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John Mayer
By Josh Tyrangiel
John Mayer
Pamela Littky / Retna

John Mayer doesn't radiate courage. With his sunken eyes and a wardrobe you might generously call agoraphobic chic, his aura of passivity is an artistic achievement. Factor in Mayer's Grammy-winning ode to helplessness, Waiting on the World to Change, and it's tempting to dismiss the 29-year-old as the latest figure in a disturbing cultural phenomenon: the rock star as wuss.


Listen to his music, though, and you'll discover that Mayer wields sincerity like a pitchfork. His empathetic voice and emotional fearlessness elevate songs like Your Body Is a Wonderland and Daughters from pop ballads into more meaningful territory; give them half a chance, and during vulnerable moments, they'll be your friends for life. Sincerity has also led him ably down the mine-strewn path (for a white boy from Connecticut) from pop to the blues. Mayer may never have seen the inside of a juke joint, but he knows that the blues are less about melanin than about truth and technique, which explains why Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy and B.B. King have called on him for guitar playing that matters.

聆听他的音乐:虽然,你将会发现Mayer 舞弄着真挚就像是。。他的声音和感情无惧。。提高了。。。。从流行芭蕾提升到更加有意义的领域:给了他们。。。路线(。。从一个康涅狄格州来的白人男孩) 从流行到蓝调。 也许Mayer 不会。。一个。。。的内部。但是他知道蓝调中。。黑色素。。没有真。。和技术。。这就解释了为何Eric Clapton,, Buddy Guy,和B.B. King 为何。。

Mayer has friends in some very odd places—go on, name another person with Steve Jobs, Kanye West and Jessica Simpson on speed dial—and where his burgeoning celebrity may take him is a subject he ponders in a good regular column for Esquire ("Music Lessons with John Mayer") and on the only musician's blog not written by a publicist. If reading's not your thing, check out his response on YouTube to Ryan Seacrest's questions about Simpson; dude's pretty funny too. Whatever waits in his future, you can bet Mayer will find a way to sing about it truthfully.

Mayer有非常奇怪地方的朋友--继续,再说一个,和史蒂芬.乔布斯, Kanye West和Jessica Simpson---他的。。的名望可能将他是一个。。。如果你不是阅读的料,在YouTube上。。反应。。。。。关于。。。:。。也是非常有趣。无论在他的未来等待着的是什么,你都能打赌Mayer将找到一个。。歌唱的道路。

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David Mitchell
By Pico Iyer
David Mitchell
Timothy Allen / eyevine

David Mitchell served notice that he would be remaking the traditional novel when his first book, Ghostwritten, published in 1999 just after he turned 30, ingeniously braided together nine stories in eight countries and suggested that the same unchanging spirit ran through its central characters, whether in Hong Kong, St. Petersburg or a New York City radio station. Forget multiculturalism: this was novel globalism and an inquiry into what the boundary-dissolving author called transmigration.

Having created the 21st century novel with months to spare, Mitchell followed it up with a whole book in the voice of a Japanese 20-year-old and then, lest we get too settled, cooked up a Möbius strip of a narrative, Cloud Atlas, which begins in Melville's South Seas (rendered in vigorous 19th century pastiche), travels to a chilling next-generation North Korea and ends up in a post-apocalyptic world—only to circle back again, in reverse, to the 19th century Pacific.

That virtuosity tempts critics to place Mitchell next to such modern revolutionaries as Thomas Pynchon and David Foster Wallace. But he is tilling his own distinctive field, drawing from the U.S. (Paul Auster), England (Martin Amis) and Japan (Haruki Murakami) to nurture something entirely original and strangely rooted. His fourth novel, Black Swan Green, threw together ferocious language, a character from Cloud Atlas and a hypercharged imagination to light up from within the travails of an ordinary 13-year-old boy in England in 1982. The ultimate magician's trick: to make one believe there's no trick—and not even a magician.
Essayist and author Iyer's most recent novel is Abandon

当David Mitchell的第一部书:Ghostwritten, 在1999年被公布以后,他给人们带来的提醒是他将会对传统的小说进行再次创作。之前才刚刚步入三十岁的他新颖巧妙地地将发生在八个国家的九个故事编织到了一 起,并且建议了在书中的中心人物中,都贯穿了一个相同不变的精神,无论是在香港,圣彼得堡,还是在纽约广播站。忘掉多国主义吧:这是一本全球主义的小说,一次对被这位“消融边境"的作家称之为的移居的调查。

