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Originally posted by changabula at 2007-6-26 05:55
Without question, the cancer at the heart of the predicament is greed. In America, health care is almost an exclusive club, and membership is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire. As with any business, the bottom line is profit; however with health care, shouldn't compassion and a hint of fairness come into play? ...

Yeah, terrible isn't it. Only in America could there be so many shortcomings and so much greed when it came to health care.

Oh, hang on. What's this? ... /content_845938.htm
Shame on rural medical co-ops
(China Daily)
Updated: 2007-04-09 06:45

Farmers are not gaining much benefit from the rural cooperative medical system, says a signed article in China Youth Daily. An excerpt follows:

Beijing News had a special report last Thursday about a couple in their thirties who committed suicide because of poverty and disease. This couple left behind a 78-year-old mother and 12-year-old son, who, like his parents, has hepatitis B.

..... According to the report, the cooperative medical system exists in the hometown of the deceased couple but farmers do not participate in it because it doesn't save them money. For example, it costs 10 yuan more for a common injection for a cold in the designated hospital than in a private clinic.

The price of a drug in the clinic is about half of that for the same drug in the designated hospital. The Beijing News report pointed out that the sad story has raised serious doubts about the rural cooperative medical system.
A hernia operation at the designated hospital costs nearly 3,000 yuan ($370) and the patient has to pay half the cost. The same operation is priced at 600 yuan at the village private clinic.

The designated township hospitals tend to give unnecssary medical checkups and treatments to profit from the cooperative system.
Henan reaches out to its migrants
By Hu Yuanyuan (China Daily)
Updated: 2007-03-16 09:42
Liu Xiang, a Xinyang native who runs a real estate company in Beijing, said that in the past the migrant workers who worked for his company were reluctant to join the medical cooperative program because they could only recover their refunds at designated hospitals in their hometowns.

"If they got sick in Beijing, they would have to foot the bill all by themselves, or go back home for medical treatment, both are hard choices for them," Liu said.

He added that one of his employees nearly died during the train ride back home because his health deteriorated so quickly.
....... ... ontent_823104_2.htm
When China began its economic reforms in the early 1980s, the system was dismantled as the country attempted to switch to a market-oriented healthcare system.

But the government failed to establish a viable substitute and between 1980 and 2004, the central government's share in funding for the health sector dropped from 40 percent to 16 percent, according to the World Health Organization. It was 44 percent in the United States, 66 percent in Australia and 85 percent in Japan.
The Chinese government also felt peer pressure from countries such as India, where 72 percent of the rural population enjoy a free medical service, according to the People's Daily. In several European countries, governments usually pay for 80 to 90 percent of their people's medical expenditure, said the newspaper.
Anti-abduction service draws fire
By Zhan Lisheng
Updated: 2007-06-12 07:03

FOSHAN, Guangdong: This city's Shunde No 1 People's Hospital has been charging a daily fee of 40 yuan to protect newborn babies from kidnappers, stirring up heated debate among women in the hospital's maternity ward.

Yep, Changabula, I agree. The US health system is sick. But there's plenty of problems "closer to home" that you should be worrying about first.

"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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if i am an american, i would vote michael moore to become president,
but since america is not a true democracy, my vote will just go to waste.

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It's easy to point out flaws, it's harder to fix them. Michael Moore wouldn't be able to do anything at all if he'd be the president. There are certain micro- and macro-economical factors that you have to take into account. Same thing with the poorest countries in the world or some of the countries hit by violence of nature. Just look at Bangladesh, it's easy to point out what's wrong, but it's very hard to solve the problems.

Another factor is that these problems have been building up for decades so it will take at least decades to fix it. And remember, trashing something is easy, rebuilding is hard. War can destroy a city within days, but it will take years to rebuild. Same with these kind of things...they are sort of interdependent so you'll have to fix several factors in order to change one thing.
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

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So why is it that my future mother in law, who was gravely ill (life threateningly ill actually), was refused treatment in a hospital in Hunan unless she had the cash to pay for her treatment. My fiancee is from an extremely poor family with 4 daughters, none of whom have a well paying job. Out of desperation, my fiancee asked me to help (and no, I didn't know what was going on prior to her asking) and I had to shell out over RMB200,000 (not a typo) to save her Mum! It's so easy to criticise, not easy to see ones own's called being shortsighted, or myopic or maybe, it's called being blind to the truth!

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I wonder if changabula knows why the Americans have such a mess in its socialized medical system? Probably not, he is a lot like our old friend flotsam, he just runs on and on about all that is not perfect with the US, the Americans and the West. Why is that? I bet I know. Of course knowing changes nothing ... onward and upward changabula! The US is a big complex place and you have a lifetime ahead of you to bitch about it. Of course such things could never happen to a superior people and their superior government could it -- DUH!

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Why attack me?

Originally posted by blueskies88 at 2007-7-4 05:46
I wonder if changabula knows why the Americans have such a mess in its socialized medical system? Probably not, he is a lot like our old friend flotsam, he just runs on and on about all that is not ...

You should point your venom at Michael Moore. Its his film, not mine.

What is the matter with you people? You cannot bear to hear anything that shows your system up, can you?
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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