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Sicko [Copy link] 中文

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Sicko is a documentary film by Michael Moore, scheduled for release on June 29, 2007.

It investigates the American health care system with a focus on the behavior of large health insurance companies and contrasts the U.S. system with those of other countries with universal health care coverage.

When asked about this movie, Michael Moore said, "If people ask, we tell them Sicko is a comedy about 45 million people with no health care in the richest country on Earth"
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if saying the truth is hate America...,
12 June 2007
Author: ncastillo-2 from United States

i came here from a poor south American country, and i found out right away that i couldn't afford health insurance cheaper than my country. poor nations like Brazil subsidize HIV medicines, why the most rich nation doesn't? this is not a democrat or Republican issue or a anti-American thing, is just being fair to the people. the FDA manipulating the testing of new medicines or the coming of new labs. companies like kaiser Permanente with secret policies to not to heal patients, saying lies during diagnostics and covering malpractices on donation procedures. maybe F-911 was a little left sided, but i'm want to see republicans saying the truth too.
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I plan on watching "sicko" when it comes out on DVD. Hopefully by then someone will produce a movie to refute it. Not that anyone made a good refutation of F9/11. No one seems to be able to totally deconstruct Moore. They can curse him. They can lie about him. But, they cannot seem to take him apart point by point. So, I would love to see someone answer all the questions he is going to raise in "Sicko".

My wife and I have The Franklin Plan ourselves. It's a self managed plan. When you get sick, bring a big fistful of $100 bills with pictures of Benjamin Franklin on them with you to the doctor, and he will see you. Maybe. It is getting harder and harder to get an appointment without a health system card of some kind. In 1997 our son almost died in a Kaiser hospital because he had no insurance. He was terribly hurt in an accident. His wife was in shock acting like a deer caught in headlights. She called us, and I literally had to produce the mortgage to our property before they attended to him. The doctors were wonderful. The nurses were beautiful, caring people. The staff all treated him with the greatest care. But, he still lost his right arm, and part of his right lung because of the delay in the emergency room from bureaucratic manuveurs from the front office. His final bill after a year of care and therapy was over $250K, and that was after some doctors waived their fees. Most of that was negotiated down when we put his near death at their hands back on the table. I was able to pay it off over two years. Don't be a common man and get sick in the United States.

It goes to some other topics we've discussed in here on economics. The least cost mentality drives everything including medicine.
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Originally posted by 1st_resp at 2007-6-25 12:40
I plan on watching "sicko" when it comes out on DVD. Hopefully by then someone will produce a movie to refute it. Not that anyone made a good refutation of F9/11. No one seems to be able  ...

Its out on the Internet.
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Health Insurance is different than medical treatment.

In America there are 45 million people (about 15% of everyone) who don't have health insurance.  They do have emergency treatment, but one problem is that the treatment is so good, it is far too expensive.  So the cost of emergency treatment is enough to bankrupt most people without health insurance, and the cost of a serious illness is enough to bankrupt many people who do have health insurance.  Prescription drug costs are also a problem for people.

America doesn't have a strong left-wing populism in the political spectrum.  Usually, when we see populism, it is on the right side (conservative) side of the political spectrum.  Poor working white people who are militaristic against other countries but oppose government helping people generally are found on the far right.  The only thing on the left side of the political spectrum are labor unions, and there are no Communist labor unions in America as there are in Europe and India.  

There are no Socialist labor unions or political parties in America.  I think Socialist political parties are just a step closer to the mainstream than Communist political parties.  Anyway, the Cold War with the Soviet Union and the Red Scare of the 50s and 60s made America's culture so inhospitable (used a word that sounds like hospital, hehe) that there is no real public support for government health insurance.  

In the 1930s in the American South, it was the Communist Party that really agitated against segregation and called attention to racial lynchings.  To this day, if you go down south and tell people that poor black people and poor white people must work together for their joint economic good, people will think you're a Communist.  They may not say it, but they'll suspect it mightily.

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Originally posted by changabula at 2007-6-25 20:33
Its out on the Internet.

Yeah, well that's going to help Michael Moore make more movies.
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Moore steps out to meet those who were refused benefits for a variety of unethical reasons; middle-class folk from the U.S. who became tangled in the system with no chance for survival.

One gentleman without coverage had to "Sophie's Choice" which finger he could afford to reattach after a carpentry accident.

Another elderly couple is so lost in debt from their medical co-pay bills they have to move in with their kids for help.

Several other stories zero in on the increasingly ludicrous and fraudulent ways the insurance giants dodge their obligation of payment. These tales are purposefully venomous, casting the industry in a viciously unflattering light where every person insured is just dollar sign for the money mulch, and not a human being.

Without question, the cancer at the heart of the predicament is greed. In America, health care is almost an exclusive club, and membership is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire. As with any business, the bottom line is profit; however with health care, shouldn't compassion and a hint of fairness come into play?
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