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Rick Rubin
By Natalie Maines
Rick Rubin
Damian Dovarganes / AP

My journey with Rick began when my bandmates and I found ourselves facing a musical crossroads after surviving an emotional storm. (We said some things about the President. Perhaps you heard about it?) We were ready to make music again and were looking for a producer who could guide us without trying to reinvent us. Someone who didn't have a preconceived notion of what to do with us but who knew exactly what to do with us. After making a list of our favorite records, we discovered that a guy named Rick Rubin produced most of them—everyone from the Beastie Boys and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Tom Petty and Johnny Cash. Who was he, we wondered, and would he be interested in working with three hicks, I mean chicks, from Texas?

I didn't know what to expect at our first meeting. When I asked other people what he was like, the word guru consistently came up. I had horrifying visions of banjo meditation and a Dixie Chicks album inspired by a sense of inner peace. I wasn't up for either of these things. To my relief, neither was he.

Rick, 44, is a man of few words who exudes confidence without arrogance. He has a natural intuition when it comes to music. What would seem like an opinion coming from someone else is simply fact when Rick says it. Rick doesn't tell you how you should play it; he tells you when you have nailed it. When people know they can try things, they begin to relax and really listen to a song. They stop focusing on what's written on the page and start listening to the music and where they fit into it. It may take longer, but I think it's the key to why Rick's albums all sound so individual and honest. He has the ability and the patience to let music be discovered, not manufactured. Come to think of it, maybe he is a guru.

Maines is the lead singer of the Dixie Chicks, whose most recent album, Taking the Long Way, won five Grammys

我同Rick的人生缘份是开始于当我的乐队队友和我在经受了一次动情的风暴后,发现大家面临着一个音乐上的十字路口。(我们说了关于总统的一些事情,也许你听说过?)我们准备好再次去做音乐,并且正在寻找一个能够指引我们,但却不会要重新再树立我们(风格)的制作人。有些人对我们如何安置没有一个预先的想法,但是有些人却是准确的知道。在开了一张我们最为喜爱的专辑清单列表之后,我们发现有一个名叫 Rick Rubin的人。这些专辑中的大部分都是由他制作---从Beastie Boys 和 Red Hot Chili Peppers, 到Tom Petty 和Johnny Cash。 这个人是谁? 我们纳闷。他会不会这三个来自得克萨斯州乡下人,我的意思是-小姑娘--合作感兴趣吗?

我不知道在大家第一次会面的时候应该期待会有什么发生。 当我问别人他是一个怎么样的人,无一例外都出现了 “导师”这个词。我的心理看到令我感到”恐怖“的景象:班卓琴沉思(banjo meditation)还有一张被内心平静而激发灵感而制作出的Dixie Chicks专辑 。我对这两种可都不感兴趣。 让我感到松一口气的是,他都不是。

今年44岁的Rick,是一个话不多的人。他身上散发着自信、却没有傲慢。在音乐上,他就有一种天生的直觉。那些看来似乎是从别人那里来的一个主意,到了Rick只是简单的事实陈述。 Rick不会跟你讲要去如何来演奏音乐;他会告诉你什么时候抓准了音乐。当人们得知他们可以去尝试各种东西,他们就开始可以放松,并认真地会听一首歌曲。他们会停下关注写在页纸上的东西,然后开始听音乐,看他们在哪里可以融入进去。 (这样)也许要花的时间更长,但是我想之所以为什么Rick的专辑全部都听起来那么具有个性化,那么诚实的关键就在于此。他拥有让别人是去发现音乐,而不是制造音乐的能力和耐心。 顺便提到就说一下:也许他真是一位印度教的导师。

Maines 是Dixie Chicks的首席歌手。Dixie Chicks的最近发行的专辑Taking the Long Way获得了五项葛莱美奖。

(1)很有形,让我想起了早期一款游戏中的角色:-) (not to be offensive)

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Martin Scorsese
By Richard Schickel
Martin Scorsese
Michael Grecco / Getty

He has, at last, his long-deserved Oscar. And the picture for which he won it, The Departed, is the largest commercial success Martin Scorsese has ever enjoyed. Can we imagine Marty, happy at last, resting on his belated laurels? Not really. At the moment he is working on three scripts and a pair of documentaries. He's editing a film about the Rolling Stones before heading to the Cannes Film Festival to announce an expansion of his Film Foundation, devoted to the preservation of ever deteriorating movies.

