It's no different from how it explains about how the Taiwan problem came about, the Japanese war in China being a source of current bad relations, etc.

I think I should write to the BBC and demands that they present our sides of the story

I think you mean the Chinese government's side of the story. Often they do get to say their story, but it isn't easy to defend censorship of the internet based on how critical things are of the Chinese authorities, especially when the BBC itself is censored. It's like saying to the BBC, "please understand why we block access to you - we think you spread lies". Well, I don't think the Chinese government is so undiplomatic to say that anyway.

When you say things like "our sides of the story", you talk as if Chinese people don't want to have choice of what information they access. Or do Chinese people believe they need to be protected from their own lack of judgment, or something?

As to the rest, the BBC does not always present China in a bad light. There is often discussion of all the advancements China has made. I'm sure you would prefer it to focus on the good, but that isn't the way the media works in the UK. They more usually focus on problems to be resolved, rather than slapping each other on the back for good stuff. It applies to how things in the UK are reported as well, not just the outside world.

I note you say you watch/access the BBC a lot and that it's fine until it gets to China. But just about everyone complains about the BBC's reporting if they get talked about a lot. Both the Labour and Conservative Parties in the UK claim it's biased against them, you get complaints from American politicians that the BBC is "anti-American", Taiwanese that it recites Chinese propaganda, etc. I think, like those people, you fail to see the competing pulls on the BBC. It cannot please everyone expect by never saying anything negative, which would just make the BBC a pointless media group never saying anything of substance.

You also ignored my point about Taiwan. How can the BBC be anti-China by using a stock phrase to inform people about something, if it recites a stock phrase presenting the Chinese government's claim to Taiwan? That would show it is pro-China over Taiwan by your own logic.

Originally posted by greendragon at 16-7-2007 03:46
I think the current ANTI CHINA mood in the BBC must have come from the UNDERHANDED tactic of the CHINESE KINGDOM

I doubt the BBC would care about that.

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Stop making a fool of yourself anymore .


You must accept that you are a lonely little figure pushing sh!t uphill . Save yourself and have a rest . What you believe in is so far fetched and wrong , only your mother will believe you.

BBC can do whatever she likes. By and large I still have lots of respect for their professionalism and principled journalism but the ever increasing feral element encroaching into the scene is obscene . Your own example of the double speak of  "  so and so still recognize Taiwan as a renegade province of China ..." and then launch into tirades of   " China aiming 1000 missiles at Taiwan and threatening the same ..." This is humbug and hypocrisy , the stock and trade of the western mealy mouthed colonialists .  Sad &  bad .

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Prevalence of Anti-China Bias

Many of these newspapers and magazines have long-standing anti-China editorial biases. Often this bias is subtle and reflected only in the "voice" of the source. For example, a story about a Chinese government agency shutting down some illegal Internet "café's because they are unlicensed businesses prompts an editor to pen the headline "China Bans Internet Access". This voice shapes and warps our understanding of China and is based on an elitist view deeply and often unconsciously ingrained in many Westerners that China is a brutal and backward place and in need of betterment.

While most major print media and broadcast/satellite television now have reporters in China, they are usually only in the capital Beijing. Thus reports on events outside the capital in the vast expanse of mainland China are often based on hearsay and not researched or investigated. Most major newsrooms still get their information on what's going on in China from the Chinese media itself and from translating and analyzing such things as government reports and the minutes of party meetings. These methods have changed little over the past half century.
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Every minute of every hour of every day news stories are reported and broadcast about what's going on in and around China. Many of the sources are reliable but many are not. Many news reports on China are from reporters or commentators who are located far from China. Some have never been to China and know nothing about the country. Whenever you read the news about China it is essential to stop and evaluate the source before you can believe what you've read.

State-owned BBC does plenty of reporting on China much of it in a subtle anti-China voice that may be a leftover from the days when British Hong Kong was a foil to Communist China.

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