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Spy Illegalized Direct Sale Agent sell "Friend-Relationships" [Copy link] 中文

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Most Horrible thing In the World....(Sell your friend to a group)......Can you Imagine???
Hi Friends, I was visiting a friend in Shandong Qingdao,who told me
she had something to show me for making Money......

I dropped by her and she seemed to take a free day to
walk me around the city and treat me well in the day eating hotpot and drink in Kfc

She didn't mention about her company and where she stay
but keep walking me in different street and shopping area..

When TIME passed 18:00,she had to take me where she stay...

To my surprise, She lived in a rented house with 20 people living
together.When door open, i saw many guys sitting on the floor
enjoy two vegetable dishes,eating steamed bun............

What the hell it was......

I found that it was a unit of illegalized "Direct Sale" Group of 20 people living together lying on the floor .
It could be a big trouble. I need to leave there asap But I can,t resiit them violently as my bag was in their hand AND my safety... the best way I should make excuse to toliet and text message
to my friend in Yiwu,telling him my location and warning him to call police if i lost contact to him in two days or wasn't back to yiwu
in two days......I put my money in my shoes.......

But I have to pretend i m comfortable with them,
and decided to spend one night there..............

In the midnight, I gave excuse to the toilet due to fact the longtime-travelling on the bus make me..somewhat uncomfortable...

and I checked the main door,locked inward or not,whether
people were grouded here......

In the dawn,day comes earlier in summer, I SAW one wake up,
then i followed him to dress up and standing near the window to
take a breath........

I went out of the room to the hall and found no one there as many were sleeping in the room.

I got my bag and opened the door,slee out and run faster to the street........
catching a taxi, to bus station,
get on the moving bus to another city.....

and from the moment i landing in that city, I felt safe ,and i have
got a feeling
i want to go back to yiwu and my friends there

Okay..... There was about my trip to drop by a friend

and see what i have discovered when i contacted my other classmates.......and little by little........

I found her working in the ""illegalized "Direct Sale" Group......
and trying to get relatives.parents,boy friend in her unit.....

and What made her to do this..........

I can't find the answer.....
Let us find it out here ....

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[That is something like Direct Sale Marketing of introduce sth tasty to your friends from a group or company but Worse than Amly,Merrybeauty, Cosmetic Company]

When I got all the news from her boyfriends chatting online QQ about
all thing happened to me and how she changed AND dumped her boy friend to join that unit......

Her boy friends explained:

She was invited by one of her best girl friend......
She invited her parents to get training lesson from their group

Her paretns wanted to get her out and attent one meeting of her group and succeffully got her home with some excuse

However she come back to group in Shandong
AS she continued to contact her unit group and
left with telling her parents any more about
where she is again but obviously doing the same thing

now no one can really see her unless she let be seen.....

Okay .........

Let us get a lesson about this group managing concept........

It is like pyramid pattern.

One Top Manager started to invite People in to be member
from getting training and agreeing to pay membership.3000 rmb...

Top A------got B to join in, took 1000 rmb as his
benefit from introducing member,
and deposited 2000 rmb in the group bank account as
running investment......

B has to ask its friend C in to get benefit of 1000 rmb, and Top
A still avaiable to benefit from B's member C BUT in lower rate of 10% and the left money deposited into their group running investment......

so It rotates, New Member C will face the same situation to get friend in
in order to upgrade themself into a high class of benifiary from
their introduced member..................

I don't know who is the head of behind screen takes control of all deposited running investment.........

and the coming member still dreaming to be top one and
have more and more member in his unit
,waiting for more joinner in his unit to submit money for being memberbr

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she was working for this agent group secretly

But I can't decribe where she stay excatly
and I was not able to get her out
unless she would like to rescue herself
to find a way out to meet us.......

She is well minded and clear about
what she said to me and answered to me
But She must be mal-educated in the trainning
and lost her own brain .......

Now I really doubt about how to understand a friend
when thing happened in this way.....

I guest this Concept of accumulating money might be from
abroad as I read some invitation and introduction
from "Direct Sale/Promotional Aid for sales group" in the world
to despatch Training Mp3 or Cd Or other material to people
and asking people how many people in your family ,whether has girl friends or some good friends or not can join in their biz......
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There are many reported issue about frightening " Direct Sale Group"

Once "xxxmember"find it hard to introduce new member into the unit group...
"xxx"will start to use its relative and dearest or friends
and get them to visit him./her with different kinda excutes,
even pretending sickness or br/>
beg you to attend their training lesson.........
introduce you its way of getting rich........

Another X-Cruel mode is to Attract People
in with "free pie'
of offering job or chance of earning money,
and have them grounded, threatened them
to contact their dearest to ask for money surport
into "group bank account" by all kinda of excutes.....

as horrible as terrorist group

if you say your friend has been brainwashed, ''''''''what will you do
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What is a ilegalized direct sale group. What do they sell, is it some kind of prostitution thing, I am at a lost on this one.
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It seems to be a selling cult

they appear to be selling membership of the sales group

a pure pyramid scam

combined with a hippy commune/religious cult style way of living

or maybe the religion is greed

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They only told you

There would be a profitable program there need someone
to join in for negotation.

They are many things they can find to sell.......
But most of them is only something spelled by their organiser
You have no detailed info about what they will ask you to do and gather at where
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