Movie history is one of his grand passions, but at some early point in his 65-year-old life someone pushed Scorsese's fast-forward button, and it has been stuck there ever since. He can do serene (Kundun), and he can do elegant (The Age of Innocence), but when we summon up a typical Scorsese movie, we think Taxi Driver or Raging Bull—about radically disaffected (not to say psychopathic) males shunned by their communities and engaged in some blood ritual to claim their self-esteem. These tormented figures, he insists, all project something of his younger self—a sickly, lonely, religiously yearning child of New York City's Little Italy. Making films as driven as his high-speed conversations was his salvation. You can't imagine him stopping. And you can't imagine him content either. "Directing," he has said, "you have to keep your feelings away. So I have to pull back, which makes shooting an excruciating experience." But it will soon reclaim him. For his ritualized movies—they are never merely realistic—are his addiction, his passion and, just possibly, his redemption.

终于,他获得了长期以来就是当之无愧的奥斯卡奖。 为他赢得奥斯卡的影片是《无间行者》(The Departed), 这是马丁·斯科西斯所获得的最大的商业成功。我们能够想象最终高兴的马丁会坐在最后的桂冠上吗?不。此时此刻,他的工作正放在了三个脚本和两部纪录片上。在前往加纳电影节宣布他的电影基金扩展之前---这一致力于保护日益恶化的电影---他正在编辑一部关于滚石的电影。

电影史是他的一大激情。但是在他六十五年生命中的早年,有人按了斯科西斯的“快进”按钮。从此”“按钮”就一直停在那个位置上。他能拍摄安静的电影(《达赖的一生》(Kundun))、还可以拍摄优雅(《纯真年代》(The Age of Innocence)),但是当当我们去总结出了一部典型的斯科西斯电影,我们认为《的士司机》(Taxi Driver)或者《愤怒的公牛》(Raging Bull)--关于极度抱不平的(更不要说要发疯似的) 男性们被他们社区避开,并从事于一些鲜血仪式来获得他们的自尊。这些受到痛苦的角色,他坚持认为,都反映除了年轻时候的自己---一个生活在纽约市”小意大利”(译注:类似中国唐人街Chinatown)的体弱多病、孤独、象是对待宗教一般地期盼进取的孩子。与他讲话的语速一样让人感觉紧迫,拍摄电影是对他的救赎。你不能想象他停下。也也不能想象他感到满足。他称:”做导演,你就必须把你的感情排除在外。所以,我就必须收敛,而这让拍摄成为一种极其痛苦的经历“但是,不久拍电影时候的激情又重新会把他拉回去。因为他被仪式化了的电影--它们绝对不只是现实---是他的嗜好。 他的激情和,同样可能地--是他的救赎。


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Cate Blanchett
By Richard Corliss
Cate Blanchett
Richard Bailey / Icon

So many actresses in their early prime seem in arrested adolescence. Their coquetry and little-girl voices suggest they're campaigning for prom queen, not great film roles. Cate Blanchett is gloriously different. She's a grownup, radiating an aristocracy that has no fancy airs, just a warm, alert intelligence. Beauty helps, and height (she's 5 ft. 8 1⁄2 in.), but what's crucial is that regal poise. Onscreen her magic can ennoble those in her orbit (when she's a virgin queen in Elizabeth or the Lady of Lórien in The Lord of the Rings). Sometimes it dashes them on the rocks of malice (as in Veronica Guerin and Notes on a Scandal). Either way, as an icon or a threat, the Blanchett woman is a prize worth fighting, scheming,
dying for.

