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Western economic policy worsen poverty in the developing world? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by changabula at 2007-5-16 08:03

The western nations have always kept the Africans in economic slavery!

Nothing has changed!

Since the days of Kunta Kinte......the 1st slave shipped by force to USA!!!
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Originally posted by zglobal at 2007-5-16 18:28
There will never be fairness to Africa because there will never be a truly united front to help.
Africa must accept its share of responsibility. It has an inherent tribal instinct that contributes to decades of internal problems.. This ongoing turmoil allows other countries to manipulate the situation when it’s seen as an advantage.

Africa needs to stand up and be counted the way China has done rather than look for excuses. ...

I partly agree with this, for long African continent's lack of development become the burden of the whole world, it's should be getting better now. But they should spare more time for domestic discipline and strive for betterment, the endemic corruption and lack of investment in infrastructure leave them behind.

At the same time, western countries should help by investing in long run development as infrastructure and education rather than dumping out agriculture surplus.

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Originally posted by zglobal at 2007-5-16 22:26
Yes, I agree northwest. I also think there has been a lot of effort from NGO's.
However, it must be disheartening to move into a country where a war has finished, stabalize the situation, only to find the same problem two years later.
There is a basic tribal culture in Africa and we can see how destructive that is in the modern world.
They have resources, they have cheap labour. What they don;t ahve is stability.
That;s why China couldn't modernize before the good work of Deng Xiaoping.
Developing countries need foreign investment and only the brave turn to Africa for more than Mining and Oil at low prices.
I'm afraid that although I do sympathize, I don't see too much in the future.

I believe that Angola may be a sneek preview of a new Africa in years to come. From a war torn zone to the start of stable development. ...

You brought up the point... stability!

Once, China also divided and torn apart during earlier days of 1900's, every region has its own warlords. It's very painful years. Then the Japs came, civil war etc etc.

We Chinese treasure what we have today, stability, and a peaceful environment to develop economy.

Africa need to have more discipline and unified voices to strive for common goal rather than useless squabble on what system should be used to develop.

But I'm not as pessimist as you, I see quite well future for them, even if it will take longer than China.

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There is one thing I have learned in my years of business, ALL countries are driven by the need to make profit. ALL countries will, if given the opertunity consider profit before what may be right or not. Business is brutal, think of it as a war that takes no prisoners.
China, USA, Germany, Japan, England, and pretty much any other country that can, will take advantages of other countries short comings or market opertunities without any thought of the results. Anybody that thinks a particular country is more Noble is only fooling themself.
<< Live is the same for all, it is one great adventure with a deadly end. >>

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The China-Africa Summits, Conferences and Meetings will help the poor Africans.

Its nice to see that China is building a lot of schools and hospitals for these poor children who are suffering.
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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China to continue assistance for African countries

China will continue to offer aid to African countries through the African Development Bank (ADB) and other institutions, said Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao during his meeting with ADB president Donald Kaberuka.

The ADB president came for the 2007 Annual Meetings of the Board of Governors of African Development Bank Group, to be held here from May 16 to 17, at which Wen will deliver a speech.

The ADB helps improve people's lives and the economy of its member countries in Africa, particularly the least developed ones,with preferential loans and technological assistance, said Wen.

China has made various and constructive cooperation with the ADB since the country became an ADB member in 1985, Wen said.

Through the ADB, China shares poverty-relief experience with African counterparts and has provided 314 million U.S. dollars to 14 projects in eight African countries, Wen said.

Kaberuka appreciated China's preparation for this year's annual meetings and China's role in the poverty relief and debt cancellation.

The ADB supports and appreciates China's stance on the Darfur issue, he said.

Wen stressed that strengthening cooperation with African countries is an important part of China's diplomatic policy.

China maintains an open and transparent relationship with Africa, Wen said.

The Chinese government is willing to consolidate communication and cooperation with the international community on aiding Africa, Wen said.

It will be the first time the annual board meetings of the ADB are held in Asia, and the second time outside Africa. In 2001, the bank's annual board meetings were held in Spain.

It is another significant Africa-related event in China, following the Beijing Summit of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum held in November 2006.

Themed "African and Asia: Partners in Development", the meetings will focus on infrastructure development in Africa, regional integrity and poverty relief.

Founded in 1964, the ADB has 77 members from Africa, America, Europe and Asia.

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I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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