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Value of virginity [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by ghost156 at 2007-5-14 12:44

i don't know whether i have the courage or patience to go through them,they make me sleepy

Read only the part you are interested...if nothing interests you, don't even bother reading it!:)

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Originally posted by pandamonium at 2007-5-14 13:05
No one worries too much if they are miles apart!

The reason why men liked to marry virigns were as follows:

1. The other guys down the pub can't exchange stories amongst themselves about how  ...

Way to go!...well said and written!:):)

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Do I want to marry a sperm bank?!....would I fall in love with a sperm bank?....I hope not .....hard to say....maybe....maybe I have a choice?...maybe ....maybe not!

Do I want to marry a STD bank? (if I can help it)!....would I be in love with a STD bank?...I hope not ....maybe ...maybe not...god save the king!

Most Men would like their wives not to sleep around with other Incredible Hulks....can she kick the habit soon after she married?...hard to say....loving one man but lusting others?....old habits are hard to change....should be a challenge for her!.

At the wedding day, during the reception:

Husband runs into Mr. Smith...."Congratulations! pick the right me...she is a great girl (in bed)".

Husband runs into Mr. Right...."Congradulations! got a hot , hot girl...I know (it first-hand)...good choice!"

Husband runs into Mr. wrong...."Congradulations!....she is fabulous (in bed)....hehehehehe...good for!"

According to her own account....she had 16 more "bed' stories to share and write...that was out....above all she was a sperm bank....a delightful international sperm bank.....can she stop being a sperm bank.? conquers all...for how long?...the husband asks!

Does a virgin equal to purity? I don't think so!....yes, a sexually experienced woman can be very pure in mind...purity is in the eye of the beholder!


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Have  you  been writing a PhD thesis on this subject?  Many and many and many people believe in that virginity will come back to you after praying day and night.

If you want another PhD. That's worth it to go for it ..

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How to get a PhD without also getting HPV

well, I have started a sex thread in FreeTalk

since it is a serious point and a bit off-topic here

I use CDC approved condoms

three cm thick for extra safety

and if those don't work

the booklet on fungal infections (given to the gf to read prior to sex)

usually does the job

(she runs away in terror)

"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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Unfairness between male and female

I think it dues to the unfairness between male and female which inherits from Chinese lonf long history.

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Originally posted by adolaowai at 13-5-2007 13:05
Just curious, and what to know your opinions. I've heard so many times that (most of) chinese guys do just want to marry virgin girls, which means girls who had premarital sexual relationships cann ...

It's how the human mind works - and maybe in nature. Females are like a "sack" or "nest". Males are like "straw" or "visitor". After sexual intercourse, the female *accumulates* or *opened* whereas the male goes away and no evidence is left - maybe after a shower . So in the male mind, the female is "used" already. (Sorry ladies, not meant to offend anyone here but that's the way it goes )

It's good to see as we modernise females are given more sexual equality and more 21st century guys don't mind if their girlfriends or wives are a virgin or not. Having virginity is a bonus but it's not essential in the modern times I believe.

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