From the start, acclaim came to her as easily as tabloid headlines to other young stars. Within a year of her 1992 graduation from the Australian national drama school, she was the It girl of the Sydney stage, playing Shakespeare's Ophelia and Miranda, one of Caryl Churchill's Top Girls and the accusing student in David Mamet's Oleanna. Her first lead film role, in Oscar and Lucinda, glowed not with promise but with an early, ripe achievement. Her first movie outside Australia, Elizabeth, won her an Oscar nomination.

Blanchett, 38 this month, has graced heist movies (Bandits) and angsty art films (Coffee and Cigarettes). But she's really an emissary from another, older world: the empyrean of classic movie glamour. Directors trying to capture the mature allure of old Hollywood think of her first: to play Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator, a Marlene Dietrich type in The Good German, the ideal match for a grizzled archaeologist in the next Indiana Jones epic.

The actress who can do anything is now, it seems, doing everything. In films she'll play Bob Dylan (kind of) in Todd Haynes' I'm Not There, Queen Elizabeth again (with Clive Owen as Sir Walter Raleigh) and the voice of Mrs. Fox in the cartoon The Fabulous Mr. Fox. She was a superb Hedda Gabler onstage and was named co-director of the Sydney Theatre Company with her husband Andrew Upton. Is there anything she can't do? Well, odds are that if some impossible acting challenge occurs to her, she'll try it.

Years from now, when cinephiles are asked to name the movies' golden age, they'll say it was when Cate Blanchett was in them.

有太多的早期成功的女演员似乎都是“被禁锢”在了青春期。她们撒娇和小姑娘的声音显示出她们在竞选舞会皇后,而不是伟大的电影角色。 Cate Blanchett却表现的极其不同。她是一个成年人,散发出一种没有在摆弄架子的贵族气质,而只是一位热心、机警的智慧女人。美貌帮助了她,高度(她身高为5英尺 8.5英寸=1米78)但是关键是那样的王室的姿态,在屏幕上,她的魔力能让在她“魔法圈”内的人变得高贵起来。(当在电影伊丽莎白中扮演伊丽莎白一世,还有在电影指环王中扮演the Lady of Lórien)而有时候,她的魔力让那些人产生出怨恨(正如在Veronica Guerin和Notes on a Scandal中)无论是两者之一的哪一种情况,是标志性任务、还是威胁,这个名为Blanchett的女人是一个为了她值得人们去战斗,为她值得去死的人。

从一开始,她获得别人的赞赏就如同其它年轻明星被登上小报头条一样来得地容易。在1992年从澳大利亚国家戏剧学院毕业后的一年之内,她是悉尼舞台上的。。。扮演莎士比亚的Ophelia,Miranda,, Caryl Churchill的Top Girls,还有David Mamet的 Oleanna中那个控诉的学生。Oscar and Lucinda中的第一次扮演主角,虽然。。但是却带来了早期成熟的成就。她的第一部在澳大利亚外拍摄的电影,伊丽莎白,赢得了奥斯卡提名。

这个月满38岁的Blanchett精彩亮相盗窃题材的电影(Bandits)心理恐惧艺术电影(Coffee and Cigarettes)。但的确是一位来自另一个、更加古老世界的密使;古典影片光彩的最高一层。那些试图捕捉到昔日好莱坞成熟诱惑导演,首先就想到的是她:让她在The Aviator中来扮演Katharine Hepburn,在The Good German中来扮演一种Marlene Dietrich类型的角色,
是在下一次Indiana Jones 中一位花白的考古学家,理想的完美搭配。

这位现在可以做任何事情的女演员似乎在做一切的事情。 在电影中,她将扮演Todd Haynes的I'm Not There中的 Bob Dylan ,又一次扮演伊丽莎白( 由Clive Owen扮演的Sir Walter Raleigh)以及给Mrs. Fox 的卡通中配音。她是一位舞台上超级Hedda Gabler ,并且被任命为悉尼歌剧院公司的副主任,和丈夫Andrew Upton。还有她办不到的事情吗?可能情况是,如果对她出现了一些不可能的演技挑战,她都会去尝试。