在将这部二十一世纪的小说创造出之后,有数个月时间空闲,Mitchell 又紧接着推出了一本以一位二十岁日本青年的声音而讲述的书,而后,又恐怕我们的读者们“没书读了而过于清闲”,于是又编造了一个以”莫比乌斯带“的方式来叙述的故事Cloud Atlas。这个故事以Melville(十九世纪作家)笔下的South Sea开始(Mitchell采用的是对19世纪作品进行语言有力的模仿描写),来到拥有令人可怕的下一代的北韩,并以后启示录的世界结束--只有再次反向地绕回到和十九世纪的太平洋。

这样的精湛技艺引得批评家们将Mitchell的名字紧排在了例如托马斯Pynchon 和大卫.Foster Wallace这样现代的革命者们之后。但是他正在自己的出色的领域耕种:从美国(作家Paul Auster),英格兰(作家Martin Amis),和日本(作家Haruki Murakami)中获得汲取,来培养出一些完全原创的、根源奇特的文字东西。 他的第四本小说Black Swan Green,把猛烈的语言,一个来自Cloud Atlas的角色,和一个高度的想象一齐抛出,来从内部点燃一个1982年英格兰一位普通的十三岁男孩的镇痛。这位终极魔术师的把戏就是:让你不相信存在把戏--甚至连魔术师也不存在。

Essayist 和作者 Iyer最近的小说是Abandon

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Kate Moss
By Belinda Luscombe
Kate Moss
Illustration for TIME by Lara Tomlin

Think back to 1989 and what was considered to be the cutting edge of cool then: Flavor Flav (of Public Enemy), James Spader (of sex, lies, and videotape), acid-washed jeans and a skinny, short young girl called Kate Moss. Nearly two decades later, the first three are parodies of themselves, and Moss remains hip, really hip, a first responder in the advance guard of style. You try that. Go back and look at some photos of yourself in '89. See?

Hip is hard. It's nearly always new and young and fringy. Moss is 33 and ubiquitous. Her kind of prolonged cool takes not just hard work and great bones but also an infallible chic-tracking system.

In essence, her job is not that hip. She sells stuff—or, rather, she makes consumers want to buy it. But unlike most other people who move merch, she doesn't do it by being particularly likable, or knowable, or warm or voluble. She does it simply by being in close proximity to a product while fixing her wide-set eyes on a camera.

Image is everything in this equation, so after Moss was caught on camera in 2005 in the very close proximity of cocaine, many people wrote off her career. But since then she has become more magnetic, with contracts for Burberry, Longchamp, Versace, Virgin Mobile and Nikon cameras. When her collection for Topshop, the British fast-fashion emporium, debuted in London last month, it caused a frenzy. Beauty is not really truth. But in Moss's case, it's very, very persuasive.

回想一下在1989年,那时哪些人、事物是被认为是“酷”中的前卫:弗雷尔·弗雷维 (of Public Enemy)、詹姆斯·斯派德 (性、谎言、录像带)、酸洗牛仔裤,还有一名纤瘦年轻的、名叫凯特·摩斯的女孩。

做到时尚是困难的。时尚几乎无一例外是要新的、年轻的、另类的。摩斯今年是33岁,而且是无处不在。 她那种经久不衰的”酷"不但是需要去要花辛勤的工作、拥有身材完美,而且还有一个几乎绝对是

基本上,她的工作并不是这样的时髦。她就是卖衣服的--或者,准确地说,就是要让消费们愿意去购买衣服。 但是和大多数卖商品的人们不同,她不是通过让自己特别受别人喜爱,知名、或者待人

在这个时尚行业中,形象就是一切。于是当在2005年摩斯被拍到了和可卡因有密切牵连的镜头后。有许多人们就将她从这个行业“一笔勾销”。但是自从那时候开始,她已经变得更加具有吸引力,和burberry ,朗弗塞奇,维尔京移动和尼康相机签订了合同。当她为英国时装商店Topshop准备的作品在上个月在伦敦首次亮相,便刮起了一阵热潮。 美不是真理。但是,在摩斯的例子中,这句话是非常、非常具有说服力的。

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Rosie O'Donnell
By Barbara Walters
Rosie ODonnell
Illustration for TIME by Dan Adel

When Rosie O'Donnell was 10, she lost her mother. I don't think she ever got over it. It made her both independent and vulnerable, sensitive and outspoken. She loves Barbra Streisand, Broadway shows, her partner Kelli, their four young children, anyone's babies ... and feuds. Not necessarily in that order. She hates what she considers injustice, snobby people, most of the current Administration, and chances are she will never live in a Trump building.

