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I am awaiting the changabula ethos!

Obviously, changabula, you don't know much about your own people. You regurgitate things you can find in the American and western media for American and western consumption.

No one cares what a little snot-nosed kid thinks.

Michael Moore is a comedian out to make money and to sensationalize concepts. Good points all, but what does that have to do with you or China? DUH!

Socialized medicine had been rejected for decades by the US, our government's ethos changes over time. This is normal human behavior. China is changing and changing rapidly. Do try to keep up!

In fact, there is nothing from your collection of ugliness that cannot find application throughout humanity. You invite folks to point out the failings of the Chinese government to demonstrate that you are not any more special than anyone else. Perhaps you will grow out of it, but until then, you will either be ignored by most or attacked by a few. Your only allies are the disaffected, perhaps this explains the management of this forum. Clearly, you are all hung-up on not knowing who the hell you really are, I think.

"number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9 ..."

"You people", says you.


Can't you hear your own psychosis getting the better of you?

I can quote the Chinese all day long, with their complaints about their own people and their own government. But that is not what you need. It is not what you need to hear either. I won't do it. Instead I prefer to tell the Chinese about their virtues -- real virtues, not the collective nationalistic garbage one might see so prevalent in backwards places like North Korea or Imperialist Japan.

You seem so confused about yourself and your people.

The world does not need to see China as a bunch of boys acting like terrorists (forum terrorists). They only attract the disaffected -- they are far removed from normal human adult behavior. Grow up!

What do you know about I-Ching? Care to give it a shot? I doubt you really know very much.

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American Health Care Mess

[quote]Originally posted by emucentral at 2007-6-30 08:47

Yeah, terrible isn't it. Only in America could there be so many shortcomings and so much greed when it came to health care.

Oh, hang on. What's this? [unquote]

Do you know that many Americans now come to China for medical treatment because it is alot more affordable?  Not the other way around, though.

Actually, Americans now go to many Asian countries for medical treatment, including Phillipines and Sri Lanka.  I don't think they are going to Myanma yet.  They should not be allowed to bump local citizens from healthcare just because they have US$.  They are exporting their healthcare mess.

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You suffer from verbal diarrhea!

Originally posted by blueskies88 at 2007-7-5 00:01
Obviously, changabula, you don't know much about your own people. You regurgitate things you can find in the American and western media for American and western consumption.

No one cares what a ...

That was a long post attacking me, little boy.

Its a good thing that my Chinese mind (which has been forged by over 7000 years of culture) is way above such petty insults.

I will let you off this time because I am in a good mood.
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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Originally posted by yaoyin at 2007-7-5 17:33
Do you know that many Americans now come to China for medical treatment because it is alot more affordable?  Not the other way around, though.

Let me clarify.

I think that the US health system has problems. I don't agree with the totally "user pays" principle of it all and the idea of profiting from someone else's health problems.

Now Changabula did have a go at the US system as if it's the only place with a problem.
My point was to simply point out that they are not alone with problems, and quoted a few relevant stories to help Changabula focus.

I am not defending the price of US health care.
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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its true, its not only in the usa that the health problem exist.
michael moore knows this, what he is saying is that for a superpower which can afford a 350 million dollar plane and a 200 billion dollars adventure in iraq, the usa should not have this problem in the first place.

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Hopefully, Moore’s movie will spark honest discussions about the US health care system, and how to fix and improve it.  US health care is great at acute emergencies, or trauma care, but it is less desirable for chronic degenerative diseases.  

We have a three-headed monster in America:

1)        Hospital and Doctors
2)        Prescription Drug Industry
3)        Insurance Companies

All three do not necessarily work for the benefit of Americans.  Our HMO, Health Maintenance Organization, is really a misnomer.   Each of these three industries, represent multi-billion, and in the drug industry’s case, a trillion dollar industry, so needless to say, they have clout on K Street and Wall Street.  These industries not only have deep pockets, but many lobbyists to preserve Status Quo, so each can help the other make more and more profits.  

I think it will realistically take Executive and Legislative support to change the paradigm, to realize it is cheaper to prevent diseases, maintain health, and not make health care a for profit enterprise.  There is no profit in curing someone, but large profits in treating someone and preferably with a lifetime of maintenance drugs.  A hospital can charge $100,000 for a bypass, so why should they bother to educate their patients, to adopt a healthier lifestyle, healthier diet, exercise, take certain supplements, etc. to prevent diseases or become a bypass candidate, when it is so much more profitable to bypass the patient, and then keep him or her, on a lifetime of expensive drugs, so the drug companies can make more obscene profits?   

The problem is self-perpetuating because it rewards the wrong outcome.  I remember reading a story about a small town in Europe where the villagers got together and decided with the town’s doctor, to pay this country doctor only for the number of people he kept healthy, and he treated the sick people with diseases for free.  This sounds like a very common sense approach that is consistent with human nature, as you reward the outcome you want (a healthy population).   

The other practical reason to reform our system is because the current system is killing corporate competitiveness in this global economy.  We have companies like GM whining about the outrageous cost of health care premiums for its employees, and rightly so.  I read a statistic, which I cannot confirm whether it is true or not, but that administrative cost in a typical HMO is over 40% of cost.  If true, it is no surprise that health insurance premiums are so high, rendering many companies to de-unionize, to hire part-timers who don’t get health insurance, and outsource to other countries to avoid the health care cost altogether.  

Our leadership needs to realize that health care should not be for profit.  It is cheaper to have a single pay Universal Health Care system, reducing the administrative cost, and helping US industries be more competitive since that would at least remove one of the cost items – employee health insurance.

Therefore, the three-headed monster, the for-profit system in the US is not a system you want to copy.  It rewards the wrong outcome, treating and reacting to diseases with usually a lifetime of expensive maintenance drugs and procedures, instead of focused on proactively preventing diseases in the first place.  Reward the wrong things, and you get more wrong things, as it is just human nature.  Reward health, and you will get more of it, like that town in Europe.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember that little town’s name, but what a common sense template to copy, as you pay for maintaining health, not treating diseases.

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if i am an american, i would vote michael moore to become president,

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