从现在开始数年,当电影迷们将被邀请给在这个电影的黄金时代。他们将会说是Cate Blanchett 所处的那个时代。


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Alber Elbaz
By Natalie Portman
alber elbaz
Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin / Art and Commerce

I don't know what's harder to imagine: Alber Elbaz, all smiles and softness and style, in Israeli military garb at the tender age of 18, learning how to operate a rifle with fingers that would later sew for the most elegant women in Paris. Or How Alber Lost His T. (A necessity when Americans mispronounced Albert.) If I could understand those transformations, I might begin to grasp Alber's mysterious ability to turn out the most beautifully crafted and coveted pieces season after season.

Born in Casablanca, Alber was raised in Jaffa, Israel. With $800 to his name, he arrived in New York City in 1985 and was plucked from obscurity to assist Geoffrey Beene. He later was head of prêt-à-porter design at Guy Laroche and served as creative director for Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche.

But it is his time as designer at Lanvin that has earned him a seat among fashion legends. His pieces, he says, reflect the many hats a woman might wear during a single day: mother, lover, executive, partygoer. A fitting philosophy for a house that began as a millinery in 1889.

To me, he's the ultimate fashion philosopher-mentor. He says things to me like "Wear flats. You're short. It's much cooler not to pretend." Alber, 45, does not attribute any grandiose meaning to clothes: the transformation a woman feels when she puts on one of his dresses should originate in her rather than the cloth.

Alber often goes down to the store from his studio above it to speak to his customers or adjust the length of a skirt or the size of a hoop earring. He designs according to what he learns from his clients and so accurately intuits what will make a woman feel good in her body—and even better when swathed in an awe-inspiring dress.

Portman's next movie will be The Other Boleyn Girl

我不知道哪一个要更以让人难以想象:满脸笑容、温和时尚的 Alber Elbaz在年轻18岁身着以色列军装学习如何用那未来将给给巴黎最优雅的女性缝制衣服的手指操纵来复枪 。还是艾伯是如何掉了那个“特”(当美国人错误地念了艾伯特必然出现的情况),如果我能理解这些转变。我将开始能抓住艾伯那在一个季度又一个季度推出的创造出制作最为美丽的,和受人渴望得到作品的神奇的本领。

出生在卡萨布兰卡的艾伯在以色列的被抚养长大。 带着8百美金。他在1985年抵达了纽约市,并从默默无闻中受到提拔来帮助 Geoffrey Beene。 后来,他成为了位于Guy Laroche的首席prêt-à-porter设计,并给Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche.当一位创意总监。

但是为他在时装传奇中赢得了一席之地的是他在Lanvin 做为设计师的时期。他称自己的作品反映出了一位女性在一天内会戴的许多种“身份”的“帽子“:母亲、爱人、执行官,派对参加者。这样的哲学真是恰如其分地展现了这是一家(译注:Lanvin )在1889年最初以一家女帽店起家的公司。

对于我来说,他是一位终极时装哲学家、时装导师。他对我说事情:“穿平底鞋,你个子矮。不要装,样子会更酷” 今年45岁的艾伯特并非在衣服上赋予了人任何宏大的意义。 当一位女性穿上由他设计的衣服而感到发生的转变应该源自于自身,而不是源于衣服。


Portman的下一步影片将会是 The Other Boleyn Girl


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America Ferrera
By Kate White
America Ferrera
Myriam Santos-Kayda / Retna

I still remember how my cheeks burned at the end of my first job interview in Manhattan. I'd spent an hour sharing my dreams with a high-powered media type, thinking it was going brilliantly. Then he announced, "I might hire you—if you get that stain out of your dress." I slunk out of his office like a kicked puppy.

That's not unlike what happens on the first episode of Ugly Betty. When Betty shows up at Mode magazine to ask about a job, the H.R. person takes one look at her bushy brows and ugly outfit and tells her every position is filled. But rather than slink away, Betty races after him and, in a gutsy speech, explains why she's qualified.