She is enormously charitable. She has two foundations: Rosie's Broadway Kids and the For All Kids Foundation. She gives unsparingly to returning veterans' causes and hospitals. And she visits them.

A year ago, I went to a screening of the HBO documentary All Aboard!: Rosie's Family Cruise. It followed a cruise that Rosie and Kelli had inaugurated. It was funny, touching and—I guess to some—unsettling. That night, inspired by her documentary, I asked Rosie if she would consider joining us on The View. And so, last September, we began a thrilling roller-coaster ride. We followed Rosie's passion and compassion, her feuds and fearlessness, her humanity and humor. When Rosie and ABC couldn't come to an agreement for her to return to the program next fall, it was for me a plunge on the roller coaster. But we remain respectful and affectionate friends.

Rosie, 45, is a fine actress, a great storyteller and a woman of conviction. Her opinions are heartfelt, passionate and often abrasive. Her views are not necessarily my views, but in her heart, she dearly hopes to be a force for good, a voice for people like her who are vulnerable and perhaps neglected. Her mother would be proud.

Walters is co-host and co-executive producer of The View

当罗西.奥.唐奈十岁的时候,她失去了母亲。我认为她从此的心灵再没有得到恢复。她母亲的去世让她变得独立且又脆弱,敏感且直言不讳。她爱Barbra Streisand(译注:唐奈为同性恋者,已同Barbra结婚),爱百老汇的节目,爱她的搭档Kelli,两人的四个年幼的孩子,以及任何别人的小孩....以及结怨。  不一定是按这个顺序。她讨厌她所认为是 不公平的东西,讨厌自负的人,其中大部分都是目前政府的人员,她可能永远不会住在一个Trump(特鲁普) 的大楼里。

她对别人总是异常地慷慨。她成立了两个基金会:”罗西百老汇儿童" 和"为所有孩子基金会“。她毫无保留地给奉献给归来老兵慈善事业、医院。 她去那探望他们。

一年以前,我去看了一次HBO 纪录片All Aboard!: Rosie's Family Cruise.的放映。纪录片跟踪拍摄了一条Rosie 和Kell。。的游轮。纪录片有趣,感人而且--我猜想对有些人来说--有一些。。。那个晚上,受到她纪录片的鼓舞。我问罗西是否会考虑加入The View的节目。然后就是到了去年的九月,我们开始了一次“惊险过山车”式的感情经历。我们跟随着罗西的激情和同情,她的世仇和无畏,她的人性和幽默。当罗西和ABC 不能就为她的返回下个秋天的节目而达成协议。对我来说是就像“过山车”一次大跌落。不过我们仍然是相互尊敬的,温柔亲切的朋友。


Walters 是The View 节目的共同主持人,执行制片人

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Brad Pitt
By Rebecca Winters Keegan
Brad Pitt
Martin Schoeller / Corbis Outline

When a man looks like Brad Pitt, we tend to underestimate him. We ask him to make a blockbuster a year. Date a beautiful woman. Have a cute baby. And we're happy.

But he's not content. As an actor and producer, Pitt, 43, has used his star power to get people to look at places and stories that cameras don't usually catch. He gravitates toward projects that emphasize we're all the same on this earth, like Babel, the 2006 multinarrative drama of cultural misunderstanding, in which Pitt plays an American tourist in Morocco. It gave many U.S. filmgoers their introduction to the notion of Pitt as a serious actor, with a range that was wider than gorgeous-to-handsome. In his portrayal of a scared, flailing
husband, Pitt managed to do that tricky thing: make audiences forget that he's a big, handsome Movie Star.

He's also getting serious as a producer, with a slate that reflects a surprising range of interests for an Oklahoma-born Sigma Chi frat boy. There is God Grew Tired of Us, a documentary about the child soldiers of Sudan; Year of the Dog, a quirky comedy about pet loss; and A Mighty Heart, about murdered journalist Danny Pearl, starring girlfriend Angelina Jolie. He has ambitious plans to help rebuild New Orleans. Oh, and he'll also appear in Steven Soderbergh's Oceans 13, providing us, as every artistically ambitious celebrity should, with a little sugar just to keep us hooked.



