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Good luck

Originally posted by tradervic at 21_5_2007 11:44
Money, Money, Money...

... to pay for the rent, food, and taxes associated with working a job in a particular town or state.  A term to learn is C.O.L.A. - Cost of Living Adjustment.  If you are ...

Good luck getting COLA in the contemporary USA.  I thought COLA-as-a-regular-thing died out (or withered away) along with unions.  Heck, it was blamed as one of the reasons for "stagflation" in the late 1970's - inflation causes wage increases causes inflation, etc... bad for everyone besides those with COLA.

Not that I think that COLA or unions are a bad thing.  Heck, I'd love to have a union job, but I haven't had the opportunity; it looks like the only union gig I'll ever have is when I'm a graduate student.

If that's you in the suit, Tradervic, that would suggest that you, in fact, are a "suit" (to use a colloquial term... I know that it has derogatory connotations, but in this particular case I mean it only to suggest that you are some kind of "professional" - someone in a good enough job to wear a suit to work).  So, perhaps in your sector of the economy and tier in the pecking-order COLA is a negotiable part of contracts?  And how much of a problem is inflation in Chicago, anyway?  Heck, I thought inflation was nominally under control in the USA and PRC nowadays.
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my only job criteria is that I enjoy my work , I cannot work in a job I do not like , if you enjoy the work you are doing you will always be happy and in the long run the money and respect will come :)
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sometime money doesn't follow the long time of work in certain field

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