America Ferrera, 23, is a lot like her character (though the word ugly would never apply). She's spunky, driven and real. A child of Honduran immigrants, she grew up in a mostly Caucasian neighborhood and knows what it's like to be an outsider. High school, she has said, "was about hiding all the things that made me different."

But as she set out to become an actress, America unloaded the Ugly Betty feelings and discovered the power that came from being herself. She's proof that nice can trump mean. And passion will always take you much further than an obscenely priced handbag.

White is the editor in chief of Cosmopolitan. Her next book is Lethally Blond

我依然还记得在麦哈顿进行第一次面试过后,我的双颊是烫地多么厉害。我用了一小时和一位非常成功的媒体人士讲述我的梦想。并认为面试中自己表现地非常聪明。而后,他宣布“我可能雇用你--如果你把你衣服上的污点去掉” 我就溜出了他的办公室,象一只被赶出门的小狗。

这不象丑女贝蒂中第一集所发生的那样。当贝蒂来到Mode 杂志询问一个工作。人力资源部的人望了一眼她浓浓的眉毛,和难看的衣着打扮,便告诉她每个职位的空缺都有人了。但是,贝蒂没有溜走,而是追在那人背后,大胆的阐述自己为什么适合这份工作。

今年23岁的Ferrera,,很像她扮演的角色(当然绝对不是指”丑陋“方面)她生机蓬勃,具有紧迫感、个性真实。做为一名来自洪都拉斯移民的孩子的她成长一个大部分由白人居住的社区,懂得“外来人”是怎样的滋味。 在上高中时,她称“将把所有让我和别人不一样的所有东西都掩盖起来”

但是,随着她开始了一位女演员的生涯,America 卸下了丑女贝蒂的感情,找到了”做自己“的力量。她就是”很善良“可以战胜”吝啬“的例子。 激情总能一定够把你带到比一个贵得让人骂人的手提包更远的地方。

White是Cosmopolitan的首席编辑。她的下一本书是 Lethally Blond


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Simon Fuller
By David Beckham
Simon Fuller
Illustration for TIME by Zach Trenholm

I have many reasons to be thankful to Simon Fuller, but one in particular springs to mind. He provided me with an introduction to a young lady called Victoria Adams, who went on to become Mrs. Beckham. As I said, I have a lot to thank him for.

What many people don't realize is that Simon—the same Simon who created American Idol and shows like it around the world and who once managed the Spice Girls—is a passionate fan of sport and of soccer especially. We met at a game in the '90s, and I could see straight away that he was a genuine sports fan. I think soccer appeals to his competitive spirit—he loves watching games and talking about them—but, more importantly, he and I share a firm belief that sport has the power to bring people together and improve their lives.

As I got to know Simon better, I found that we shared some of the same ideas. We're both committed to being the very best at what we do. He's very hard working and knows you rarely get an easy win in life. He enjoys dealing with unexpected challenges. It's no surprise that he's as successful as he is because, despite being a nice guy and a modest character, he's also a real fighter for what he believes in. I admire him for that.

Victoria and I started a business partnership with Simon a few years back because we wanted someone we could trust to advise us on our careers and financial interests, and his help has been invaluable. Most recently, Simon was integral to making my move to L.A. Galaxy happen. His advice and input were vital to driving through the deal with Major League Soccer. He deserves this recognition; only 46, Simon has been at the forefront of his industry for many years. But knowing him as I do, I'm certain he will be restless to achieve more.

Beckham, one of the world's most accomplished soccer players, recently signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy

我有许多个原因要感谢Simon Fuller,但是尤其是有一个跳入我脑海中的。他把我介绍给了一位年轻的名为 Victoria Adams的女士,后来她成为了贝克汉姆太太。正如我说过的,我要感谢他的有许多。


随着我对Simon有更好的了解,我发现我们都享有一些相同的想法。 我们都致力于成为各自所做的领域中最好的。他工作非常努力,知道在生活中一个人随随便便不能获得胜利。他喜欢对付意料之外的挑战。取得象今天这般的成功一点不让人感到惊讶。因为,尽管他是一个好男儿,性格谦虚,可他还是一位为自己信仰战斗的真正的斗士,我崇拜他这点。