他也开始正在认认真真地成为一名制片人 。一份清单单可以反应出对这位奥克拉河马出生、Sigma Chi兄弟会的成员具有一个令人惊讶的兴趣范围:有God Grew Tired of Us,一部关于苏丹儿童士兵的纪录片;狗年,一部不同寻常的关于丢失宠物的喜剧影片; A Mighty Heart 一部由女友安吉丽娜.朱丽叶扮演的被害记者Danny Pearl的影片。他有抱负不凡的计划要帮助重新建立新奥尔良。哦,他还将会出现在由史蒂芬.索得博格导演的电影Oceans 13中--正如每一位在艺术电影上具有雄心的名人应该的做法一样---给我们观众提供了保持对他“热度”的“一些好处”(译注:sugar这里指他的以俊朗形象出演电影Oceans 13)。

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Shonda Rhimes
By Sandra Oh
Shonda Rhimes
Illustration for TIME by Zach Trenholm


When I met Shonda Rhimes at my audition for Grey's Anatomy in 2004, I thought, whether or not these people like my work, at least she's going to get me. But she didn't just get me, she got everybody. She also got everybody to tune in to the characters and world she created every week.

No one expected it—no one. Overnight she went from independent screenwriter and single mom to a public figure, the guiding force and creative engine for more than 200 employees. Shonda, 37, suddenly had this immense responsibility and pressure, which has changed her life in a way that no one can possibly prepare for.

In real life, she's a rather shy, private person who prefers living in her head to dealing with the myriad producers and studio executives and associations who all want something from her—to write for them, to sell for them, to speak for them.

And watching that introverted, creative and independent spirit struggle and learn so quickly to manage and balance and truly own all that power was like watching a butterfly emerge from its cocoon. She did it with self-deprecating humor, brutal honesty and no small amount of grace.

Somehow, in the midst of all that pressure, Shonda's vision for the characters became more sharply focused, more self-assured. She found that her responsibility was to them and her creative voice. And by remaining true to that voice and singular vision, I think she has created something great. As a fan, I, for one, can't wait to see what happens next.

Sandra Oh plays Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey's Anatomy

当我在2004年在我为Grey's Anatomy试演的时候,我见到了Shonda Rhimes,我想无论这些人会不会喜欢我的表演,至少她会知道我这个人如何。但是她不仅仅了解了我,还了解了每一个人。她还让这些角色和每周由她创造的世界牵动着每一位观众的心。

没有人预料到这样的情况--没有一人。 彻夜之间,她从一名独立编剧,和单身妈妈成为了一位公众人物,成为了200多名员工的指导力量和创造力的引擎。今年37岁的Shonda,突然面临巨大的责任和压力,


这个内向的、创造性的和独立的精神进行努力拼搏,并如此迅速地学会管理、平衡,然后是真正地拥有了所有这些力量, 看着这就好像看一只蝴蝶从茧里出来。她凭借自我贬低的幽默,“残忍”的坦诚,和不仅是一点的优雅办到了这一点。

不知是如何,在所有这样的压力下,Shonda对角色的眼光越来越锐利集中,人越来越有自信。她发现自己要对这些员工、对这个创造性的声音负责任。通过对这样的声音和卓越的眼光保持真实性, 我想她创造了某种伟大的东西。 做为我自己是一位她的仰慕者。迫不及待地想知道接下来会发生什么。

Sandra Oh 在Grey's Anatomy中扮演Dr. Cristina Yang

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Kara Walker
By Barbara Kruger
Kara Walker
Michele Asselin / Corbis Outline

Artists are vigilant. But it's not the vigilance of surveillance. They don't dictate what is worn, thought, spoken and dreamed. Instead, theirs is a vigilance fueled by a heady mix of doubt, disbelief and hope. Few have managed to capture the collision between past and present, between histories and horror stories, between sexuality and shame, between skin and meat, as powerfully and provocatively as Kara Walker, 37.

Walker's vigilance has produced a compelling reckoning with the twisted trajectories of race in America. Her installations and films forcefully pluralize our notion of a singular "history." They create a profusion of backstories and revisions that slash and burn through the pieties of patriotism and the glosses of "color blindness." Restarting the engines of seemingly archaic methods, from the graphic affect of silhouette portraits to the machine-age ethos of film, she produces a cast of characters and caricatures with appetites for destruction and reproduction, for power and sex. She raucously engages both the broad sweep of the big picture and the eloquence of the telling detail. She plays with stereotypes, turning them upside down, spread-eagle and inside out. She revels in cruelty and laughter. Platitudes sicken her. She is brave. Her silhouettes throw themselves against the wall and don't blink.

Kruger is an artist who works with pictures and words


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