维多利亚和我开始是在一些年前开始了同Simon 的商业合作,因为我们想要某个我们能信得过的人给我们在职业上和经济利益上提供建议。他的帮助是无价的。最近,Simon 对让我转会到L.A. Galaxy起到不可缺少的作用。 他的建议和投入对同Major League Soccer。 他受到公众认可是当之无愧。 许多年来,只有46岁的Simon 都是他自己的行业内的最前线。但是正如我所对他的了解那样,我确信他将不会停息地获得取得更大成就。

贝克汉姆.世界最为成功地足球运动员之一,最近和Los Angeles Galaxy 签约。

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Brian Grazer
By Russell Crowe
Brian Grazer
David Lee / Universal

Brian Grazer, a co-chair of Imagine Entertainment, has a short attention span. That isn't a criticism. It's just a fact. It's a crucial piece of information to understand if you want to get to know him.

Engaging with Brian in a conversation, particularly if you haven't seen him for a while, requires lightning-swift reflexes. When he asks questions, and he will, in staccato bursts, you need to respond with alacrity. What you need to realize is it's not just your words he is listening to. He can hear your soul. His rapid-fire questions are his way of taking your emotional temperature. Imagine (forgive the pun) the edge that gives him in a deal negotiation. He knows almost instantly how you really feel about something, and in Hollywood, the capital city of smoke and mirrors, that instinctive, savant-like skill gives him an alchemist's power.

Brian has run the company that he started with business partner Ron Howard for some 20 years. Just 55, he has won a pile of gold statuettes, including the Best Picture Academy Award in 2002 for A Beautiful Mind. He has produced 50 movies, including Splash, The Da Vinci Code and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and half a dozen TV series, all while retaining his company's independence—a widely envied position in the industry.

If there is anybody I know who was born for this e-mail, text-message, BlackBerry, information-superhighway, YouTube, MySpace, blogosphere, URL world we now live in, it's Brian Grazer. A modern-age hunter-gatherer of information.

Facts, figures, thoughts, wisdom—he sifts through them all at a rate of knots and processes them all on a surfboard slicing through the ocean or as he caresses a brush over canvas or on a mountaintop that has a view of the edge of the world. These days, it's not whether your attention span is short or long. It's how you use it that counts.

Oscar winner Crowe and Grazer have collaborated on three films

Brian Grazer做为想象娱乐公司(Imagine Entertainment)的联席主席获得了短暂时间的注意。 这不是在批评他。这只是一个事实。

和Brian 进行一次对话,尤其是当如果一段时间你没有见到他,那么就需要有闪电般迅速的反应。当他问问题的时候,他问问题就像是一挺“哒哒达”的机关枪,你必须以迅速给出回应。你所要意识到的是他正在聆听的那不仅仅是你的语言。他还能听出你的内心。他一连串迅速的问题是他测量你的“感情温度”的方式。想象(抱歉这是个双关语)这能在一次交易谈判中给他带来优势。几乎是立即地,他能知道你对一些事物的真实感受。而在好莱坞,...和。。。的首都。。那样本能的,学者。。能力赋予了他一位炼金术士的力量。

Brian 已经运营了商业伙伴Ron Howard一起成立的公司有20年左右的时间。还只到55岁,他就已经赢得了一大堆的小金像,包括2002年电影奥斯卡最佳影奖片“美丽心灵”。他已经制作了五十部电影,包括Splash、达芬奇的密码,还有The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,,以及六部电视剧,所有这些都是在保持自己公司独立性的期间完成的--这一个受到广泛嫉妒的位置。

如果我认识任何一位是为电子邮件、短信、BlackBerry、信息高速公路、YouTube、MySpace,。。我们现在处互联网络而出生的人的话,那个人就是Brian Grazer。一位当代信息的猎手和收集者。


奥斯卡得主 Crowe 和Grazer已经在三部电影中进行了合作。

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